Tax Deductions You Could Be Missing Out On

If you did your homework before diving straight into your business, you’ll know that you can count your raw material expenses in your tax deductions. However, this is just one facet in the large and complex world of tax law. You may not know it, but many of these laws are subject to different interpretations, and you can deduct almost any cost that contributes directly to the success of your business. Here are a few deductions you didn’t know about before.

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First of all, insurance deductions. The insurance you have on both your car and home can be partially deducted from your business income. However, you’ll only be able to claim these when you actually use your car and home for business purposes. When you’re filing your returns, it’s essential that you document how you use both of these in the context of your business. For example, if you use one room in your home as a designated office, the precise area of that room has to be recorded. If your home office is fifteen percent of the square footage of your entire home, then fifteen percent of your home insurance can be deducted from your taxable income. Tax law experts like Joe Callahan at MCC4Tax are constantly reminding their clients of these deductions, so make sure you’re looking for them the first time around!

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Travel deductions are another valuable deduction which many business owners fail to take advantage of. Even if you take a trip that isn’t 100% for business purposes, the cost of it can still be tax deductible. For example, if you were visiting family and do the odd freelance travel writing job, you can deduct the whole trip so long as you generated some income from the article. Or, if you happened to be in an area and met one of your clients for a meal, you can legitimately deduct your travel costs from the trip. The important thing, just like insurance deductions, is to document how and when you served your business in your travels. It’s also important that the income outweighs the deduction you’re planning to claim.

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Finally, loan interest deductions. For all their brilliant ideas, many inexperienced entrepreneurs don’t know that their loan interest is deductible. If you have some kind of line of credit for your small business, then the interest on this account may also be deductible, depending on the business’s annual income. The interest tied to large student loans may also be deducted if your income qualifies. Even the interest on auto loans can be deductible depending on your circumstances. As you can imagine, the different tax regulations tied to each of these loans can get pretty complex and hard to understand. To ensure you’re saving as much as possible, talk to a professional advisor like Victoria Abramov at Berdon about the loan interest you may be able to deduct. It could save you a small fortune!

There you have just a handful of deductions some business owners aren’t aware of. Do some thorough research, and don’t lose out!


Trouble In The Office Dont Suffer In Silence

Did you know that you’ll spend thirty percent of your life at work? Let that fact sink in for a moment. That means that when you take sleeping and driving into account, you spend more time working than you do almost anything else. It’s a painful and unfortunate truth. This is why you should be careful about the type of career and employment conditions that you accept. Remember, you only live once. You don’t want to spend one-third of your life in a job that you hate under conditions that are unfair. There are plenty of problems that you can face at work that you shouldn’t have to deal with. Let’s look at some of these issues and the steps that you can take to make things right.


Dangerous Situations

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Is your workplace a safe environment? It should be, even if the job itself is dangerous. Your employer has a duty of care to protect you as an employer. They are obligated to keep you safe, free from physical harm. If you are injured while at work, you may be entitled to claim legal compensation. Particularly, if you can prove that the injury was caused by the action or inaction of an employer.

You might have been forced to work in an environment that was not safe. This could be as simple as loose wires left across the floor in an office. If you tripped over these loose wires, your employer is accountable. The wires should have been attached to the wall, tied up or run under the carpet.

There might also be environmental hazards related to your place of work. You may have to work in a noisy environment such as in an engineering room on a ship. The noise here can be so loud that it could damage your hearing, resulting in tinnitus. At that point, you might want to speak to lawyers that specialise on hearing lawsuits. You might ask: What Can Tinnitus Compensation Solicitors Help Me With? Typically, in cases such as this, a lawyer will set out to prove that the proper safety equipment was not provided. Therefore the employee was not adequately protected from hearing loss.

The problem is that injuries such as this can take years to develop. However, you can rest easy knowing that you can make a claim and win up to three years after the injury occurred. Historical cases are far more difficult to win therefore you should make a claim as soon as you start to notice symptoms.

If you do suffer an injury at work, make sure that you see a doctor immediately. Even if you don’t think there’s anything wrong, you can’t be certain. If you have suffered, you will need to provide evidence an injury was caused.

Remember, if you think your office is unsafe, encourage your employer to make changes. You do not need to threaten legal actions. You should just make sure your objections are heard. This will strengthen your position if you do claim after an accident.


Prejudice And Discrimination

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In business, you should not be judged on anything except your ability to work. Employers cannot change their behaviour towards you based on appearance, race, gender or belief. Although, they may judge your performance based on appearance if they believe it to be affecting sales. For instance, they pay to reprimand you for not dressing appropriately for work. However, it’s a very dangerous line, and that’s why employers will no longer discriminate against people with tattoos.

There are certain people who believe they are less likely to be recruited for jobs. People of a certain ethnicity or even women may feel as though they will not be considered as potential candidates. If you are worried about this during the application process, you can give a false name on the application. You can also simply provide your initials. For instance, Claire Fox could simply be shortened to C.A Fox which could be Chris Fox. Many candidates do this if they feel as though they might be unfairly judged.

If you feel as though you are being treated differently at work, you may have a case for discrimination. You may want to alert your manager of your objections. Although, you should be careful about what you view as discrimination. You should come forward if you believe the behaviour is unjustified or unfair.



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Discrimination can occur without you being threatened. If you do feel threatened at work by either emotional or physical behaviour, you might be being bullied. Although, it’s hard to believe bullying does occur in the business world. In fact, there have been numerous highly publicised cases of bullying in the office. For instance, a woman was bullied for being married to a black man in what she referred to as the real wolf of wall street office. Bullying doesn’t have to be threatening; it may just upset you or make you feel uncomfortable. For instance, a passing comment could be seen as bullying.

