The Online Shopping Mall is Saving Shoppers Time and Money


Online shopping is big business. Billions are spent every year online, and the choice of stores and the convenience is showing this is a trend that will not go away. However, online shoppers are becoming more savvy on how they spend their dollars, and know that with a little research they can find the items they need at a better price.

If retailers are to stay ahead of the competition they need to find new ways to cater for the new breed of online shopper, and make sure that their brand stays front and centre when shoppers are choosing to buy.

This means putting the customer first and making the online shopper journey as easy as possible. There is a new contender on the market helping make this happen. is revolutionising how we shop online by offering consumers the online shopping mall, all the product they could need on one handy site.

The online shopping mall is the next evolution for retailers

We are all familiar with the shopping mall. In the physical world it is often the chosen destination for shoppers, as they have the convenience of everything in one location, rather than having to visit multiple stores in multiple places.

The introduction of an online mall takes this concept one step further. Not only does it have all the well known and favourite brands in one place, it also has an easy to use search function that helps you to easily see and filter to what the shopper needs, all from the comfort of their own home.

It means it it no longer necessary to visit a physical store, and unlike a normal shop it is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The design of the site is also so intuitive, it is leaving other online search tools and market places behind, as those sites now have so many useless products it is increasingly difficult to find what is needed.

In this busy world time is precious, and Buyviu helps speed up the buying decision through its customer centric design.

It is also helping retailers reach new audiences that ordinarily they would not reach due to oversaturation of the online retail world. By locating their products on the site, which then redirects the customer through to the brand site to complete the purchase via an affiliate link, retailers can increase their conversion of new customers, and then work on them via retargeting to turn them into loyal advocates and maximise the life time value potential of each new customer. Using the mall to advertise their products should be a key part of every retailers online digital strategy.

One of the best features of the site is the ability to pull in all the discounted items into the clearance section of the website, and still be able to apply all the necessary search functions and filters.

This is great for the shopper. No longer do they have to head to the nearest clearance outlet and dig through jumbled products and hope what they need is available. It is all in one easy to view place, and will ultimately help them save a lot of money.

This is not just for clothing, the typical online purchase, but for everything you could possible need for your home, work and life. From home appliances, to pet supplies, from clothing for all the family to sports and outdoors and home decor, it is truly a one stop shop.

This is fast becoming the choice of consumers to research pricing and value, because they can see multiple stores and hundreds of products side by side. It amounts to a huge range of well-known brands, but is all the more manageable than using search engines to go site to site. It is no wonder it is so popular.

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