Rewards You Deserve: What is a Disney Visa and Why You Would Want One

When trying to discover ways to cut costs during your Disney trip, you’ll run across multiple Disney Visa credit card offers. You obvious expectations are that these cards to reduce your Disney expenses. While Mickey’s picture on them may look alluring, only a few cards are worth your time and effort. To start with, Disney Premier Visa Card and the Disney Visa Card are your best picks?

Everyone who hears the rumor wants to know whether these cards are a gold mine or a minefield, and we’ve heard some positive reviews from those who’ve had great experiences with them. But the bottom line is; these cards aren’t an excellent deal. That is because they have low savings potential.

The costs accumulate quickly at Disney

Disney is proficient at ensuring magical experience in its theme parks but is also very skilled at charging you in the skies to create that magical effect. It, therefore, makes sense to hunt for money-saving avenues on this kind of vacation, because admission to the Magic Kingdom costs over $100 per day— more so if you try a visit during peak season, but you get lesser if you go for several days.  Orlando and Florida’s trips are way expensive, but Disney is counting on loving parents to make the payments.

There are multiple blogs devoted to advising people on how to save money at Disney, commending the whole kit and caboodle from getting accommodation at off-property hotels or to carrying packed lunches. However, you must first compare these options.

First, let’s concern ourselves with examining the credit card reward possibilities and how they might save you money.

What offers do Disney Credit Cards Come with?

The Disney Premier Visa Card

This card earns you a $200 Disney gift card only after you’ve spent $500 on the card in the starting three months of opening the card. Other perks include a spending bonus of 2% Disney Rewards Dollars for every dollar you spend at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and many other Disney locations; and 1% Disney Rewards Dollars if you buy anywhere else. Lastly, the card comes with an annual fee of $49.

The Disney Visa Card

First, this card has no yearly fee. It earns you a $50 Disney gift card immediately after your first purchase on the card. The Disney Visa Card earns you 1% Disney Rewards Dollars on every purchase you make.

Disney Rewards Dollars are redeemable toward Disney theme costumes, park vouchers, dining, resort stays, keepsakes, movies and more. You could also use your Disney Rewards Dollars for statement credits towards air ticket purchases. Note that each Disney Rewards Dollar equals to a $1 statement credit, minimum of around $50.

There are more perks you get with the Visa Disney card, like special financing on specific Disney vacation packages, discounts on specific dining locations and price cuts on item purchases of $50, or more.


There’s one last perk is you get as a cardmember; a photo session with Star Wars or Disney characters in private locations Disney World at Disneyland.


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