In Scotland, there have been several cases where jokes about English people in the office have been raised as cases of bullying. Particularly, when the comments have been viewed as offensive in tone or meaning.

If you do find yourself facing a problem with bullying in your work, alert someone higher up. If they fail to act, resign and hire a lawyer. As long as you alerted someone in authority and give time for the situation to be resolved, you do have a legal case. You must not suffer in silence if you are being bullied at work. It can feel as though you’re trapped in a job. Bullying can lead to psychological trauma, and victims may even suffer from depression or suicidal thoughts.


Illegal Activity

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Finally, if your employer asks you to conduct any activity that you believe to be illegal, you don’t have to do it. Contact your lawyer or your trade union and ask them about your rights in the situation. Remember an illegal activity may not be a criminal act as such. Forcing you to work overtime without pay is technically illegal, and you should not be put in this situation.

What To Consider Outsourcing And When You Should Consider Outsourcing It


It’s obvious that, in most businesses, you can’t do it alone. If you want to build the path to success, you need skills that you don’t have. But hiring more staff isn’t always the right answer. Hiring staff can be a very expensive process. At the end of it, you might find that you’ve taken on people without the right workload to keep them busy. In those situations, it’s clear you’ve made a mistake. Instead, you need to consider outsourcing. We’ll look at what you should consider outsourcing as well as when you should do it.



It’s a big part of any business, but the truth is that not everyone has the talent for it. There are a lot of different aspects that make up your marketing techniques. There’s the sheer grind of creating, curating and posting content for social media. There’s the visual design of your branding. There’s content marketing to draw more people towards your business. There’s lead generation for the same purpose. There are other kinds of content like video. These all play different roles in different stages of your business. However, if you’re not a creative or don’t have any on your team, but put out any amateur efforts. More often than not, they can backfire, making you and your team look unprofessional. Look into hiring a marketing agency and ask them what content marketing to draw more people towards your business. There’s lead generation for the same purpose. There are other kinds of content like video. These all play different roles in different stages of your business. However, if you’re not a creative or don’t have any on your team, but put out any amateur efforts. More often than not, they can backfire, making you and your team look unprofessional. Look into hiring a marketing agency and ask them what your next step should be.


Web design

One part of your marketing that needs special attention is the design of your website. That’s because it’s more than a marketing tool. Sure, it needs to have a great visual design. It also needs the ability to convert visitors into customers, enticing them towards your products and services. However, it’s also a service in-and-of itself. It needs to be set up as a platform so you can deliver your own content without help. When hiring someone, it’s a good idea to do some research first. To know what you need and how you get it. For example, having an idea of what technology you’re going to use for the site and which developer can provide what.


App design

Another important tech aspect for many businesses is the design of an app. Mobile device applications allow businesses to reach and interact with customers in a whole new way. But they’re not always necessary. So, how do you know whether or not your business has need of an app? The first rule is for ecommerce providers. It’s usually a good idea to create more intuitive, fluid version of your store. Particularly for mobile users who work in different dimensions that PC users. Apps can also connect with your brick and mortar business. For example, you can use them to help customers get an estimate on your service using details of what they want you to provide. Not every business needs apps, but it’s a good idea to get a professional on board if you think yours could use one.

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As you grow, the chances are that just working on separate standalone computers aren’t going to be enough. For some, using Google Docs or other free Cloud technologies can help. However, most businesses will need a system that’s more versatile. One that they have direct control over. One that they can get fixed immediately if it starts to show signs of trouble. That’s when you should consider IT outsourcing. IT services do more than proactively monitor and maintain your IT. They can do more than offer support on an as-you-need-it basis. They can also eliminate security risks to your network by looking for the vulnerabilities in the system. Does your business use a lot of sensitive data that you need to pass around the office efficiently? Then, it’s a good idea to have someone qualified to help you do that safely.



Similarly, as a business grows, their accounts get a lot more complicated. More expenses, more overheads and potentially more avenues for profit will make a mess of your current accounting. Every business owner needs to develop a certain financial sense of their own. However, going out of their depth with it can cause real problems. Instead, think about using the services of a certified public accountant. They can do more than watch your money. They can be an important part of helping you make decisions that will let your business grow, not lose it money.



A big part of your business might be deliveries. Or perhaps you’re just newly expanding into the territory. Regardless of what the case is, it’s one of the most important aspects of the whole operation. It’s the end point of your interaction with the customer on this purchase. Messing it up can result in making sure you never interact with them again. If you’re worried you don’t have the time or resources to properly oversee and deliver inventory, don’t try it yourself. Instead, find reliable fulfillment services that can take that task off your hands. Another important part of outsourcing is taking the tasks off your hands that free up your time to do what really makes you money.




Every business, whether it have five people or fifty, comes with a risk of how it handles those employees. How it settles disputes or complaints. How it tracks important factors like attendance and holidays and sick leave. It’s another task that can take a significant amount of admin time. HR is also a sensitive topic and one that shouldn’t easily be passed off to new employees who might not yet be tested. That’s why it’s a good idea for newer businesses to outsource on them instead. To take the time to get seasoned professionals in and learn more about how to run their own HR from them. HR is one of the most commonly outsourced tasks in modern business for that exact reason.

We hope that this article has shown that there are always options to grow what your business can do, and options for what others can do for your business.