Securing the Best Deal: Get a Better Price on Your New Car by Following These 5 Handy Tips

Purchasing a car could be one of your biggest investments and you may not want to mess yourself. Because you’re not a good negotiator, you may need to find possible ways of making sure you secure the best deal.

Below are five handy tips that will help you get a better price on your new car.

1) Stick With a Stick

It’s no secret anymore that manual cars are cheaper compared to automatic vehicles. With a manual car, you can save up to $30,000 annually throughout your driving lifetime. This is because, a manual car consumes less fuel, have better gas mileage, and they have less costly brake repairs. So, if you don’t mind owning a dependable used car, then a manual car will be your perfect match; it will cut off some costs that you would have incurred if you purchased an automatic car.

2) Look For Older Dealer Inventory

If you’ve made up your mind to purchase a car, it is advisable that you go for cars that have stayed in the lot for long. Sellers will be willing to sell such cars at fair prices. So, this is the right time to jump right in and take advantage of the opportunity.

You can spot cars that have stayed in the lot for long easily because they are usually dusty and have odd paint colors. If the car you’ve identified has lasted between three to four months, then the invoice pricing could favor your financial budget.

3) Timing is Also a Tactic

Being a schemer could also help you secure the best deals out there. Know when the dealers desperately need you more than you need them. Yes, it’s true that dealers at some point may need you more than you need them. This always happen at the end of the year when most of them want to keep their financial records balanced.

Another hack is to shop during the winter when the demand for cars  have decreased. The dealers will be more than willing to negotiate with you. Grab the opportunity and get the best deal you could have ever imagined of.

4) Rent Your Desired Car Before You Buy

Purchasing a car is not just going to the shop and purchasing some pair of shoes; a car is a machine and you need to take time to make a decision. You can decide to rent the car you wish to buy to learn more about it. During this period, you get to know the merits and demerits of the car and decide whether it’s your perfect match or not.

5) Find the True Cost of the Car

It’s not the best idea to go and purchase a car before knowing it’s true price. Doing so will give the dealer an opportunity to exploit you if he or she learns that you are not aware of the  price. Therefore, it is advisable that you shop around and know the price range so that when you finally go to buy, you have a rough idea of the price.

Final Thoughts

When you want to purchase a new car, it’s normal that you may get curious, but also remember that patience is a virtue. Take your time and know what’s best for you to avoid spending more.

Should I Use Salary Sacrifice To Buy a Car?

Buying a car is a big decision and you want to make sure that you’re doing it the right way. Using salary sacrificing to buy a car can have huge benefits to the right person so why not explore whether it could be the right option for you?

What is salary sacrificing?

This is a finance option that allows you to pay for your car from your pre tax salary – this reduces the amount you pay in taxes as well as making your repayments automatic.

Salary sacrificing gets it name from the fact that you are ‘sacrificing’ part of your salary for another benefit – in this instance, paying off your car finance.

Can I do salary sacrificing to buy a car?

It will depend on your employment status, and your employer. You’ll need to be in a job where your employer is happy to enter into a salary sacrificing agreement with you.

Your employer needs to be happy taking on responsibility of setting up the arrangement as they are responsible for ensuring that the repayments are taken out of your pre tax salary each month on the correct date.

What are the benefits of salary sacrificing to buy a car?

Known as a fringe benefit, salary sacrificing can have many benefits to you overall when deciding to buy a car.

The key benefit with salary sacrificing is that it will reduce your pre tax income (because the repayment is taken out of your salary before tax). The higher your income and tax rate, the higher your saving could be with salary sacrificing.

If you decide to buy a new car through a novated lease, you may also be able to enjoy a vehicle that is GST free.

You don’t need to worry about budgeting each month and remembering to make repayments. The repayment costs will be fixed and the total amount will be taken from your pre tax income – giving you one less thing to remember each month.

Many people worry about not having a deposit if they’re trying to buy a car. With salary sacrificing, you won’t need a deposit as you’ll be making lease payments over a period of time instead.

With a novated lease option, you won’t face unexpected fuel, running and maintenance costs. Generally, a novated lease agreement will income fuel and servicing costs – although you’ll probably have a limit on these so make sure you’re aware of it.

How do I start salary sacrificing to buy a car?

Start the process today by speaking to your employer about salary sacrificing as an option for you when buying a car. Do your sums and understand whether it will work for your situation.


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It Is Time To Recycle Old Methods With Your Business

When it comes to our homes, we are encouraged to make wiser decisions with an eco-friendly focus. We recycle our rubbish and waste, wood and paper and we do our best to use energy efficient sources. However, do we really do that in our business ventures? The truth is, we probably don’t. So what methods and habits could you recycle? I wanted to share with you some of the things that can help you.

Appropriately disposing of older hardware

Things are improving all of the time when it comes to technology. The software is upgraded, and while it can be easy to install new software and make a difference to that, the hardware side of things isn’t as easy and requires much more intervention. Technology needs to be replaced all of the time, but you could also look at ensuring that you recycle old technology efficiently. Certain aspects of the technology can be recycled and reused, and other materials can also be used and made into different parts. The best thing you can do is ensure that take it to the right place, and make sure that you dispose of it in the right way.

Introducing more energy efficient options

Is your business really energy efficient? Sometimes you may need to start thinking of the routines and the habits that you can change within the business. Think about things like the bulbs you use in the office, the way you switch things on and off and how you can save energy in the workplace. Sometimes it might not just be you that needs to change your habits, you may need to ensure that your staff and employees are on the same wavelength. Keeping your business energy efficient could also be about your carbon footprint, the costs to your business and how you use you time.

Thinking about different communication channels

Maybe now is the time to start thinking about the way you communicate with your customers, and perhaps looking at alternative methods. Maybe communication over the phone is a thing of the past, people preferring to contact you via email, online chat systems or even going back to older methods like fax. You can even link this method to the internet and your systems with hosted fax solutions to make things easier. Sometimes you need to think about different options and go with what works with the business.

Change your habits

Often change starts with you, and so you may need to start looking at the habits you have. Perhaps you need to start thinking about the way you do things in the office, or perhaps the decisions you make when it comes to processes or how you recycle things.

Making it part of the business culture

Finally, try and make it part of the business culture. So now only looking at your habits, but how your business is dealt with and how any employees act within it. Make it a company goal or mission, target yourself on these changes, and start to make a difference.

I hope that this has given you something to think about when it comes to recycling old methods within your business.