Company Formation in the UK

The world is constantly changing. What used to take ages to accomplish can now be done in a few minutes. Communication, for instance; if you wanted to communicate with a person in a different town, you had to send a letter, which would take a few days. Now, you can communicate with a person in a different continent, with a few strokes of the keyboard.

Businesses too used to take forever to set up. You had to walk into a physical address, fill in the paperwork, wait for it to be processed, and so on. The tedious endeavor has the ability to discourage most people willing to set up businesses. However, in the wake of the digital era, starting a company has been made easy, more so, with the aid of formations companies.

A formations company does more than just facilitate your request and act as an intermediary between you and the Companies House. They go through the registration to determine if it’s feasible and if it is, the formation agents go ahead to submit your request to the Companies House for consideration.

As per the Companies Act 2006, a company is required to have a register that records the structure of your company. Such records include; shareholders and capital ratios, details of the company’s directors, and ownership of shares. The lack of these records is considered an offense, and the directors are culpable of a criminal offense in regards to the act aforementioned. Reputable formation Companies ensure your company has all the correct documentation, thus guarantying your compliance with the act and the law in general.

Now that you’ve understood the importance of formation companies and agencies let’s segue to the process of registering a company through a formations company.

1. Get your company name

Every company has a name, the journey to registering your company begins with a name for your business. You should give some thought to the name you would like your company to be recognized with. A name is essentially the first contact someone will have with your company. Also, you should be keen on spelling and punctuations, but most formation companies will help with that.

2. Get an official company address

Your name is secured, and on you go. You now need to get an official mailing address where all the official companies’ documentation can be sent. If you are a small startup, you can use your home address in the meantime.

3. Choose your company’s Standard Industrial Classification

Every company has a trade; yours is no different. When you’re registering for your company, you’ll need to inform on what your company will be dealing in. The Standard Industrial Classification (SIC) has an exhaustive list where you can explore the different fields.

4. Appoint the company’s directors

The director will be legally responsible for the company’s running, they will also ensure the necessary reports and company accounts are prepared, and on time. The director(s) must be above 16 years, and you will be needed to provide two addresses for each of the directors.

5. Outline the proposed company share structure

Companies –especially limited ones, are made up of shares. You will need to provide information concerning these shares. The formations agents will help you look at the nine types of shares, their total value, and currency.

6. Choose the shareholders

As aforementioned, limited companies are made up of shares. You will need to allocate shares to the various shareholders. If you are the only one running the business, then you can allocate the total share percentage to yourself.

7. Sign the Statement of Compliance

Forming a company is considered a legal affair. Thus, you will need to sign that you have read and complied with the Companies Act, as well as the Memorandum of Association pertaining to the rules of starting and running a business.

8. Pay the Formations Agents

If you go at it alone, you will only be charged £12 at this point on the Companies House Website. However, if you go through a formations company, there will be a service charge. The charge by formations companies differs from package to another, but you can expect a fair charge of £5 to £30.
There you go, all you need to know about registering a company in the UK, how easy it is and the process you can expect while using a formations company. All the best!

Are silver coins a good investment?

When it comes to precious metals, silver has always been seen as something of a poor relation. An Olympic silver medal is a huge achievement, but every recipient knows that it is also a sign that they came second best. And while the “family silver” is something that many households might treasure, gold cutlery is the sort of thing reserved for royalty and the super-rich.

Perhaps it is due to these cultural connotations that silver is typically paid less attention in the investment world, too. However, that is clearly a case of flawed logic. When looking to make money from an investment, what matters is how its value changes over time. Comparing its absolute value with that of another commodity is as senseless as saying you shouldn’t invest in an apartment because it is worth less than a castle.

Why silver coins

Physical silver is typically traded in two forms, either as coins or bars. The form the silver takes does not make any difference to its inherent value, but there are some advantages to coins over bars. Many people choose to invest in American Silver Eagle coins as they offer greater flexibility than bullion.

The problem with silver bars is that they are far more complex to buy and sell – and obviously there is the “all or nothing” nature of them. While smaller bars are available, the traditionally traded 70lb bars change hands for around $17,000 each. Silver coins, on the other hand, can be purchased far more easily and for as little as $20 each.

All coins are not the same

Government minted coins are universally accepted, and can usually be traded without the need for assay testing. However, the fact that silver has been traded in the form of coins for so long, means there is a vast choice of coins out there.

Some old silver coins have scarcity value on top of the inherent value of the precious metal. So for these, their value is based on more than just the weight and purity. There are some, known as numismatics, who specialize in trading the most expensive coins in the world. However, unless you really know what you are doing, it is safer to stick with uncirculated recently minted coins, where the value is unambiguous.

But are they a good investment?

This brings us full circle to the first question, and now we understand a little more about silver coins in their own right, it is safer to do what we initially warned against, and that is to compare silver investment with gold investment. This is not by way of absolute values, but in terms of relative performance.

The gold/silver ratio is used to calculate absolute and relative prices of both gold and silver. To make sense of it, you need to understand that the ratio is set to a standard normalized value of 16:1. This is based on historical statistics.

The ratio currently stands around 50:1, but as mining stocks dwindle and the ratio starts to return towards its normal levels, silver will become one of the most prized commodities. If gold prices stay as they are now, then as the ratio normalizes, the price of silver will approximately double.

Could Agriculture be Your Next Business Venture?

The world population is expanding and the demand for food is rising with it. This means that, for agricultural businesses, there is a huge demand for more food production as well as better management. In other words, there has never been a better time to get into agriculture.

However, if you are going to go ahead and get into this industry, you will need to understand that it is no longer the idyllic day in the sun that lots of pictures portray it as. Instead, you will need to have a firm grasp of your business plan and the technology that will get you the most profits.

Using Modern Methods to Increase Production

Though farming is one of the oldest industries there is, the methods for increasing crop production have changed radically in recent years. From the development of agricultural tunnels to spraying crops with pesticides, science, technology and nature have been combined to create the most prosperous conditions possible on every bit of land.

Although many farmers use these more modern methods, there is still plenty of money to be made using more traditional methods as many people turn to organic foods to protest the decline of bees and other pollinators. MKC are specialists in agronomy, an evidence-based approach to increasing crop yields that draws on all kinds of different sciences. You can contact us to find out more.

Following Food Fashions

Though you might assume that all farmers specialize in just one crop, the truth is that crop rotation is very important for maintaining and replacing the nutrients in the soil. This means that rather than just one crop at a time, most agricultural businesses will have multiple different crops at once.

This also means that you can follow food fashions and start producing more popular foods as soon as you can to boost your profits and make yourselves better known. Staying at the forefront of food production like this is tough because it means that you need to be able to predict trends but, if you have contacts in the food fashion world (yes, really!) then you should be able to stay ahead of the game. Vegetables are going to be big in 2018.

Escape the Office

The final and best reason for considering a shift to agriculture is that you will finally get to escape the office in favor of doing something that is fundamentally valuable to society. While every man and his dog is setting up a website selling SEO services or working out which business premises are the best for showing that they are dynamic and yet well established, you can be out in the fields looking after your crops.

It may be a romantic view, and there will certainly be days when you are office-bound and trying to crunch the numbers, but on balance, if you would rather be ensuring that the population is well fed than feeding greedy businessmen new branding ideas, there’s a clear path for you. And it leads directly to the agricultural sector.