Jacob Gottlieb Has Financial Tips To Benefit Every Millennial

A large number of financial forecasts made over the last decade suggest that the outlook for millennial’s is bleak. While there is evidence that millennial’s may face some financial obstacles specific to their generation, it is also true that sound money-making decisions can defeat these obstacles.

Jacob Gottlieb is a financial advisor that serves as the chief investment officer and a managing partner at Visium Asset Management. Gottlieb received a bachelor’s degree in economics from Brown University where he graduated Magna cum laude. He completed his education with a medical degree from the medical school at New York University.

Jacob Gottlieb took a moment to outline a few financial planning tips for the benefit of millennials.

Buy An Affordable House

Gottlieb explains that the benefits of owning your own home will in most cases outweigh any of the potential negatives. The key ingredient to this formula is to not commit too much of your money to the property. A good rule of thumb is to never purchase a home that costs more than two and a half times your annual gross income.

Fifteen Percent Of Your Income Should Be Saved

Long-term financial health is best safeguarded by the creation of a budget that is carefully followed. The millennial who commits 15 percent of their income to savings will begin to watch their nest egg grow in a short while. It is suggested that savings equal enough money to pay all financial obligations for six months.

Eliminate Student Debt

A major concern for millennial’s is student loan debt. Student loan debt can not be eliminated with a bankruptcy filing. Also, the interest accrued on this debt is never-ending. The millennial that takes an aggressive approach to student loan debt repayment can potentially realize savings in the tens of thousands.

Begin Funding Retirement Early In Life

No one possesses a crystal ball that will allow them to know the end of their productive work life. Because of this, you should begin investing in an employee sponsored 401k plan as early in life as possible. A Roth IRA may be more suitable to the needs of some individuals based on the type of work performed, earnings that are expected, and anticipated age of retirement.

Pay Monthly Bills Early

The fees associated with late and missed bill payments can add up to a hefty sum. This money would be better spent on a variety of things or added to savings. Late payments will also negatively affect your credit score and add to interest payments when borrowing money.

Master Tax Deductions

The United States allows for much money to be saved on taxes by the individual that masters the process. The majority of Americans cost themselves money every income tax season by not maximizing deductions. It may be a good idea to employ the services of a tax consultant to lower federal and state income taxes be exploiting allowable deductions.

Utilize Passive Income Streams

Successful people often add to their incomes with investments that don’t require physical effort from them. Popular investments include rental properties and unimproved land. Other citizens have benefitted financially from purchasing intellectual property rights and later collecting royalties.

Continue Your Financial Education

Your personal balance sheet will improve continuously along with an improved knowledge of financial matters. Financial blogs, publications on economics, and information dispersed by experts like Jacob Gottlieb can support efforts to develop a strategy to accumulate wealth. The millennial that takes a moment to learn a little bit about financial matters each week will have a powerful knowledge base with which to work in only a few months.


Hiring the Best Employees Made Easier with GoBuyside Top Global Talent Recruitment

Proactive talent recruitment is the ultimate choice for many companies that are always open for new candidates to fill in open positions. And much like technology, the employment landscape continues to change. This means there’s a continuous search for new methods that will connect establishments with the employees best suited for their business.

One firm that is innovating the industry of looking for new hires is GoBuyside. Based out of New York City, the organization aims to pair businesses with the best hires using a tech-centric approach to talent recruitment.

The Challenge of Looking for New Talent

Many companies, especially in the world of finance, are constantly faced with the challenge of finding talent to fill in open positions. By 2020, the talent deficit is expected to reach 3 million workers on a global scale. By 2030, the number is said to reach more than 10 million, which means the business and financial service industries may find themselves short of more than 10 million employees. Fingers are pointed to the lack of qualified candidates as well as the strong competition in the sector. In the US, the business and financial services industries make up for almost a quarter of the national economies, so shortage of talent can have a damaging effect to the success and growth of said industries.

This is where the top global talent recruitment platform comes in. The struggle of finding new talent is real, but with an efficient talent recruitment platform, the process can be now easier, more practical, and cost-effective to boot.

According to a hiring manager from a Fortune 500 Company, GoBuyside easily blew all other recruitment methods “out of the water,” and that the firm’s effect and ROI manifested “within a week.”

The Modern Day Working Environment

A popular trend in the finance industry is a shift towards decentralization of positions. The Bureau of Labor Statistics says that more than 20% of employees did their work from or at home using the internet in 2015. Additionally, about 90% of American workers voiced out their willingness to do work at home for 2 to 3 days on a weekly basis.

It’s safe to say that modernity has enabled a lot of employees to do their work remotely, with more employers finding an applicant’s location less significant in order to widen the horizons of their hiring search. In fact, we’re seeing a lot of companies open their doors to talent not only in their country but all over the world.

With the increased number of potential employees, screening for hires becomes more challenging. The said recruitment firm is making use of this fact in order to provide the best applicants an organization could ever have. The firm uses specialized algorithms in order to source out applicants from a lot of regions in order to find the right qualifications fit for a job.

The goal is to gather applicants that fit right in the qualifications or even exceed the expectations of the client. With a wider scope of hiring searches, more applicants can be gathered. While more applicants can be troublesome for some businesses, the recruitment firm uses their specialized screening process in order to sieve out the cream of the crop.

How do they manage to pull it off? The firm gathers information from applicants by looking into informational sites and social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, and Linkedin.

The top recruitment firm managed to turn the tables. Long ago, applicants had the full control of what kind of information they want to share to potential employers. Today, employers get to have a complete view of what the applicants are capable of using tech-centric talent recruitment platforms.


Keeping Yourself Debt Free In Times of Adversity

Life doesn’t always go according to plan. Sometimes you will find yourself in situations you sincerely didn’t expect and it can turn your world upside down. Now, there are plenty of different ways that negative experiences can affect you, but just one that can have a lasting and detrimental impact on your life is when negative events affect your personal finances. You could have a perfect credit score, pay all of your bills on time, and have a sum of savings in your savings account. This all helps, of course. But if the tables turn, you can find your credit score drop, yourself facing legal action for missed payments, and your savings account drained. So, let’s take a moment to consider a couple of adverse situations you may experience at some point or another and how to stay debt-free through them.

If You Have Experienced Injury

Hopefully, you will never have to face a serious injury in your life. But there are all sorts of things that can go wrong that can leave you injured and either spending long stints of time in hospital or remaining housebound in order to recover thoroughly. This, of course, can impact your finances, as you will not be able to work during this period. However, you don’t necessarily need to fall in debt because of non-existent or reduced earnings. If you believe that the accident you experienced was not your fault, you should contact a personal injury lawyer. This professional will be able to survey your case and determine whether they will be able to take it to court on your behalf. If someone else had a responsibility of care over you when the incident occurred (perhaps you were at work or in a public space), they may have to provide you with compensation. This could then be used to fund any medical bills that you may have built up and can replace lost earnings while you recover. Alternatively, if you can’t head back to work as a result of the incident, they may have to pay for diminished earning potential.

If You Have Lost Your Job

Losing your job can be extremely difficult and there are various problems that can come hand in hand with the situation besides having to find a new job and tide yourself over during your job search. If you have been made redundant, your employer will have to give you a good reason for your redundancy and is likely to have to provide you with a payout. If you feel you have been unjustly fired, you can take legal action to make a case against your employer. They will then have to answer to the courts!

These are just two situations, but being able to deal with them effectively can save you a whole lot of hassle, debt, and consequent troubles in the long run. So, keep this information in the back of your mind should you need it!