Reboot Your Career, Reboot Your Life

Our careers are what we usually base our lives around. The location we live in and the friends we interact with often depend on the type of job we have. For instance, if you work in a software development company, you probably have a bunch of friends who are computer savvy and love to tinker with computers. If you work as an artist, then you most likely work as a freelancer or as part of a larger company and you probably have a studio at home where you can draw, paint and be creative.

However, there are times in our lives when we wish we could reboot our lives. We wish we could leave our job and start from scratch with a new career, or we wish that we picked a different discipline when we studied at university. These midlife crisis situations aren’t uncommon, but we rarely ever act on them. Thankfully, if we are able to take the plunge and find something new to achieve or work towards in life, then not only will we be better off, we’re also effectively rebooting our lives.

Move away and find a new life

One of the most drastic ways to reboot your career is to look for homes for sale in another location. It could be another part of town, another city, a different state or even overseas in a different country. The further the location, the further away you’ll be from your previous life. For instance, if you move to a home which is only a couple of miles away, then you don’t have much of an excuse to change your job, and you’ll still be interacting with the same friends. However, if you move to another city, then visits from friends and family will be much more sparse and you’ll have to look for a new job unless you want to commute for several hours a day.

Find something you love to do

Before deciding on a career change, you want to try and think about what makes you happy in life. Think back to when you were young and what made you chuckle with joy with your friends. Was it playing video games? Then perhaps a career in video game design would be suitable, and you can find ways to incorporate your career into your new one. For instance, as a software designer, it doesn’t take much time to transfer your skills to game development. If you were previously an artist, then becoming part of an art team for a video game studio or a concept artist would be a great choice.

As another example, if you loved exploring when you were young, then perhaps you could get a job as an exploration specialist for an energy company, or you could start a career in travel blogging. All you need is some money, a way to blog and a camera, then you can set off into the wilderness, recording your adventures and taking pictures to show to the world. Blogging is a tough career, but it’s also one that offers freedom.

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