Should You Invest In Silver?

Every form of investment has its pros and cons. What appeals to one may not appeal to another and silver is no different.

Regarding its value, silver, alongside its main competitor gold, isn’t having the best year. Many potential investors are looking at it carefully to see whether silver bullion is worth buying.

Here, we will have a look at the reasons for and against investing in silver bullion and help you to make a decision whether to invest in it or not.

Pros of holding silver bullion

  1.  It can be a protective investment
    Silver is often used as a measure of safety in times of economic and political uncertainty.. In these situations, currency is often ignored in favor of precious metals and assets such as silver and gold. While gold is usually the preferred choice, silver has its place, especially with the way the world is looking at the moment.
  2. It’s much cheaper than gold
    Silver bullion is not only considerably cheaper than gold, but it’s also easier to spend. Because it is lower in value than it’s main competitor, it is much easier to break and spend
  3.  It’s a tangible form of currency
    Cash and related investment products such as bonds and stocks are all susceptible  to depreciation due to the process of printing physical money. However, silver is a tangible and finite product, so while it isn’t completely immune to market crashes and fluctuations, it is less likely to crash due to its inherent value.
  4. It has been used as a currency for thousands of years

We love something with a bit of history and lineage, and silver’s role as a form of currency has both of these in abundance. Since silver was first discovered and mined, from around 4000 BC, people have used it to trade, and its value has always been recognized, so there is an expectation that it will continue to be valuable.


Cons of holding silver bullion

  1. It can be harder to sell
    In the event of a sudden price drop, silver can be difficult to sell quickly. While pawn shops and jewelers are always there if there is no other choice, they don’t always offer the best price.
  2. It is liable to theft.
    Unlike stocks and shares, silver is a tangible asset, and so is more likely to be stolen, There is the option of safety deposit boxes or a safe, but this means spending money to protect your money.
  3. Not the best form of investment
    While silver is an excellent form of investment, it is by no means the best. Some metals, particularly lithium and cobalt have seen a massive surge in popularity and value in recent years. Property is also one of the best investments that you can make in the longer term.

With all of this in mind, silver is definitely an investment worth looking into and buying, especially in smaller amounts. If you are interested in dabbling in it, you can get silver here.


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