Things People Say When I Tell Them I’m Making The Switch

Everyone knows that I’m making the switch. Big surprise, right? ย However, when I tell certain people that I am making the switch, I tend to get the crazy eyes. People usually think I am insane and/or don’t believe me.

I received much more resistance to my self-employment idea a couple of months ago, but lately everyone seems to be coming around. This of course makes me happier, but some of the things that people have told me just make me laugh. And that’s why I’m sharing everyone’s thoughts with you today.

Some think I’m making a huge mistake.

These people have no problem with telling me that they think I am making a huge mistake. I kind of understand where people are coming from. I have a stable job where I make decent money, and I am about to just throw it all away.

Also, I do have three finance related degrees, so I’m sure people are confused as to why I want to make the switch to freelancing. I don’t regret my degrees at all, and I am still 100% happy that I have them.

Some think I am just running away.

Certain people think that I am just running away from my job, which I just find hilarious! I’m not running away from problems at all.

Some think my plan is horrible and that I am acting like a child.

When I tell certain people my plan, they tend to think that I just want to freelance and enter the self-employment world because I’m being lazy and don’t want to act like an adult. UM HELLO?! Since when does working for yourself make you a baby?

Some people also ask me if I have thought about things such as taxes or insurance. Yes, I have thought about these. I would never just make the jump without researching and knowing as much as I can.

Some just think I am “lucky.”

When I tell certain people about my self-employment switch, they tell me that I am lucky and that it would be nice if they could just “do nothing” for the rest of their life. I do a lot! I’m not just sitting here for 5 minutes each day and calling it a day right after that.

Some don’t see it as sustainable.

I published my extra income post yesterday on Making Sense of Cents, and in it I stated that I made $11,117 in extra income in July. My income has been growing drastically each month. Just in the beginning of last year, I was making $0 in some months.

A couple of people who I have talked to have told me that my freelancing is not sustainable. Is anything extremely stable? ย Everyone should be growing and adjusting their skill set constantly, and this is what I plan on doing.

Also, we will still be saving a significant amount of money each month, and that will help us in months where I don’t do as great.

This is also why I am constantly working on diversifying my income. I want both active and passive income.


To calm everyone’s nerves:

I am not making a mistake. At least I don’t think I am. I think this is actually the best decision of my life. I am very excited and I cannot wait ๐Ÿ™‚

I’m not running away. If anything, I am running towards a new start in my life.

My plan is almost 100% thought out, and I’m living my life. Yes, I could plan a little bit more probably, but I don’t think I’m making a life or death decision.

I have worked very hard, and am very grateful for everything that I have. Yes, I will have more free time, but that is only because I have been working 100 each week for YEARS now. I deserve some down time.

I will grow as the industry changes.


Have people ever looked at you crazy when you decided to change your career?

If you are on the financial independence route, how do people react when you tell them that?


Things People Say When I Tell Them I’m Making The Switch — 62 Comments

  1. This can be summed up in one thought:

    Everyone is jealous you’re making a positive change and they’re unwilling to do so.

    Everyone will tell you that it’s foolish, a mistake, horrible because you’re actually pursuing something you love. They won’t do it, so they bring down anyone that can. If they’re miserable at their job, they don’t want to see anyone else succeed to make them feel worse.

  2. I’m sure all these comments come from a good place but I feel like people nowadays are too afraid to take risks. A large part of it comes from the crappy state of the economy these past few years. However, you’re young. If now isn’t the right time to take risks, then when is it? You never know until you try.

  3. I agree with Andy, they’re jealous. You can get your own health insurance and invest for your retirement on your own, so why get a real full time job if you’re making enough money from home? And with the way your income is increasing, it’s likely that you can make even MORE money freelancing without your full-time job keeping you busy during the day. Plus, you might actually be able to sleep more!

    People are afraid of what they don’t understand, so perhaps overtime, they will start to come around.

  4. I think that people who react negatively to someone who is making the jump to self employment belong in one of two camps: They a) Don’t understand what you do or b) They are jealous because being self employed is freaking scary and they don’t have the balls to do it themselves.

    You are hard working, intelligent, and have been making amazingly decent money for many months now. You will be fine. At the very least, if you decide freelancing isn’t for you, you are building an awesome skill set that will prepare you to land a great job.

    Haters gonna hate. ๐Ÿ™‚

  5. It doesn’t matter what anyone says. At the end of the day you are the only person you have to face in the mirror. If it works out for you then great, if it doesn’t how you deal with that comes from deep inside you. Your world, your life, your way…. you only get one shot at it. Have a great day! CBB

  6. “Haters gonna hate!” Seriously, the detractors voice their comments out of either jealousy or misunderstanding of what you do (and how successful you’ve been at it). I could easily envision the same type of reaction from those around me if I ever were to be in a similar position one day. It sounds like you already are doing so, but just be sure to keep taking their reactions/comments in stride.

  7. Haters be haters! Don’t let them get you down. I think your making a huge jump that many are afraid to do. I know I am. ๐Ÿ™‚ I’m still trying to figure out what to do with my life. So is everybody else. You will go through a lot of phases.

