My Plan To Work And Travel

My Plan To Work And TravelWe’ve finally decided where we will be traveling for our semi-long trip.

We will be flying into China and spending around 2 – 3 days (but not more than that because you need a visa after 72 hours!), then we will be flying to Phuket and traveling in that area.

We will be spending a little less than 30 days in Thailand. After Thailand we plan on flying to Bali and spending around 25 days there. After Bali we will be flying to Seoul and spending a few days there until we catch our flight home.

Just saying all of that makes me tired! No, I’m not complaining about traveling, I just really need to create an action plan so that I can successfully work while traveling.

I am so happy that I can work entirely from my laptop and can travel as I work. It feels like a dream because I never even thought that I would be able to take a two month trip.

I plan on doing as much as I can before I leave.

I have a very long list of article ideas for all of my blogs, and definitely enough ideas to have enough content on my sites while I am gone.

This way, while I am gone I won’t have to worry about content as much. I will still write articles while I am gone, but the majority of it will be covered because I plan on writing them this month. This will save a LOT of time. I have several sites now and having to worry about writing and editing would take a lot of time while traveling.

Since all of my blog tasks will be ready to go, I will have much more time to focus on clients and providing my services.

I still plan on working full-time while I am traveling, it will just be in a different country!

Dedicate time to work while traveling.

We will be staying mainly in Thailand and Indonesia for most of our trip, which means that we won’t be spending a ton of time traveling. We plan on buckling down in each place for a little bit so that I can have plenty of time to work as well.

I will probably wake up a little earlier to get things done and work at night so that I can be on the same time schedule as clients.

I need internet.

Of course I need to make sure that I have reliable wi-fi. I have made sure that every hotel that I contact has good wi-fi. Yes, I do realize that some may exaggerate with how good their wi-fi is. However, it’s better for me to choose a hotel that has wi-fi than a hotel that doesn’t have any at all!

What tips do you have to work and travel at the same time?


Tips To Lower Your Energy Bill At Your Business

Tips To Lower Your Energy Bill At Your BusinessIf you have your own business with a large physical location, then you may not like receiving your energy bill each month.

You may be paying thousands each month to your local energy company. You may even paying more than a few thousand dollars, which can really hurt your business budget. There are many things that new business owners do that may hurt them in the end, such as spending too much on electricity.

Here are ways to lower your energy bill at your business.

Lower the temperature. 

Many businesses are way too cold, and you may want to change this. Find a temperature that will work for everyone but still save you money.

However, one thing to keep in mind is that is workers are becoming disgruntled or customers are leaving because of an uncomfortable temperature, then you may want to change that also. Losing customers is most likely not worth it.

Have your air conditioning and furnace checked regularly.

When was the last time that you have your air conditioning system or furnace checked? You may be able to save money if you get them serviced.

Also, it is a good idea to get these systems checked because if you do not then they may break. Having something that controls the temperature in your business break means that you may lose customers because of it being too cold or too hot.

Going into a salon or a retail store with a broken air conditioner in 110 degree heat in the summer is something that is never pleasant. I have been in stores many times when this has happened and I always immediately leave because it is uncomfortably stuffy in a place. You are losing customers!

Find the best energy provider for you.

In some places, you are able to find the best value energy provider for you and your company. If you can do this, definitely find something that is the best value. Energy Helpline can help you find the best value as well.

Use energy-efficient light bulbs.

When you go to the store now, there are tons of light bulbs in the light bulb aisle. Instead of buying the cheapest light bulbs there, you should be buying energy-efficient light bulbs that are a great value. You also want light bulbs that will last a while.

What tips do you have to lower the energy bill at a business?


How To Find Clients For Your Freelancing Business

How To Find Clients For Your Freelancing Business

Photo by Byron Edwards via Flickr

A question that I am often asked is how a freelancer can find clients. They believe in their products/services but don’t know where to start when it comes to finding good clients.

Looking for clients to sell your services to is step one to becoming a successful freelancer. If there are no clients, then it would be pretty hard to make a living from freelancing.

Yes, it would be great if all clients came directly to you, but sometimes you need to put yourself out there in order to add clients to your business.

Find a freelance job board in your niche.

A freelance job board is when someone will post a position they need filled (such as a weekly staff writer or an editor), and what the steps are to apply for the position. Usually many different positions from all different companies will be posted on here, which makes it a little easier to find a potential job.

I really like the Pro Blogger Job Board. i have found a couple of job boards there myself and there seems to be new jobs posted there every day.

Ask those you know.

In the beginning, you may be afraid to e-mail others and ask for a position, but don’t! You never know if a potential client is looking for your exact service. You might actually be doing them a favor by going to them first.

If you are looking for something such as a staff writing position, then e-mail various websites that you might want to work for might be a great start to finding something.


Like I always say, networking is extremely important. Networking can help you find out about future job openings and new projects. If you make good and long-lasting contacts with others, then this might mean that one of your contacts may refer someone to you down the road.

I do this all the time. I receive e-mails nearly every week where someone will ask me if I know someone who provides a certain service such as host migrations, graphic design and so on. I then refer them to someone that I know.

Or, if I know that I am too busy for a certain project, then I will refer this potential client to someone else.

Attend conferences in your niche.

I attended FinCon and I do believe that it was well worth it. I found many potential clients and I heard about many job openings on various websites. Attending a conference can be a great way to find potential clients for your services.

Use job websites.

Freelance websites can be a great way to find work. Sometimes they don’t pay the greatest, but if you are looking to build up your portfolio and hopefully find long-term contacts, then it can be a way to get your name out there to clients who may have not been able to find your services otherwise.

Some of these websites include:

  1. Craigslist
  2. oDesk
  3. Elance
  4. Guru
  5. Freelancer

How do you find your clients? What’s your best tip?