New methods of drug delivery is the future for the pharmaceutical industry



With the production and launch of new drugs happening all the time, attention is also very firmly focused on the delivery method of those substances to meet modern needs and requirements.

The world of technology never sits still for long, and nowhere is that more true than in the field of pharmaceuticals. With greater understanding of chronic conditions, and the focus on developing medicines that can help alleviate those conditions and their symptoms, the traditional delivery system of oral medication is not always fit for purpose. 

Step forward nanomaterials with their unique properties that can allow for implants and patches that can manage a slow steady release of drugs into the bloodstream that is proving to be a much more effective method of delivery. With the advances in the development of the electrospinning machine research in this area is now easier than ever before and is now a key focus for investment and research as the capabilities of nanomaterials are becoming more and more apparent. 

Electrospinning and electrospraying is versatile and easy to set up

The process of electrospinning or spraying in order to create nanomaterials from polymer melts and solutions is now more advanced than ever. The usability of such machines is now such that a research laboratory can be set up in a matter of months where the workforce already has some understanding of electrostatics and polymers. This means shorter lead times for getting production up and running, and upskilling the workforce is easy and quicker. All this serves to reduce costs to the business.  

Creators of electrospinning machines are able to approach the implementation at a bespoke level, ensure the set up is right for the needs and intended outcomes of the research department. This can include adapting the machinery, which comes in different varieties from small ‘proof of concept’ machines to full production. The solution is now also fully scalable, and GMP and ISO certified for pharma-grade mass production, and there are many manufacturers leading the way in this.  

The machines can use a huge variety of raw materials and natural polymers to achieve the desired output properties. From sub-micronized particles and fibers, true encapsulation, nano-in-micro particles and multi-layered core-shell structures and non-woven mesh it is possible to create powder or granules for oral (tablets, capsules, sachets), parenteral, nasal, pulmonar, ophthalmic, vaginal & topical applications and patches for transdermal, mucosal, buccal & sublingual applications. 

The benefits of electrospinning production is huge

Using these methods to create pharmaceuticals has huge benefits. Firstly the process is highly versatile. Any solvent, excipient or API (including live cells) can be used in the creation of the solutions, suspensions and emulsions used in the process, and with no stress applied on the API this guarantees a product of the highest stability and quality, as materials are produced at a molecular level ensuring virtually no defects. 

In a single step it is possible to produce a dry product with minimal moisture content and with excellent processability of final product. Dose uniformity is guaranteed, which is vital in the management of chronic conditions.  

All this lends itself to maximum potency of the final product, which is all to the benefit of the end consumer. Release of the drug is controlled and optimized allowing for a faster onset of the effects on the body, yet also minimizes side effects especially when non-oral methods of distribution are used as often side effects are the result of the drug interacting with the digestive system. 

Added to this the path to general release of a new drug can be made much easier. Of course there first needs to be the necessary data from the drug trials, but once that is available and the drug is prepared for release using certain platforms, then it makes it a lot easier to achieve market authorization. This will reduce costs of development, and there have been instances where it was possible to bring a new product to market in just one year, far quicker than you might normally expect.

Clever Techniques For Monetizing Your Blog

Are you a blogger who is beginning to realize your talents are worth some money? If so, you have come to the right place. Today,. We’re going to explore some techniques that can turn your blogging hobby into a money-making machine. There’s a lot to get through, so let’s get started straight away.

Get a Google AdSense account

The first step in earning some money from your blog is to set up a Google AdSense account. It’s simple, and with the right strategy, it can make you a significant chunk of money every month. In essence, Google will advertise relevant products on your website. When people click on those ads, you get paid. While you need a lot of traffic to make a decent amount of money from Google AdSense, it is a perfect place to start.

Start writing product reviews

Large and small companies alike understand the value of getting their products in front of a successful blogger’s audience. And they will be willing to pay real money if you have a large readership and offer to write product reviews. Depending on your blog size, you can charge anything up to $500 for a single review. Do that 3-4 times a month, and you have a nice little bonus to add to your income.  

Display banner ads

Another way to monetize your blog is to rent out advertising space for banner ads. It might be for local companies, or you could set your blog up to attract relevant products to your industry. Again, the bigger your audience, the more you can charge. Start off by contacting large companies who operate in your niche. If they start to get results, you can start putting up your prices.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing was the number one way to make serious cash online in the good old days. Recently, however, things have changed a little, and the competition is fierce. That said, if you have an email list full people that you know would love a certain product, there is an enormous potential to make serious money.

Build an email list

If your audience loves what you do, make sure you have their contact details and put them on your email list. A simple email list is a powerful tool and is incredibly valuable. If you aren’t building a list, you are losing out on money earning potential – it’s as simple as that. Offer a freebie to persuade people to sign up, and get set up with an email service like MailChimp. Then it’s a simple case of sending people valuable info and entertaining content. Every once in a while, you can send some offers to encourage them to buy something or click through to a product.

Invest in SEO

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Things Needed for a Business

Starting a business – any business – is not easy. It requires effort, time, and not to mention a considerable amount of capital. Often the preparation process for your company is largely dependent on the type of business that you will be setting up. Nonetheless, there are some universal tasks that must be taken care, regardless of the industry or the company’s structure. If you wish to hit the ground running, you are going to need to make sure that the following have been ticked off your to-do list:

1.    A Clear Business Plan

Before you proceed any further, you are going to need to construct a clear and concise business plan for your company. This includes the overall purpose of the organization, the goods or services that you will be offering, and a general operations plan. You will also have to depict the sales and marketing tactics that you will utilize and expand on how your product or service will fit into the marketplace. This is important for you as well as future investors that you will try to entice.

2.    Money Management System

One of the main reasons that new businesses go under so early on in the process is because they are unable to manage their money properly. As a result, they spend more than they earn and quickly end up in debt. To avoid doing this, you will need to come up with a good money management system for the company. Make sure to that the money that is flowing into the company is greater than the amount of money that is going out.

3.    A Code of Conduct

This is a system of values that you expect your employees to follow while they are working for your organization. This is a set of guidelines that will determine the kind of reputation that your company has. It is important to come up with these policies before you begin hiring people. This will give you some time to consider what is important. For instance, you may want to enforce a drug test in the business. One of the main reasons that a code of conduct should be constructed fairly early on is because it will act as a parameter for hiring future employees.

4.    The Right People

It is vital that you hire the right people for your organization. These individuals are ones that must be passionate about the job that they are being hired for. They must believe in the company’s core values and must be willing to be loyal to the brand and what it stands for. A good way to weed out the right people for the job is to see if they are willing to follow the code of conduct. As mentioned above, you may want to drug test. In this case, they must agree to the condition of marijuana hair testing for workers.

5.    Adequate Facilities, Resources, and Training

Hiring the best employees for your company will only take you so far. They will be unable to do their jobs if they don’t have the right equipment, resources, or training. This is something that you must provide them with from the very beginning. This will give them all of the tools that they require to do their job to the best of their abilities.

As long as you take care to include all of this components in your company, you will have a higher probability of succeeding.