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11943365466_acb406126e_zStarting a new business can be a life changing experience. Some businesses are relatively cheap to start, whereas others may take a little bit more funding to get started.

Just because you don’t personally have the funding to start your business doesn’t mean that you need to put your lifelong dream of starting a business all of your own on hold.

Personally, my business was very affordable to start. I just need my laptop and an internet connection. A place to sit is nice as well 🙂 I am extremely grateful for how affordable my business is to start. However, I know that many other people have lifelong business dreams which are much more expensive to start and maintain.

One way to start your own business if you do not personally have the funding is to look to secure financing. There is a company called Borro out there that provides capital for small businesses such as the one that you may be thinking about starting.

They don’t do credit checks.
If you are starting a new business, you may not have a business credit score. Borro does not do a credit check.

They offer solutions to irregular and seasonal businesses with cash flow issues.
Small businesses can be greatly impacted by irregular or seasonal business. For myself, I can personally attest to that. Usually the summer months are less busy because everyone and their families seem to be on a long vacation. Luckily, I have enough of a buffer to protect me from that. However, I do know of others where they experience some months where it is almost like their business has dropped off from the face of the earth.

A small business loan in this sense can help you keep your business running, so that a few slow and low-income months do not completely destroy you and your business. This is very important if you want to keep your business running for a much longer time.

They serve all 50 states.
If you are located in the United States, do not worry. Borro helps serve small businesses in all 50. Just because you are located somewhere far away, or not in the mainland 48 states, you can still receive help from the company.

Don’t feel ashamed to use a business loan.
Many different types of people and small businesses use small business loans. It does not mean that you are a bad business owner at all. Small business loans are used by the affluent as well as the average small business owner.

Click here to learn more about Borro.

Do you have a small business? Have you ever used a small business loan?


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