The Essential Guide To Becoming An Industry Expert

If you have been working in your current role for a decade or more, you may be feeling the slow burn of itchy feet willing you to move on. You may know how to complete your daily tasks with your hands tied behind your back. You might lack a level of challenge in your job. You may simply be bored. While looking up the career ladder to the next promotion might be the usual route when looking for a new, more fulfilling role, you might be keen to venture down the consultancy route. A highly competitive field, this branch within any sector involves becoming an expert in your chosen niche. However, you cannot simply leave your current position and set up as a consultant otherwise everyone would be giving it a go. Take a look at this guide to becoming an industry expert.


If you haven’t completed any relevant industry-specific qualifications or undergone even the most basic of in-house training for a couple of years or more, you will inevitably be a little rusty. It’s imperative that your finger is on the pulse if you wish to become a leading light within your sector. Get enrolled in as many courses as you can while in your current position. If you work in the engineering field, consider studying for a civil engineering degree online to enable you to specialize further. For those in more creative fields, think about a postgraduate diploma in photography, advertising or graphic design.

Formal qualifications are essential but so is on the job experience. You need to be able to apply what you have learned and then communicate your knowledge to the masses. Ask your employer for more responsibility and spend the next twelve months building up your skill set.


As a consultant, your job will no longer revolve around completed tasks within a business, but empowering others to apply your insider knowledge to their roles for the benefit of their business. You need to go to the coaching sessions, workshops and training days that you run armed with a list of achievements and evidence that your approach to the industry works. You need to be able to answer any question thrown at you, welcome challenge and encourage a healthy debate. It’s vital that you are confident, knowledgeable and can impart your expertise in an effective and enthusiastic way. Everyone has been to a training session that is boring, lifeless and dull. Don’t allow yours to be one of them.

Shadow An Expert

If consultancy is the route you wish to take, inquire about shadowing a leading expert in your area. Go with them to training days and workshops and observe how they teach, coach and speak. They may have a way of enthusing their audience, motivating them to take on board their knowledge and then apply this in their workplace. Use this time to learn from a consultant and then apply what you have seen into your own practice.

When becoming an expert in your chosen field, try to think outside the box and choose a niche that is untapped. No one needs another SEO shining light. This will give you more chance of success when you come to launching your consultancy business. Follow this guide, and you will soon be an industry expert.

FreedomPlus Could Help You Simplify Your Debt

A new school year signifies new beginnings. New teachers, new classes, and new goals for both children and parents. Is regaining control of your debt one of your goals? If so, now is a great time to do so. Whether your goal is ultimately to improve your credit score, resolve your debt, or both, there are a few things you should know as you begin. And if you need help, FreedomPlus could help you simplify the process.

Important Factors that Impact Your Credit Score

The way that credit is rated changes from time to time. However, some things continue to remain constant. For example, paying your bills on time is still the biggest factor that impacts your credit. While other things like your total amount of debt also impact your score, on-time payments account for 35 percent of it. So, if you are looking for the most effective way to build a solid credit score, make it a habit to pay your bills on time. Some tools that you can use to get into this habit include setting up automatic payments or use a budgeting and organization system. This can be done on your computer, or you can even create a physical filing system for your bills. The key is to find something that works for you and stick to it.

Now, sometimes life happens and the bills add up to more than what you have the resources to pay. In these cases, there are ways to get back on track. You can try to find ways to cut expenses in other areas, or even take up a second job. Another alternative is to seek a debt consolidation loan from FreedomPlus, a personal lender that belongs to the Freedom Financial Network of companies. Whatever method you choose, the key is to address the issue soon before the bills begin to pile up.


What You Need to Know About Prioritizing Your Finances

When you look to make a fresh start, whether it is at the start of a new school year, new calendar year, or for any other reason, you need to know where to begin. This can be confusing with all of the conflicting advice out there. Some experts claim you should pay off the credit cards as soon as possible, while other say it is more important to build an emergency fund. And what about retirement savings? If you are working with limited funds, figuring out where to allocate them can be puzzling. The truth is that all of these things are important.

Start by making sure you can meet your monthly payments for your home (whether that means paying a mortgage or paying your rent). Next, address any student loan debt that you might have. This is another vital one to keep up with.  When it comes to saving or paying down the credit cards, ideally you want to tackle both of these at the same time. While this may sound impossible, it can be done. Saving six to nine months of income in an emergency fund is important to do, but you can take it slow. Do what you can and stick to it. Over time, you will see the fund grow.

As you are working towards building savings for emergencies, you should also try to eliminate your credit card debt. When you pay down your credit card debt, you effectively produce a 15 – 20 percent return on your money! If you find that all you can do is meet the monthly minimum payments, then this is going to be a very slow process. Utilizing a custom loan from a program such as FreedomPlus could help you take control of your finances much quicker.

What is FreedomPlus?

