Take Your Career Forward With An MBA

You’ve done your research and you know that the most effective way to take your career forward is not with an undergraduate degree alone. If you want to take your career and your salary to the next level, you need a degree that matches your experience and one that employers take seriously. For most, that means earning an MBA, but with that comes the question, which programs will provide the best return on investment? It’s important that you look for certain key components to make sure that you’re getting the degree that will help you take that great leap forward in your career.

Business school should offer you the chance to take on leadership positions with the earning potential to match. The FT Global MBA rankings provide some information on what you can expect when you graduate with an MBA; most can look forward to a salary increase of 50 to 100 per cent. It can be a significant initial investment, but successful graduates can expect to start seeing returns on their investment within 3-5 years. When you’re considering your degree, it’s already time to start thinking like a business leader.

A Holistic Approach

Highly respected programs understand that fundamental business subjects should be taught in a holistic manner, incorporating all eight fundamental fields into the same curriculum. Those eight fields of study include business analytics, financial management, economics, marketing, accounting and others, and they should be taught together, reflecting the reality of the business world. A truly integrated program such as the Integrated Core at the Lazaridis MBA will allow students to work in teams and collaborate constructively to incorporate all fields of study into their term project, which will in turn prepare them for the diverse challenges that await them in the real world of business — whether on Bay Street or Wall Street.

Case Studies Matter

Once students have a holistic foundation in business fundamentals, they need to be able to apply it to real-world case studies that involves strategic financial recommendations to the executives of real companies. There is no better way to adapt to the business world of today than learning and analyzing the challenges that real companies face in both domestic and foreign markets. Case studies give students the chance to solve problems in team environments, drawing on a diversity of knowledge and expertise. Case studies are a chance to test classroom knowledge, real work experience and people skills beyond the challenges presented in textbooks alone.

Find Professional Development Strategies

Superior Canadian MBA programs (at institutions like the Lazaridis School of Business & Economics) also provide professional development workshops (including counselling, interview preparation, networking and negotiation seminars) that will help you prepare to enter the job market as a highly-qualified candidate. Visit Lazaridismba.ca to see the full list of employment services options available, all of which help students enter the job market and land leadership roles.

Socializing Is Part of the Job

Finally, any solid business degree should providefertile ground for networking, allowing students plenty of opportunities to make connections with fellow classmates, alumni and business leaders who have ties to the program These kinds of events encourage students to network better and build business connections that can pay off early or years down the road.

When you’re choosing an MBA program, do your research and weigh your options carefully so that you’re set up for success in all walks of life.

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