9 Ways To Make Money While Traveling

9 Ways To Make Money While Traveling

Recently, I published the article 5 Tips For Managing a Job And Working On The Road. Today, we will be talking about the many different ways you can make money while traveling.

I love being able to travel and work. Being location independent is something that I never thought would be possible for me until just a few years ago. I can gladly say that it is just as great as I thought it would be.

If you are interested in earning a living while traveling, there are many ways to make this dream a reality.

Below are 10 different ways to make money while traveling:

1. Start a blog.

Blogging is definitely not a way to get rich quick, but it can be a great way to travel and earn a living once you start making some money. Some may never make enough money off their blog to live off of, whereas others seem to get it right from the very beginning.

Read How To Start a Blog on WordPress on my main website, Making Sense of Cents. Also, if you are interested in blogging, check out my monthly income report $13,673 December Income – My Monthly Online Income Report and 2014 Wrap Up.

Another way to make money that is related to this is if you have a Twitter account, Facebook account, blog, etc.

IZEA is a company I used a lot when I first started blogging. If you already have a blog or social media accounts such as Twitter, then signing up for Izea is a great way to make some extra money. All you have to do is sign up and wait for opportunities to come your way. It’s easy, but if you have any questions just shoot me an email and I can try my best to help you out.

With Izea, you are getting paid for whenever a company wants to advertise themselves through your blog and/or social media accounts (such as your Twitter account). You get paid electronically, and they always pay. They partner with big name companies such as Marriott, Netflix, Walmart, Kraft, Lego, and more. It’s an EASY way to make money through your blog, so I highly recommend you check Izea out.

Click here to sign up for Izea. It is free to join and free to use.

2. Become a website designer.

I’m not skilled enough to become a website designer, but I know many others who do this and make a great living. This can be a great way to travel the world while making money because you are not tied down to a specific place in order to earn an income.

3. Staff write for a living.

If you do not want to start a blog of your own but you still are interested in writing online, then you may want to look into star writing for another website. This can be a great way to be location independent because you won’t be dependent on whether or not your blog is successful, and you don’t need to build one from the ground up (however, it is helpful to have a blog of your own if you are looking for clients).

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4. Virtual assist for others.

There are many things you can do for others and all you need is your laptop and an internet connection. I know a few people who have virtual assistants across the globe and are able to run a successful business. This could be you!

5. Teach English in another country.

I have a few friends who have taught English in other countries such as China and South Korea. There are schools in many countries all over the world that offer this great opportunity to be able to travel and make a living.

Of course, when teaching English, you will be required to put down roots for at least a little bit. This is because you will have to teach the language for usually at least six months to one year. There’s nothing wrong with that though as you can really learn about the country you are in and the surrounding countries all while making a decent income.

Different countries have different requirements when it comes to teaching English in their country. A country such as South Korea requires that you have a four-year degree, whereas some countries just ask that you have a TEFL certification.

6. Work at a hostel, resort, etc.

Like with teaching English, working at a hostel or a resort would mean that you would have to stay in a certain location for a designated amount of time. However, doing this may allow you to travel around the world while earning money. You might just work long enough to get you to your next destination, or you might find that you love a certain city and stay for a longer period of time than you originally thought you would.

Some places will even allow you to do work in exchange for a free stay. An example of this may be working the front desk at a hostel while you are staying there.

7. Become a cruise ship employee.

With many cruise lines, your housing and food are covered by the cruise ship company which can make traveling this way very affordable. You usually have to sign a contract, and it can be hard to do this if you have a family. However, if you are single and ready to travel the world, then working on a cruise ship can be a great way to earn a living and see the world.

8. Create passive income.

Having passive income while traveling may be one of your best options. This way you won’t feel tied down to work and can truly enjoy every place you are visiting.

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9. Find an Au Pair job.

There are many families out there who are looking for an au pair. You can make some money, and have room and board provided for while traveling the world.

For this job, some of your tasks might include:

  • Watching the children;
  • Cooking meals for them;
  • Taking them to and from school;
  • Assisting them with homework and studying;
  • Cleaning up;
  • And more!

Are you interested in working while traveling? Why or why not?

What other ways can a person make money while traveling?

9 Plugins You Need If You’re A Blogger

9 Plugins You Need If You’re A Blogger

Many ask how I am able to manage so many different websites. One way I am able to do so much is due to the help of the numerous plugins I rely on. They make running a blog so much easier because they allow me to worry about one less thing because they do it all automatically.

EDIT: If you are new here, please check out my monthly online income posts on my main blog, Making Sense of Cents, such as $13,673 December Income – My Monthly Online Income Report and 2014 Wrap Up.

Below are some of the many plugins I use for my WordPress blog (in no particular order). They are all FREE as well.

1. Limit Login Attempts

This plugin limits the amount of times someone can try to log into your blog. I won’t lie, I have locked myself out a few times but if you are the true owner of the website there are ways to go around this so that you don’t lock yourself out for hours and hours.

You can limit how many times someone can try to login before they are locked out, how long the lockout is, and what happens when they are locked out multiple times. You can change the settings to exactly what you need them to be set at as well. This is a great way to prevent hackers from getting into your website.

