Tips To Manage Your E-mail Better

Tips To Manage Your E-mail BetterTo some, managing your e-mail may seem very easy. A post on the subject may seem repetitive. However, to others an e-mail inbox may be the source of a lot of stress. I receive many, many e-mails each day and I’m sure many of you receive even more than I do.

Some days I want to just close my laptop and run away (don’t worry, I actually love to receive e-mails, but sometimes they can be overwhelming).

Usually, I wake up to a few hundred e-mails each morning, and that doesn’t even include the hundreds of e-mails that automatically are sent to my Junk folder.

The weekends are a little lighter, but there are still a lot. Some of these e-mails are just coupons (ooooh Victoria’s Secret has a SALE today?), some of the e-mails are blog posts that are sent to my inbox, some are questions/compliments from readers, and the rest are usually business-related e-mails.

The last three categories are my favorite types of e-mails to receive.

Here are my tips to manage your e-mail inbox more effectively and efficiently.


Delete the junk immediately.

The first thing I do when I open up my e-mail is that I delete all of the junk right away. This way I feel a little less stressed because a lot of clutter has been eliminated.



Do you find yourself constantly deleting e-mails from the same company all the time? Why don’t you just unsubscribe? It will save you the hassle of having to delete their e-mails every day for the rest of your life. I’m sure that there are at least a few e-mails that you could unsubscribe from.


Create specific folders.

I don’t have the best memory in the world. If you tell me that you e-mailed me, I may not remember it. Placing e-mails in certain folders can help me remember what the e-mail was about without me having to read a single word of the e-mail.

So, this is why I like to create specific folders in my inbox. Once I receive and respond to an e-mail, I try to archive it if I can (unless the job is still ongoing and I know I will pull up the e-mail all the time).

Different folders could include:

  • Awaiting Payment. This is of course e-mails where I am waiting payment.
  • Payment Received. These are projects that are completely done with where I have received the payment and nothing is needed from me for the time being.
  • Blog related. These are e-mails such as questions or compliments from readers.
  • Business Leads. These are e-mails from potential clients.
  • Wedding related. Yes, I have a folder dedicated to wedding stuff. There are so many e-mails related to the wedding!


Hire someone.

If you absolutely hate e-mails or if you are too busy to answer them (such as if you are on a break or vacation), then you may just want to hire someone. I have had a few people in the past month ask me to completely manage their e-mails, so this is not out of the ordinary.

What tips do you have for e-mail management?



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  2. Great tips. Do you keep one email address for everything or do you keep separate work and personal email addresses. That would be my only advice would be to keep them separate and to NOT use both email addresses to subscribe to different store newsletters and promotions. Just keep them all with one email if possible.

  3. Great tips! I also use the folder system in my email and it helps a lot- that way I still have the email but it’s not cluttering up my inbox and driving me crazy. I’m starting to get a lot more email, and I agree that it’s crucial to have a system!

  4. Great tips! Unsubscribing from store/retail email alerts is something I really need to do. I try to stay on top of my inbox and clear it out as often as possible- hate when it feels cluttered!

  5. These are great tips Michelle! I also like to flag emails after I read them if they require further follow up. If I don’t, they may end up getting lost when new emails arrive. Marking it with a flag draws my attention back to it.

  6. I do the same things you do. If I skip a day of checking my email I feel so overwhelmed the next day to check it. I love getting emails but it can definitely be hard to stay on top of them all the time. I’ve created several folders to try to keep them organized.

  7. I think these are great tips. I have to open every email in my inbox, I can’t stand seeing that I have unread messages. Then I file away, but leave emails that I need to address or follow up on in my inbox so it serves as my natural “to do” list.

  8. I have a spam email that I use for coupons and sales, so I don’t have too many junk emails going to my blog email. I absolutely love making folders though. At my last job I had the most organized email and people always commented on it. I just cannot have an overly full inbox or I get anxiety! When it’s empty I know I’ve taken care of things. It’s almost like filling things away.

    • I have one email that is almost all coupons and stuff. It makes it a lot easier because I don’t expect much else from that email.

  9. Have you ever heard of The Email Game? You install it into your gmail account and whenever you go to check your email, it takes you into a slightly different looking screen with a timer and it forces you to decide what to do with each email, one by one. You can do all the normal things (delete, reply, archive, put in folders, etc) or you can set the email to “boomerang” which is when it archives until a certain date and then appears back in your inbox!

    I just discovered it last week but so far I think it’s a really cool concept! The timer really forces you to make a quick decision and sometimes that’s exactly what I need, haha 🙂

  10. Good tips. I’ve unsubscribed to a few places and created folders but still feel very unorganised.
    Honestly, I’m shocking when it comes to email. I’ve five email accounts. Two email accounts for my blogs, and two personal ones plus one at work. It seems like so much effort to organise email. This is terrible because sometimes it means I’m not checking them regularly which is not good business practice at all.
    I’m wondering, is there a way to link all my emails so that they come to one account? That way I can check them all at once without having to login to four different accounts individually.

    • I have several emails too, so I know how you feel. I have SIX blog emails (one for each site), plus I manage emails for others. AHHH! 🙂

  11. My email was driving me nuts recently, too. Mainly because the subscriptions you get over the years add up.

    I did recently. You go on their website (annoying part is they do make you share it with some of your friends) and they get all of your subscriptions on one list, which you go through and unsubscribe as you please. Easy.

  12. Great tips Michelle! I’ve found that as we get busier that I really need to have specific folders in my email as it’s too easy to lose/forget about them otherwise. One thing I’ve started to do, on top of unsubscribing, is changing the notification settings for some programs so I don’t get emailed all the time I get a new Twitter follower or something like that. It has allowed me to cut down several hundred emails each morning to several dozen.

    • Yes, that’s another great tip. I have all notifications turned off but I’m sure others don’t realize that’s a feature.

  13. Great tips there, I find using the Tim Ferris idea of replying @ say 10am and 4pm to be great in theory. How does everyone go with this in practice? (I struggle haha)

  14. Folders have helped me tremendously!! I recently stumbled on a new program called “” that is pretty cool. But I still opt for folders, I even have one specifically for my wife =)

  15. I do pretty much all of these, Michelle. I love using folders and I create sub-folders for my sub-folders :/ I would say doing your best to delete emails if they are trash or to sort them into a folder asap is the best way to keep them at a manageable level.

  16. I use Gmail’s priority inbox and it works wonders! It’s learned which email is “important” (as assigned by me) so I know to look at those first. It also only shows me unread important mail so instead of flipping out that I have 30 unread messages, I can see that only 5 of them are actually important.

    I also use my domain email but only with friend/business correspondences. I don’t use that for accounts or mailing lists. That is much more manageable.

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  19. This is a timely post for me because I HATE emails! And my incoming emails are increasing. While this is a good thing, emails are a time suck. I also have different email addresses for different things.

  20. The service that has helped me make sense of my inbox, both personal and work, is It aggregates all of your subscriptions into one newsletter and allows you to unsubscribe from them with a single click. It is amazing. Please try it! I’m not a paid endorser. And it’s free. 🙂

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