Making Your Restaurant Cosy In The Winter

If you own a restaurant or you are looking at buying one this year to launch a new business, there are a lot of different things you will have to consider and a lot of preparation which you will need to make for a comfortable space. Creating a swanky and comfortable restaurant for your guests is a big challenge, and it can take some time to nail your ideas and make the ideal space. Here are some of our top tips for making a cosy and inviting space for people to visit during the winter months.

Keep it warm

The first and most obvious thing you will want to do during the winter to make people feel comfortable is to keep the restaurant warm and toasty. When people have been walking around in the cold all day the main thing they want is for a warm space to sit in. This can be achieved with lots of insulation around the building as well as by bringing in an efficient heating system. Radiators placed strategically around the room can make all the difference and will have a positive impact on your customers.

Ventilate the space

As important as it is to lock in the heat and make the restaurant as cosy as it can be, you will also want to think about air flow and ventilation. If you have an old system in the building make sure to invest in restaurant ac repair, and if not, get an efficient system which allows clean air to flow through the building. You’ll be cooking a lot of food which will produce different smells and air flow can help these smells to escape as to not overwhelm your customers. It will also be helpful for those who suffer from respiratory illnesses who may need extra support with the air flow.

Add soft furnishings

One of the things which can make a big difference to the overall look and feel of your restaurant and will also be a good way to brighten up the space is soft furnishings. Cleverly placed throws and cushions can be just what you need for a homely atmosphere and your patrons will appreciate these extra touches to make them feel more comfortable.

Light candles

Whenever we think about making the house cosy and warm in the winter, candles are always a great option as they give off a soft glow which creates a relaxing atmosphere, and it also makes the room feel warmer and more homely. In your restaurant you can place small candles on each table and this will make for a lovely atmosphere and will keep everyone feeling warm and content during their meal.

Create a cosy area

If you have a small corner of your restaurant which is free for you to use, you can create a cosy lounge space for those who have finished their meals and want to enjoy a drink or two. This space can consist of some sofas and chairs and you can even have a fireplace in this part of the building to create a magical atmosphere. Having an area like this can be great because it will encourage people to stay in the restaurant after eating and it will make people less likely to want to leave!

Instantly Modernize An Old Office: 3 Simple Additions

If your business’ existing office is a little tired and outdated, the most obvious solution is to refit the space completely. Unfortunately, this “obvious solution” is also easily the most expensive solution, and few businesses can instantly find the funds to complete a thorough overhaul of their internal space.

As a result, many business owners tend to grit their teeth, accept their somewhat outdated surroundings, and hope that they will be able to finance a complete office refit at some point in the future. If you are in this situation, then it can be tempting to think you have no other choice… but is this necessarily the case?

So, here’s the good news: no, there is a third way that allows you to modernize your office without the need for a full refit – and here are three simple ideas that can help you achieve just that.

#1 – Introduce shrubs and greenery

Offices have always included some form of greenery but, until recently, the greenery was provided by employees, in the form of desk plants. Modern offices, however, tend to incorporate natural elements into their overall design, using shrubs and tall, potted plants to create a space that is wonderfully contemporary and instantly improves the space. Furthermore, it’s well worth choosing office plants that are thought to help boost productivity in workers, allowing your business to achieve a two-fold benefit from a single change.

#2 – Add decorative elements

Modern office design is all about style. Offices were once dry, monotone, and – frankly – rather dull spaces, with business owners operating under the belief that decorative elements were an unnecessary expense that did little but detract from their bottom line. Of course, to 21st-century eyes, these bland offices are little more than an eyesore – but thankfully, they are an eyesore that is relatively easily improved. By adding artwork to walls and decorative window film on glass partitions, you’ll be able to enjoy a more contemporary aesthetic quickly and affordably, while also improving visual interest for your employees.

#3 – Focus on furniture

Furniture is one of the elements of office design that is relatively easy to change; pieces can just be removed, rather than needing to be directly removed and replaced as part of a refit. It’s therefore worth updating as much of the furniture as you possibly can in order to achieve a more up-to-date look. You’ll usually find that placing contemporary furniture in an older building is surprisingly effective, transforming what was once tired, old-fashioned into a retro-inspired space that looks deliberate rather than a choice governed by convenience and budget.

In conclusion

A full office refit is expensive, but by implementing the ideas above, you can help to bring the 21st century to any office space – and potentially enjoy a few extra benefits to boot. You may find that these changes actually preclude the need for a full refit in future, saving you a small fortune, but even if you do decide a refit is required at some point, at least you’ll have a more pleasing aesthetic to enjoy in the meantime.

Rewards You Deserve: What is a Disney Visa and Why You Would Want One

When trying to discover ways to cut costs during your Disney trip, you’ll run across multiple Disney Visa credit card offers. You obvious expectations are that these cards to reduce your Disney expenses. While Mickey’s picture on them may look alluring, only a few cards are worth your time and effort. To start with, Disney Premier Visa Card and the Disney Visa Card are your best picks?

Everyone who hears the rumor wants to know whether these cards are a gold mine or a minefield, and we’ve heard some positive reviews from those who’ve had great experiences with them. But the bottom line is; these cards aren’t an excellent deal. That is because they have low savings potential.

The costs accumulate quickly at Disney

Disney is proficient at ensuring magical experience in its theme parks but is also very skilled at charging you in the skies to create that magical effect. It, therefore, makes sense to hunt for money-saving avenues on this kind of vacation, because admission to the Magic Kingdom costs over $100 per day— more so if you try a visit during peak season, but you get lesser if you go for several days.  Orlando and Florida’s trips are way expensive, but Disney is counting on loving parents to make the payments.

There are multiple blogs devoted to advising people on how to save money at Disney, commending the whole kit and caboodle from getting accommodation at off-property hotels or to carrying packed lunches. However, you must first compare these options.

First, let’s concern ourselves with examining the credit card reward possibilities and how they might save you money.

What offers do Disney Credit Cards Come with?

The Disney Premier Visa Card

This card earns you a $200 Disney gift card only after you’ve spent $500 on the card in the starting three months of opening the card. Other perks include a spending bonus of 2% Disney Rewards Dollars for every dollar you spend at grocery stores, gas stations, restaurants, and many other Disney locations; and 1% Disney Rewards Dollars if you buy anywhere else. Lastly, the card comes with an annual fee of $49.

The Disney Visa Card

First, this card has no yearly fee. It earns you a $50 Disney gift card immediately after your first purchase on the card. The Disney Visa Card earns you 1% Disney Rewards Dollars on every purchase you make.

Disney Rewards Dollars are redeemable toward Disney theme costumes, park vouchers, dining, resort stays, keepsakes, movies and more. You could also use your Disney Rewards Dollars for statement credits towards air ticket purchases. Note that each Disney Rewards Dollar equals to a $1 statement credit, minimum of around $50.

There are more perks you get with the Visa Disney card, like special financing on specific Disney vacation packages, discounts on specific dining locations and price cuts on item purchases of $50, or more.


There’s one last perk is you get as a cardmember; a photo session with Star Wars or Disney characters in private locations Disney World at Disneyland.