2. Missed Scheduled

I’m pretty sure this has happened to every blogger out there. You schedule a post, only to wake up in the morning and find out that it never went live. To prevent this problem, you can download the Missed Scheduled plugin which will help prevent this.

3. nrelate Related Content

There are tons of different related content plugins out there for WordPress users, but I prefer nrelate the most. You can easily display your related posts with this plugin, and you can edit the settings to only show what you want to show as well.

With this plugin, readers can find similar posts on your blog when reading a blog post without having to really dig too far to find anything.

4. Pretty Link

Pretty Link is a lifesaver. I use it mostly for my affiliate links.

This way my affiliate links aren’t scary long (sometimes affiliate links look like spam), and look much cleaner. You can also track how many times your affiliate link has been clicked on with the Pretty Link plugin.

5. Send email only on Reply to My Comment

I always try to reply to every comment that a person leaves on my blog. I like readers to know that I appreciate the fact that they are reading my blog, and I just think it’s a good habit to have.

The Send email only on Reply to My Comment plugin allows commenters to decide whether or not they want to receive an email notification when a comment is replied to. So your readers can always opt out easily if they want to.

6. Shareaholic

Shareaholic is what I have at the bottom of all of my posts. This allows readers to share my posts easily. If you do add this plugin, make sure you add your Twitter handle to the tweet button.

7. SumoMe

SumoMe is a relatively new plugin for me, but I know I already love it. It is free, but they have some other affordable options that you can pay for as well. SumoMe is a great plugin if you are looking to grow your email list.

8. WP-SpamShield

Without the WP-SpamShield plugin, I don’t know what I would do. According to this plugin, they have blocked 41,099 spam comments since I downloaded it, or 913 spam comments each day.

That is a TON of spam.

Best part is that you don’t have to annoy your readers with an annoying CAPTCHA. They don’t even know this plugin exists. If you are making your readers enter some secret code that no one can read that is 100 letters long and makes you solve some sort of mystery, then you need this plugin.

9. CommentLuv

This isn’t exactly a need, but I do like installing CommentLuv on all of the blogs I run. CommentLuv allows commenters to leave a link to one of their latest blog posts when they leave a comment. This is a great way to find new bloggers to become addicted to.

What plugins do you recommend? What can you not live without?


These are not all of the plugins I use. I will be making a Part Two soon! 🙂

5 Tips For Managing a Job And Working On The Road

5 Tips For Managing a Job And Working On The Road

Being location independent is one of the main positives of having my business. I am able to work from wherever. All I really need in order to work is my laptop and safe wi-fi.

While being location independent is a great thing, it can be hard at times to actually get work done.

Here are my five tips for managing a job and working on the road:

1. Have a plan before you leave.

Before you set out for the road, you should have some sort of plan. While it’s not a necessity, it can make the whole being location independent a little bit easier if you have a plan for what exactly is going on.

You might want to think about:

  • How you will make money.
  • How much cash you will save up before you leave.
  • How long you will travel for.
  • What you will do for insurance.
  • Whether someone will be traveling with you or not.
  • What your budget will be each month.

2. Travel slowly.

Everyone likes to travel differently, but if you want to be able to work and travel at the same time, one of my best location independence tips is to travel slowly. The actual transportation part of traveling can eat up a lot of time, and it can be very expensive.

Instead, enjoy each place you visit more. This means instead of spending just one or two days going to each location, maybe spend a week, a month, or even a year in each place.

3. Make sure you have everything you need in order to work.

Before I leave on any trip, I go through a checklist of everything I need to bring with me. Yup, I am a mega dork, but it helps calm any stress I have about forgetting something at home.

I also make sure I have everything I need wherever I am traveling. This means I always make sure that wherever I am staying HAS to has fast wi-fi. That’s really my only requirement. I won’t stay anywhere that doesn’t have wi-fi in the room, even if there is wi-fi in the lobby – that’s just not good enough.

Some things you may need when traveling (of course, it’s all dependent on what exactly you do):

  • Laptop.
  • Wi-fi or some way to get internet.
  • Carrying bag for everything.
  • Passport, license, visa, etc.
  • Journal, pens, paper.
  • Camera.
  • Video and/or voice recorder.
  • Business cards.

4. Adjust when you need to.

When traveling and working, you need to remember that everyone travels differently. What may work for someone else may not work for you. So, as you are traveling, it is definitely okay to switch up what you are doing.

For example, in the beginning, you may find that traveling quickly works for you, as time goes on you may find it harder and harder to manage work at the same time. You then might want to look into adjusting your travel plans to make location independence work better for you.

Another way to adjust would perhaps be to have a home base if traveling becomes too stressful or if you are missing home. No, you are not calling it quits. Sometimes being at home every now and then is just what someone needs. I like to stop traveling every so often so that I can go home and relax on my own couch and sleep in my own bed.

5. Have fun!

Don’t forget that you are traveling and working at the same time for a reason. Try to have some fun while you are traveling, and remember that everyone travels differently.

Enjoy the wonderful places you are visiting! You can also try using Evolution Business Systems to make your life a little easier.

Is being location independent something you are striving for? Why or why not?