When Should You Quit Your Job?

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I’ve had a lot of people ask me if I’m making a mistake quitting my job. Well, I hope I’m not! It’s a weird question to ask someone.

So, how do you know if you should leave your job? Below are some reasons why you might want to leave your job.

However, I am not saying that if one of the below things happen that you should march into your boss’ office on Monday morning and quit immediately. A job is a job and sometimes it just needs to be done.

Also, I do realize that most people have bills to pay. If you quit your job and have absolutely nothing lined up and have no emergency fund, please realize that this may not be your best idea. Having something lined up or some sort of plan is always best if you quit your job.

Sundays are the worst day ever.

Wait, why would Sundays be so bad? Well, if you are off from work and all you can think about is how much you hate your job, then you probably have a problem.  I’m not saying that you should always quit in this case, because let’s be honest with ourselves, how many people want to go into an office on a Monday after an awesome weekend?

You should sit down and think about what is bothering you with your job. Why do you dread it so much? Is it only because you don’t want to work and you wish you were a millionaire? In this case, then this doesn’t seem like a good enough reason to leave 😛

You tick off the minutes until your day is over right when it starts.

I actually know of someone who ticked down every SINGLE minute that they had in the day. I don’t even want to think about how unproductive this person was because I’m pretty sure all they did was pay attention to how many ticks they had left in the day.

You are extremely stressed and it’s ruining your life.

Is your job so stressful that you can’t even function outside of work? Do you have no work-life balance? Sometimes you need to think about your health and how your job is affecting your life and your family’s lives.

You see value elsewhere.

Do you have a business on the side? If this business has grown and you see a better future with your side business, then it may be best to leave your day job and switch to full-time self-employment.

You are not productive at work.

You quitting does not always have to be entirely about you. So, if you see that you are not the best fit for your job, then it might be best for you to leave.

One example for this is if you are devoting all of your time to your side business, and then when you go to work you sit there and do nothing because you are too tired. This is not fair to your employer.

Are you only actually working 1 hour out of a full workday?

You want to move up, but there is no room for growth.

Do you feel stuck at your job? Not everyone wants to move up, some people are perfectly content with their position. However, if you do feel stuck, then you should do something to change it.

Start looking for other jobs or companies that can fit you better. Maybe talk to your manager and see if there is any chance that you can be promoted.

You work in an abusive environment.

This one is a case where you should definitely leave. If you feel uncomfortable with how you are treated at work, then you should leave. Or try to find the best solution to the issue at your work. Do not continue to work in the same stagnant horrible situation if you can help it.

Why did you quit your last job? Share!


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When Should You Quit Your Job? — 52 Comments

  1. Yeah, when I left a job once a lot of these things applied–that was awhile ago now–almost a decade! I think when you need to quit a job or a company or anywhere–you have to listen to your gut that it’s time to go. Another good reason to save and have a rainy day fund!

  2. Great reasons why you should quit your job. If you really don’t like your job, then it could be hard for you to work properly. You must always get a job you like, so that you can do well.

  3. Definitely great reasons! It wasn’t my last job, but I definitely have had a job like the reasons you described that you should quit. I dreaded almost everyday, because I was on call 24/7. The work week was 37.5 hours a week, but I might even work 55 hours!! I was currently in grad school too (Fridays and Saturdays). There was no work/life balance, besides the obvious (I was bring my work home with me too). There was no room for growth. The environment was toxic, and I was constantly treated unfairly and harshly. I quit as soon as I graduated from grad school. I didn’t have a backup plan, but my husband and I talked about it beforehand and it was easily manageable (and the best thing for me to do).

    I just cringe thinking back about it.

  4. I’m trying to get this through to my younger brother who works a landscaping job he doesn’t enjoy. Young people just don’t understand how much time they have and how much a switch will help them in the long run.

  5. Life is too valuable to be in a job that you hate. I for one think you’re doing the right thing leaving your job: you’re leaving for a job that you love, and you’ve got the right kind of financial plan in place for any slow months you might encounter. Rick doesn’t hate his job, but he really would love to work for himself one day, so that is something we’re working toward as we pay off our debt.

  6. I left my last job working for my family because the dynamics of it just weren’t working out for me. Seeing my parents constantly stressed out day after day and watching something they created just continue to eat at them was a hard pill too swallow. Before that though I left a job in Florida that was an abusive environment and just stressing every waking minute I was there with a helicopter hovering boss. We never got a long that well for a multitude of reasons. I finally just ended up telling her I was done with all the BS and quit my job and went to school full time instead. I may have student loans because of it but I also have my health and sanity.

  7. Haha, I quit my last job for Every. Single. One. of these reasons and then some. I was also promised raises I never saw, and basically had my work-load double and then constantly got yelled at for not being able to do it all. Ugh.

    But that’s the past now 🙂 I wish I had realized sooner just how bad things had gotten and started job searching sooner. Although, I’m very happy with where I am now, so I guess it worked out.

    I’ve also found that if you are asking yourself the question (“Should I quit my job?”) the answer is most likely yes.