FreedomPlus is a straightforward, simple personal loan program that could help you get back on track financially. Each loan is custom-tailored to the unique needs of the borrower and it is based on more than just your credit score. The process is simple – just submit your application online, talk to one of their knowledgeable loan consultants to see what you qualify for, then receive your money to pay off your credit cards. Or, use it for another purpose.

FreedomPlus offers loans that range from $10,000 to $35,000 and are used them for various reasons. In many cases, you may know the same day if you are approved. And once you are, you can have the money you need to your account within 48 hours. You will know from the start how much you can borrow and what it will cost you to do so. There are no hidden fees or extra costs. The process is designed to be straightforward and easy so that you can simplify your debt and start a new beginning.

9 Ways To Free Up Cash Flow ASAP

All businesses will likely experience cash flow problems at some point, but that doesn’t mean you have to put up with them indefinitely. You should always be looking at ways to free up cash flow in your business, as well as ways to create more of it. Even if you don’t have issues with cash right now, bearing some of the pointers here in mind could be a very smart move for the future.

Start using the tips outlined here now, and you should find you have more cash to play with in no time at all. Read on to learn more!

1. Give Customers An Incentive To Pay Up Quickly

Usually, if a customer has a long time to pay, they’ll take advantage of that. Don’t be surprised if they don’t pay until the very last second, or even pay late. This doesn’t mean you should send them threatening emails or anything – it simply means being smart about asking for payments. Giving incentives for them to pay up quickly, such as a small discount, is a great idea. You could also consider adding on penalties when they don’t pay on time. Bear in mind that it’s probably better to be understanding in certain situations – for example, a client may genuinely be experiencing trouble and be able to pay with a plan put in place by you.

Just remember, being firm is also important. This is your business, and you can’t afford to lose money!

2. Use A Business Credit Card

A business credit card can be a smart way to get cash fast, providing you’re not going to go into too much debt or mess up your finances because of it. Using this for large purchases can give you further protection, so in many cases, it’s a smart choice.

3. Work Closely With An Accountant

An accountant has likely been looking at money and figures a lot longer than you have, so working with one to figure out how can you free up some money is a good idea. If you have one taking care of your taxes, consider meeting with them to see what sort of advice they can give you. They may already have some ideas on where you’re overspending.  

4. Take Another Look At Your Budget

Take another look at your business budget and closely assess where you could potentially cut back. Chances are, there will be a few places on the budget you can cut back if you really look. You don’t need to buy new equipment all the time, for example. You can buy second hand, or see if you can get equipment on loan. Think outside the box and you should come up with a number of ideas that will help you to save money.

5. Explore Other Options For Loaning Cash

You don’t just have to rely on your business credit card for cash. Businesses often have a ton of other options they can use when they need money. Asset based lending services are a good way to get a large sum of money fast. If this is what you need, you can contact Equify to learn a little more about it. However, there are even more options, such as peer to peer lending. There are truly so many options, you don’t need to despair if you need to get access to cash fast!

6. Arrange New Contracts With Trusted Suppliers

If you’ve been working with the same suppliers for a while, consider speaking with them to determine if you can come up with new contracts. If they trust that you’ll be working with them for the foreseeable future, chances are, they will agree to give you some kind of discount.

7. Invest In Your Business

Investing in your business may cost you money right now, but the fact is, investing money in the right places will usually get you a great return. Perhaps you need to invest in the development of your staff, or your marketing. Whatever you invest in, make sure you track your results you know for sure whether your chosen methods have paid off. You can’t be afraid to put money back into your business. It’s the best way to make it grow!

8. Take A Look At Your Current Insurance Policies

You should take a look at your insurance policies every 6-12 months to make sure that you’re not being ripped off. Insurance changes year on year, so if you’re not taking the time to review your coverage, chances are you’re wasting money. Don’t hesitate to switch if you can get a better deal – use a comparison company to make sure you find the right deal for your situation. Your current insurance company may even be able to match a quote if you call them and tell them about it. Don’t be afraid to get them to fight for your business!

9. Perform A Common Area Maintenance Audit

Your common area maintenance fees include things like cleaning, parking lot maintenance, and more. They are determined by the property owner, and are usually charged at a cost per square foot basis. Of course you could simply trust that these fees are being calculated properly, but this could also mean that you’re losing money unnecessarily. You’ll need to make sure that your lease agreement gives you the right to do audits like this. If it does, then you should definitely consider doing them to ensure they are right. They can take a lot of time and are admittedly pretty boring to do, but they can be invaluable if you find errors and overcharges. Even if you’re being charged just $1 more per square foot, you could easily save thousands each year.

Whether you’re going through a tough time financially or not, you should continuously look for ways to free up funds in your company. These ideas are just a few ways you can start out looking for ways to improve cash flow in your business.

Have you found a few smart ways to free up cash and improve cash flow? Leave your comments below!