Protecting Your Startup From Copycats That Could Destroy Your Momentum

When you first introduce a revolutionary new idea into an industry, it’s incredibly common to see it become the target of copycats and even theft. Even your name isn’t safe because there’s a good chance that people will try to steal it or create spin-offs so that they can leech off your success. This is why it’s important to put a big focus on protecting your startup from copycats so that your momentum isn’t ruined.

If you feel like your business has kicked off to a good start, then it’s time to look for ways to protect your startup from these copycats.


Forming Partnerships

Partnerships can be more than just you linking with another business for mutual gains. A partnership can also be with lawyers that have all of the legal expertise in order to help you protect your business. There are other partnerships too such as aligning yourself with key players in the industry or even figureheads that have a lot of influence. There are many ways to form a relationship with other players in the industry, but picking and forming your strategic partnerships can play a huge role in determining your success and how you stay away from the copycats.

Build a Brand Online

This tip sounds really obvious but it’s a good idea to keep it in mind when trying to grow your company. The internet is one of the best ways to quickly grow your brand thanks to the amount of exposure you can get from it. However, you need to think about things such as PR, advertisements, PPC and also SEO if you want it to become a success. However, the faster you build your brand, the quicker you can establish your own presence and make it harder for copycats to leech off your success. If you manage to future-proof your business then it’s even harder for copycats to compete. However, if you’re still in a startup stage, then it’s very easy for people to clone your work and take advantage of your early developments.

Build Your Personal Brand, Not Just Your Business

It’s never a bad idea to have a face attached to your business. Much like how Steve Jobs was synonymous with the brand Apple, you too could be a figurehead in your industry as long as you build your personal brand around yourself and not just your business. When your face is personally affiliated with your company, it suddenly becomes much harder for copycats to steal your work or pose as you. Attaching a face and building a personal brand around your company is also a good way for your customers to emotionally invest in your business.

Final Words

Copycats can completely destroy your momentum as a startup and it’s possible for them to ruin your company altogether. By following these tips, you can quickly secure your brand and ensure that copycats have fewer ways to invade your industry and steal your customers away.

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