Spending Time on Side Hustles

Lately I have been feeling super overwhelmed. I feel like I have no time for anything, and I haven’t been very efficient with my time.

I work over 45 hours per week at my day job, and spend 10 hours per week getting ready and commuting for that job. I also probably spend around 40 hours per week doing my side hustles as well. So that’s around 100 hours per week dedicated to working.

I multi-task when I do anything, which of course makes everything take just a little bit longer since I have to constantly switch my focus. And that of course means a lot of time wasted.

One thing that everyone is constantly asking me, is how I have time to do everything that I do. It’s really not that, that bad. This is especially so since we don’t have kids. If we had children, I’m pretty sure all of this would be impossible! I’m not sure how some bloggers do it!

Determining on how much time I spend on side hustles is hard to quantify.

For example, I love to read blogs and articles, and don’t know if I should be counting that as “working.” Most of you know that I am all over the place and read all different types of blogs. I don’t consider reading a blog post “working” because I genuinely like to do this and like to know what’s going on in everyone’s lives.

Keep in mind that I have a full-time job completely unrelated to blogging (analyst in the financial services industry), so my side hustles revolve around that currently.  I usually spend each Saturday and Sunday working on my blog as well. I definitely spend at least 40 hours a week on my side hustles.

Cutting back in certain areas

I’ve cut back in certain areas because I’ve been feeling too overwhelmed due to lack of time. I don’t do much staff writing anymore. I noticed that writing on my own blog was suffering because I didn’t have enough blog ideas and was using all of my awesome ideas for my staff writing jobs.

I will most likely increase this again once I make the full-time self-employment switch, but for right now, my time is very limited.

How much time I spend on my blog posts

I spend a decent amount of time on my blog posts. I will write it and then go back to it days later to add more, so that’s also hard to quantify.  Usually for my whale posts (which have been every single post that I’ve written lately), these take hours and hours. High quality posts are important!

I know a lot of bloggers says that shorter posts of around 500 words are better, but once I start talking about something, I tend to talk about EVERYTHING. I should probably work on finding a way to split up my posts, but for right now I am happy with the length of my posts.

Here is my normal weekday schedule:

  • 6:15 am – Wake up and get ready for work. Yes I can get ready super quickly. This is years of practice of being able to apply makeup within minutes!  🙂
  • 6:45 am – Check emails, moderate comments on my blog, read blogs (I love reading blog posts!)
  • 7:45 am – Leave for work
  • During my lunch break – Check and reply to emails, blog work, side hustles
  • 6:00 pm – I come home from work and work on my side hustles more. Sometimes I barely work on them, but sometimes I work on them a ton. 

How much time do you spend on your side hustles?



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  1. I work as a real estate agent so not only do I have freedom over my flexibility/time allocation, but I can work on my side hustles during normal business hours if I have spare time. Spring is harder than fall and I’m so looking forward to a couple months from now when real estate slows down and I can work on side hustling more. I’ll make less but I think it’ll be more fun!

    • That would be nice! I can only work on my side hustles during lunch time when I’m at work, and it’s hard to get enough done within 1 hour.

      • I’m not sure how much time you’ve thought about doing an ebook, but it would be a nice alternative to doing guest posting elsewhere. You can take a bunch of old content from your blog, put it together/give a new twist and put it on Amazon. This way you can open a new passive income stream through writing without trading time for money every day. I’m sure you’ve thought about it or have even done an ebook or two in the past, but I’ve done a few small ones and enjoy the $20-$50 I get per month off them without doing any more work. Keep up the good work!

  2. Right now I would estimate that I average about 20 hours per week on my blog. That is in addition to spending time with my wife and daughter and working full time. Lately I have been waking up early to try to spend more time on the blog and have been putting closer to 30 hours per week in.

  3. I haven’t really measured, but I would say it’s in the 10-15 hour range per week. It’s definitely a big time commitment. You have to really like what you’re doing.

  4. I also have a habit of looking my posts over several times and spending hours on them. I have heard shorter posts are better, but if I like the author and the content I have no issue reading longer posts. Yours definitely don’t feel too long to me! I have tried working on cutting my posts down, but I also feel like expanding on everything, so I need to work on that.

    • That’s good that mine don’t seem long to you. So far on Diversified Finances, I’ve kept my posts pretty short and to the point. However, Making Sense of Cents is full of whale posts!

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  6. I’ve tried to really maximize my time and try not to waste it. I was hovering at around 100 hours a week in June and it was cray cray. So, now I’m just working on sleeping a bit more and trying not to get distracted by shiny things when I am writing etc.

    • 100 hours is crazy! W is trying to make me sleep more. He will make me put my computer down and bother me until I go to sleep. It’s been working haha

  7. Since my side hustle is my only income-producing hustle, I probably spend 20-25 hours a week on it. It’s tough sometimes, as I feel like I’m neglecting the kids, but I know that I’m helping them too as I make more cash to get out of debt.

  8. “So that’s around 100 hours per week dedicated to working.” That seems like a lot to me. I don’t think I could keep up with that pace. But I have different dynamics going on in my life with four kiddos to look after. Perhaps cutting back a bit and spending more leisure time would reduce some pressure and help ideas and the writing flow better. Also cutting longer posts into more manageable ones has helped me. I’m in the middle of an investing series where I had to do just that.

    • We don’t have kids besides our fur-children (HA!), so I do think that helps me in that I’m not quite as busy as those with children.

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  10. I was putting 60+ hours per week at the full time job and it was no fun. I did that for awhile and figured I should do it on my own. I would side I put in about 30+ hours on blogging and reading other blogs. I include reading as a part of blogging time because well my wifey says i’m away from her and the kids so its work. I think when you make that move to full time and not 9-5 and full time blogger it will be a lot less hours. I don’t mind the hours but you have to have some type of balance. I find its just easier to work when everyone is still sleeping at my house.

  11. I work on my side hustles way more in the winter. In the summer, I tend to be outside with the kids A LOT. Since I spend all day in front of the computer for my day job, I tend to not want to sit there on a beautiful summer evening as well. I really struggle with that!

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