Seven Tips To Cut Unnecessary Costs In 2014

Seven Tips To Cut Unnecessary Costs In 2014Are you looking for ways to manage your money? Bills and small expenses add up fast, often leading to financial distress.

Money can only go so far, but implementing a few strategies can help you keep a little more green in your pocket. Read on for seven ways to cut unnecessary costs in 2014:
1. Get Rid of Cable or Satellite
Cable and satellite are a luxury, but they aren’t the only way to watch television. Cut out your cable or satellite expenses, and try a free TV antenna, which offers many digital channels. Low cost streaming services, such as Netflix and Amazon, are great for watching your favorite shows and movies. Also, you can rent movies cheaply from Redbox. If you can’t bring yourself to completely take away your premium service, try slimming the bill by cutting out what you don’t need, such as pricey movie channels.

2. Shop Smart
Cut down your grocery bills with a few simple strategies. Make sure to write a list each time you shop; include only the items you must have and don’t stray from the list. Also, take a look at your grocery store’s weekly circular ad as you write your list for great deals. Cut coupons for added savings, and use them in combination with sale items, if possible.

3. Save on Electricity and Water Bills
Your electricity and water bills can be reduced easily, by conserving energy. Use water only when necessary, and don’t let it run any longer than needed. Cut out the lights when they aren’t necessary; make sure lamps, overhead lighting and exterior lights aren’t on all day. This can help you save up to $50 or more per month on your electricity and water bills.

4. Shop For Lower Auto Insurance Rates
Your auto insurance might not be as low as it could be. Ask your insurance company what you can do to reduce your rate, and shop around online. Get quotes from several different insurance companies to see the best rate available. If you or a family member is active duty member, you can get low cost auto insurance through USAA.
5. DIY
Save money on labor costs by doing repairs and maintenance yourself. Painting, fixing leaky faucets, changing air filters and other miscellaneous house repairs can be done cheaply at home. If you can make something yourself instead of buying it, whether planting a small garden or making your own laundry detergent, you’ll save big bucks.

6. Eat at Home
Instead of eating out, whether at fast-food places or restaurants, try cooking at home. If you’re a social butterfly, barbecue or make a fancy meal for your friends. This is a great way to save money and enjoy time at home.

7. Pay Your Bills on Time
Aside from the discontinuation of important services like electricity and water, paying your bills on time saves you money. Timely payment of bills avoids late fees, which keeps extra dollars in your pocket.

Cutting costs can be done with planning and a few small sacrifices. You have complete control over the amount of money you’re able to save, so be sure to think outside the box to cut costs. Use these seven tips to cut unnecessary costs in 2014 and beyond.


Seven Tips To Cut Unnecessary Costs In 2014 — 9 Comments

  1. Eating out is our down fall. If we don’t like what we have in the house we will just go grab something quick. Last month we ate at subway every single weekday night. We just nickel and dime ourselves to death. Then satellite. We keep saying we are going to get rid of it, but just haven’t yet.

    • We recently lowered our satellite bill. We decided to cut HBO out (savings of $20 each month) until Trueblood comes back on since we’re not watching any shows on that channel right now.

  2. I compmletely agree with cancelling cable to save money! I cancelled my cable 7 years ago and never looked back. Once in awhile, we’ll rent a movie at RedBox (which gives out lots of free movies if you sign up for text messages).

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