  8. I commend you for taking the leap! And, you’ve thought this thru SO MUCH, I can’t even see any “wrong” in it! Let people hate… they’re jealous, anyways. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  9. I never understand what it is about successful people that makes everyone want to drag them down. People that aren’t successful attribute success to luck, while successful people understand the work it takes. Not to be harsh, but 9/10 there is a reason why certain people are successful and others are not (that goes for money, as well as other aspects of life).

    I, for one, celebrate your success and think you are entitled to make whatever choice you desire. Congrats on rocking it, don’t let the haters get you down.

  10. Michelle, seriously, I applaud you!

    Usually, these things are people’s own personal barriers that they put up to prevent themselves from making a huge change. It’s much easier to list all the things that can go wrong and do nothing than it is to believe in the reasons why it will succeed and to work your butt off to accomplish it!

    Again, you’re such an inspiration!

  11. These comments are hilarious! Everyone has an opinion. ๐Ÿ™‚ I mean, yes it is an unconventional choice, but that doesn’t mean it’s a wrong one. I think you just should stay calm and tell them that you’ve thought this through thoroughly and have been preparing for over a year.

    Or just write a full blog post about your plan and how much money you already make and pull it up on your phone for your critics to read. ๐Ÿ™‚

  12. I get the crazy eyes every time I mention one of my shenanigans. Luckily, my friends do similarly crazy stuff so it’s all in good fun and I am very supported. I think that people react negatively because they can’t imagine someone doing something that they may have dreamed of doing…but were too intimidated to do.

  13. Depending on your relationship with these people, I say either punch them in the throat for questioning you, or just back away slowly without saying a word. ๐Ÿ™‚

    I’m kidding (sort of). Everyone’s jealous. Especially me!!

  14. I also believe that it’s the best decision in your life! Usually people who say that you’re “risking it” (although in your case it’s not even a risk with the amount you make per month already) don’t see the whole picture. Many of us are still used to the relative safety of having a traditional job, and this is why they consider anything new prone to failure. It’s not running away, it’s no something stupid, it’s something I would encourage more and more people to do!

  15. Don’t worry about the naysayers. The reason they are saying crazy things is because the are scared to leave their comfort zone. You are doing something that they haven’t and probably never will do. Continue to do what makes you happy.

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  17. Keep doing what you doing! Everyone who thinks its a mistake will say so because they wouldn’t do it. Just because they can’t/won’t/or afraid to go out on their own doesnt mean you are making a mistake. The same could be said about going to another company. You will never know what will happen until you try. More people just accept working for someone else at a company. Its a safety net.

  18. I had some really negative feedback from a some people when I chose to leave a fully funded PhD program. I knew it wasn’t what I wanted, and I was done wasting my time. They didn’t understand that, but I didn’t let that stop me. And I hope the naysayers don’t stop you. =)

  19. Isn’t it funny (or not) that people can be so against something so great for you? And that people think that because you’re not in an office, getting a paycheck from an employer, you’re sitting at home doing nothing? Hell, I don’t even make minimum wage some months because I work so much, but there are people who think just a stay at home wife.

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  21. Good on you. I know people look at me crazy on my job everytime I say I’m going to take a course or certification as related to my field. I hear things like you’re wasting your money, how will that help you, I bet you wouldn’t have time for it if you’re married, etc, etc. I’ve been talking about switching from full time employment to focus on other things as well and I hear all sorts of crap. I’ve learnt to keep my decisions regarding my career advancement to myself and my SO.

  22. When I was leaving the Military I was told everyone of those lines people have given you. You won’t make it on the outside. You don’t have the skills to work in the civilian world. You can’t survive in this economy and the always favorite “I’ll bet you’ll fail before the years up.”

    I served for 4 years on Active duty and 4 more on reserve and my last year when I decided to get out that’s all I heard.

    People become fixated on what’s “safe” and what’s not yet they never even took the chance to do something outside of their safe zone but they have no qualms issuing advice about how bad it’s going to be.

    To hell with that!

    I’ve had more fun being a civilian than I did in the service and have been quite successful and happy. Although not always easy the transition for me was more than worth it.

    I don’t know you and you don’t me but you come off like a rockstar in this field and all I see is you kicking some major butt as your own boss while expanding your business.

  23. I definitely agree that people are just feeling jealous, and projecting their own fears onto you. It’s a scary, unstable world out there, whether you are self employed or working for someone else. Anytime you make a change, even if it’s going to work in a new position or with another company, there is a chance that it isn’t going to work out. That doesn’t mean that people should stop taking chances and making changes! The best you can do is prepare, and then have faith in yourself and your abilities.

    Personally, I think you’ve built something great, and it would be a ridiculous waste NOT to make it your primary focus. You have an opportunity to grow this to it’s full potential. Take advantage of the great opportunity that you have right now. And, like you said, so long as you diversify, and be realistic when things start changing and adjust accordingly, you should be fine!

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  29. When I quit my job in the height of the financial downturn in 2008-2009, people i worked with were astonished. I explained that I did this thing called “save money” and not be in major debt and they just couldn’t get it.

    In the end, the more people that think one way, the more we should be going the other way.

    The Warrior

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