Disadvantages/Negatives of Working From Home

OfficeLast week, I talked about how I’m super excited to start working from home, and all of the positives that go along with it (such as no pants and making your own schedule, haha). However, there are some disadvantages and I would like to talk about them.

To me, the positives of working from home greatly outweigh the negatives. The negatives don’t bother me all too much, and it’s much better than dragging my butt to work everyday at a place that I am not in love with. However, I have met a couple of people who say that they hate working from home and prefer to work in an office environment.

You’re always working

Working from home and freelancing means that you’ll most likely devote more time and always feel like you are working because of the environment that you are in.

Also, running your own business almost always equals more work, because you don’t want to see your business fail. So many freelancing professionals work over 80 hours per week, it’s almost like it’s normal!

I know that eventually my freelancing will probably take over my life, but I am fine with that! I just want a healthy balance, and I want to be able to devote more time to my freelancing. I also want to enjoy what I am doing.

Feeling lonely

If you are used to working in a very social environment, then working from home will be a complete shock to you most likely. You might miss the daily interactions with your coworkers and lunches out. I eat by myself everyday and have almost no interaction at my job (it’s a very, very small office that I’m in), so this won’t be a big change at all.

Most of my friends and W have a different work schedule than I currently do, so I will have more time to see everyone when I start working from home.

You might get easily distracted

Working from home can be great but you need to be really focused. It is all too easy to start procrastinating and turning on the TV instead of working. Life without a schedule can prove to be difficult as well, and a person needs to be very self-motivated.

Having children and working at home can always be a big distraction as well. I know of many people who send their children to daycare or a babysitter a couple of days a week so that they can get undistracted work done.

Losing benefits/stability

A negative of freelancing 100% (so, this is not entirely related to working from home because some people work from home but still work for a company), means that I will lose my stable income from my job. I will also lose my free benefits such as their contribution to my SEP and health insurance.  Success means I have to take risks, right?

Would you work from home?

Positives of Working From Home

Home OfficeHey everyone! Today’s post is all about working from home. All I can think about lately is how I’ll be working from home soon and how much better life will be.

Yes, I do realize that self-employment isn’t all butterflies and beaches, and that there will most likely be some negatives, but for right now, I do think working from home will be awesome and that I will enjoy it. Doing what I love and not having to dread every single morning that I wake up? Sounds amazing!

Next week I will talk about the disadvantages, because I do need to be realistic. Stay tuned and enjoy!

I enjoy what I do

One thing that I do every morning is stare at the ceiling. And then I get in my car and stare at my steering wheel for a couple of minutes. I obviously dread my current job and I cannot wait to switch it up and do what I love. I would love to be able to wake up and not want to run away!

I can work when I want to and create my own schedule that will work best for me. Some say that the lack of in-person social interaction will bother me, but I can honestly say that it won’t because right now I work pretty independently at my current job.

No traffic and no commute

My current job isn’t too far away from where we live, but it is around 11-12 miles or 15 minutes away. This means that I get to save on gas costs, and I also get to save time.  On some days there can be really bad traffic and it will take me 2 hours to get to work, and I have even spent 3 hours trying to get home. And when school is back in session, my driving time is always longer. Right now in the summer it’s not as bad, but school does start back up again soon, ugh.

Not having to deal with bad drivers and traffic everyday will be nice!

More time

I hopefully won’t completely lose myself. I will still shower everyday haha! But I will be able to save some time as I won’t have to get ready for a business dress job everyday. With no commute and not spending so much time getting ready everyday, I will probably save around 1-2 hours each day.

And since I won’t be working my day job, I will be able to give my freelancing my 100% focus, and I think I will be able to complete tasks much quicker. Working at 1 a.m. like I usually do is just not when I am the best at what I do. I am half asleep trying to complete stuff which means that everything takes longer!

I can work with my dogs in my lap

Who wouldn’t want this? I love my pups! Eventually within the next couple of years we will start having children as well, and working from home is my ideal situation. Work-at-home mom for the win!

Would you ever want to work from home? Why or why not?


Renting Out A Spare Room For Money

Cambridgeport room for sublet, July 1 - Aug 31st,

This is not my house, but you get the idea.

Have you ever thought about renting out a room in your house? We have thought about it and we currently do rent out a room in our home.

We have had 3 total roommates since we bought our house 4 years ago. The first two didn’t end up working out (we were helping out people who needed a place to live), and the third is my sister who has worked out very well. We’ve never had more than one roommate at one time also (and the second roommate only lasted a couple of days anyways).

When we bought our house 4 years ago, we never even thought that we would rent any of the rooms.

We didn’t buy the house thinking that we could only buy it if we rented out additional rooms also (I know of some people who have done this). We kind of just fell into renting out a spare room in our house. Every time that we have had a roommate, it’s because we were asked if they could rent a room.

We have four bedrooms in our house and we only use one. So when my sister needed a place to live, we of course invited her to live with us. It’s been working out greatly. She’s been living with us since May of 2012 and pays around $325 per month. She is hardly home so we haven’t really noticed an increase in any of our bills also. For us, this is definitely a win, and it’s a win for her also. I’m sure she loves living with us! 🙂

Before now, I haven’t lived with my sister since I was very young, so seeing her more often is definitely a change and can be fun. Even though we do fight, my friends still occasionally tell me that they are jealous of our sister relationship.

Now, I will say that besides my sister, I do not think that we will ever rent out a room in our home again. Don’t get me wrong though, my sister has been great to have. However, I would just prefer not to because I don’t think anyone else would be a good fit, especially since in a couple of years we see ourselves having children.

Before you add a roommate:

  1. Make sure you really want one. This is key! Not everyone is meant to live with people who are not their significant other or their family.
  2. Lay out the ground rules. Who buys toilet paper? How many people are allowed over? Can there be parties? What about cleaning? Do you share household duties? Can they change the thermostat? Trust me, these all seem like little things, but they definitely need to be talked about. No one wants to feel like they are getting walked on, regardless if you are the one renting the room or you are the renter.
  3. Make sure there is value. Maybe it’s not always about money, and you actually just want to help someone out.  If you are just looking to add additional cash flow, make sure that there is actually cash flow there. If this person uses a crazy amount of electricity, water and so on, then you might not actually be making any money in the end if you are not calculating everything in.
  4. If you are doing this just to help someone out, make sure that you think about everything and really think about whether or not you want to ruin this relationship that you have with this person. Living with people who you know does not always end up the best.

Have you ever thought about renting out a room in your home? Why or why not?