Saving on Delivery Costs for Small Businesses

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Whatever type of business you run, it’s likely that you will spend a lot of the monthly budget sending out parcels and letters. Whether it’s sending out deliveries to clients and customers or simply dealing with business correspondence in a more traditional manner, the costs can soon add up.

For small businesses that are working on a tight turnover, these costs can have a big impact on the company’s profitability. There are a number of different ways small businesses can cut back on their delivery costs, for both domestic and international deliveries.

Delivery Comparison Sites

The internet has seen a big rise in the number of comparison websites, with everything from car insurance to holidays available to compare online. Parcel2Go is another such site that compares the prices of sending parcels all around the world through leading couriers. Easily compare the weights, delivery options and couriers to see how much can be saved. Or if you’re just in need of a quick quote then this can be arranged simply, whether sending within the UK, to Europe or further afield.

Auction Bids

For sending packages across the UK, reverse auction sites are a good option. This works by transporters bidding to deliver your parcels, and many will deliver all sorts of items, from live animals to furniture and more. It can be a bit more risky than sending through an official company, so check your deliveries are covered. Most transporters should have goods in transit cover, but it is always safest to check first.    

Reduce Package Dimensions

Sending large packages costs a lot more than smaller ones, so where possible it is advisable to reduce the weight and dimensions of your parcels. Tightly package the corners using packing peanuts or bubble wrap so they fit into the smaller dimensions bracket. These will change for each delivery service, so be sure to check them before. Using lighter packaging can make a difference weight wise as well, such as thinner cardboard.  

Bulk Up

Packaging materials can also add to the cost of sending letters and parcels. Buy in bulk to cut the costs and also try to send as many items out in the same package or delivery too. Recycling the boxes and packaging materials you receive is another way to cut back. Simply add a personal touch by including some of your business’ stamps or packaging for that professional touch. All these tips will be cheaper than sending directly through your local delivery firm.

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