Pros And Cons Of Hiring From Abroad

There are many reasons as to why you might hire from abroad. To do so lends your team a fresh perspective, and can truly enrich your overall skill base with talents that you might not find as easily in your home country. It might be that you hope to make the transition of expanding to that country one day, and you hope to prepare yourself as much as possible by hiring those with experience there.

However, like any business decision, hiring from abroad comes with its pros and cons. Overall there are more pros than cons, so it should absolutely be considered and considered heavily. However, it does always pay to stay informed, and the following should help you do that:


Of course, for the most part you hire abroad in order to gain a certain skillset. It might be that some niche form of competence is only found in a country abroad in extreme quantities. This can make sense from a cultural perspective. For example, if you hope to expand your business’s standing in a new country while settling offices there, you can be sure that someone from that country would have more appropriate marketing knowledge than someone hired from home. This is true even if a potential new hire from home is of that cultural descent, as up-to-the-minute knowledge is usually required to keep your finger on the pulse.


One of the downsides of hiring from abroad is the cost it entails to do so. When it comes to providing travel, temporary accommodation or even helping them cross the border via time and dedication, it’s not exactly the most convenient method that any business can utilize in order to find new workers.

However, it pays to weight up the cost. It might be that a singular skillset is something that is more than worth the cost of bringing in a foreign worker, or that in the long term your business interests will more than pay for this investment. For example, it might be that you’re hoping to increase the language capacities of your team, hire those who can authentically translate for your website, or simply help you become more familiar with a business set of ethics expected somewhere abroad. For example, in the United Arab Emirates, business deals are often treated as much more social and respectful affairs than the cold and calculating manner of the West, and so respectfully courting your new business partner is as important as negotiating the terms of the deal. This information can be invaluable when placed at the right time.


You should also consider just how long you hope for your employee to last. It might be that they are only aboard for one project, or that they might have  the chance to prove their permanence with your firm. It’s best to lay this right at the outset. Just keep in mind that long periods of employment will mean you have to help them become patriated and keep their documents verified for a longer time. It might also mean having to pay even more to require them to become a permanent resident, with their own and potentially a fiance visa to apply for. Keeping all this in mind will help you set the parameters, turning a chaotic and inconvenient setup into something that works for you at all times.

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