  8. Some of those reasons are why I work at The Bank now instead of in healthcare! I’m eight months in and still loving my job! PS, to the weird question people ask you about whether you are making a mistake…um, if YOU thought you were making a mistake then you wouldn’t be doing it right?!?!! 😉

  9. These are all fantastic reasons to leave your job. Personally, unless I absolutely hated everything about my job, I would make sure to have another job lined up before quitting my current one. I wouldn’t want to potentially lose out on any amount of income when I know know that I could just put up with my current job a bit longer.

  10. I worked on a cruise ship and HATED it. After two and a half months I put in my two weeks notice (it was supposed to be a nine month contract). Everyone thought I was crazy. They kept saying, “What are you gonna do?” I just said,” I’ll figure it out.” Literally the day after I quit I got a phone call with a job offer. Follow your heart.

  11. While I do think we need jobs to pay the bills and we should actually work, I don’t consider an abusive environment or a very stressful job to be a good idea. If you come to dread going to work and it’s affecting your health/personal life, it’s surely a moment to ponder about choosing other options.

    I was fortunate enough to get great jobs (was a radio DJ and it was my lifelong dream), but I do know people who are soooo miserable at work that it’s no joke. Getting stressed out or sick is not a good idea.

  12. I quit because I didn’t feel challenged enough, in a way I had hit and ceiling and was sure beyond any shred of doubt that I could be happier, more challenged and probably even make more money at another job and working on some of my side hustles. Its a decision that has paid off handsomely.

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  21. I quit my job a few months back mainly due to the feeling of stagnation. I was no longer feeling challenged with the work and the pay wasn’t worth being unhappy. It took a little push from my significant other, but I finally got my act together by putting together a plan and then letting my manager know of my intentions. Best decision ever!

  22. Nice to find you all here….

    I am in service job since 10 years, i switched many companies & job in this tenure. Now my mind says’ its been a long jorney, time to get back to my life…means be human & live life with family & friends…find happiness, doesn’t matter,small or big.

    Time never return….. once you are 35-40, never be 25 again.

    So want to quit job and make somebody else rich, want to live my dreams life.

    Thanks for listening at least…

    Wish you a happy new year.
    Ashish Kumar

  23. Well I took over a year to finally find a job in my field and I just recently quit after only 2 months as it was brutal. I was so stressed I was actually in tears in my car and being a guy that takes a lot to make me do that. Was massive sales pressure, forced 2 hour gaps in my days, 60 hour weeks with maybe 33-35 hours of actually pay, since it was on commission and to boot my salary was going to go down the next month also as you got paid for training which went down til it was just pure commission. I was forced to be in a super good mood 24/7, and do workouts always at the gym. My family life suffered, I was always angry and the doctor had to put me on antidepressants. Being 27 and single living at home at the moment to pay off bills, I am lucky enough not to have to worry about living on the streets, but I am still worried about finding work again, as my currently leads have dried up and there’s slim pickings out there at the moment. I just hope I am not unemployed for longer then 3 months as I dont think I could go through another long spell of unemployment. There’s got to be work out there for a hard working 27 year old with experience and education.

  24. My job has effected my health throughout my career and one of the big reasons I stay with my job is health insurance. Most recently I had come down with a tough but very treatable illness that I believe was do to being overworked. During my sickness I pushed myself to work and be a team player. My reward was I was lied to, double crossed, and given
    unjust criticisms. Now I am out ill and
    this has created more stress for me to contend
    with as I try to heal up. Now I feel once I get
    healthy I will have to work twice as hard to
    justify myself to an unjust corperation and that
    the next time I get sick it may be something more severe. I have tried in every way to adjust the toxicity at work and it has never made me happy, but now I truly have to make a leap of faith and believe God is calling me to do something else. We all have one life to live, I gave so much if mine to a place where I am not appreciated. That will never happen again.

  25. I found this article after composing my resignation letter that intend to hand in tomorrow. It’s uncanny how I am experiencing every point made, and can relate to many of the people that commented… I’m scared to death to do this because I don’t have another job yet, but I’ve tried for over 6 months to cope with the toxic environment I’ve been in… I’ve been there almost 2 years total but the past 6 months have been a constant mental struggle with me thinking of ways to deal with it there and failing to do so. Right now I’m in a very small town and jobs are hard to get – And if you don’t fit in with the majority, then it’s even tougher. I get accused of being “picky” and “difficult” because I have allergies and some other very real health issues. It’s an office environment, but they insist on opening the windows even though I have asked them not to because of allergies. I spoke with my supervisor to no avail – She said that they would all just have hard feelings against her because it would look like she is “siding with me” – It’s a family business so we have an HR person “in name only”…So there is no real way to file a grievance, plus due to the fact that it’s a small town where everyone seems to know everyone else I would pretty much be blacklisted from ever finding further employment. I feel as if my only recourse is to is to give my 2 week notice and take my chances, but I’m so afraid of the bleak job prospects or that I will “chicken out” tomorrow and make myself sick by staying there longer…

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