How to Get Promoted

Whatever industry you work in, gaining a promotion can be tough. However, in many cases, your future depends on it. Not just in terms of work satisfaction or ambition, but also financially. Many of us put things off until we’re earning more. We don’t take that holiday, we can’t get a mortgage, or we put off having a family until we’ve done well at work and are financially stable. Unfortunately, now most workplaces are unimaginably competitive and promotion or career advancement can be tricky. Here’s a look at a few things that you can do to help yourself take the next step at work.


Check Your Record

Unfortunately, things from your past can hold you back. Even if they are incorrect. Check Your files and fix anything you can. This could be something like using an affordable criminal defense attorney to expunge an unwarranted conviction, or having a long-lapsed disciplinary removed from your company records. Do whatever you can to make sure you are presented in the best light, but be honest about any past indiscretions.



One thing that holds many people back is that while being great at their jobs, they don’t network. Get to the office parties, make sure you push for new clients, learn to pitch and get to know people. Often, it’s these social endeavors that get you remembered and make all of the difference. If you struggle in social situations, find ways to boost your confidence and present yourself well.


Go Above and Beyond

Going above and beyond doesn’t necessarily have to be about work. You could remember your boss’s favorite drink, or to ask about their family. You could spot a work mate struggling and offer your help. It’s all about finding small ways to get yourself noticed and build a solid reputation as a member of staff they can’t afford to lose.


Smarten Up

Check your appearance. Over time we can let things slide and stop making an effort. So, take a good hard look at yourself and find ways to smarten up.


Avoid Gossip and Drama

Being the center of office drama and gossip will soon get you known. But, not in the right way. A gossip can be a risk. Your boss wants someone that is trustworthy, loyal and dependable so steer clear of the water cooler gossip.


Do Your Job

Know your job inside out and make sure you are doing it. Sometimes when we’re focused on pushing ourselves forward or learning new skills, we let the other stuff slide. Check yourself. Write a checklist of everything your basic job entails. Read the job description if necessary, so you are sure what is expected of you. Then, do it and do it well.


Ask for Advice

Talk to your manager. If you’re not due an appraisal, ask if you can have a chat. Then, ask them what you need to do to go further in the company and make a plan together. Sometimes just asking is enough. It lets them know you are interested.
If you are really struggling with promotion and seem to have hit a standstill, you could always consider a career change. Remember, it’s never too late.

Development Plans Are Plummeting In The US

With everything that’s going on in the US at the moment, with Trump causing chaos around the word, and terror attacks are a daily threat, it’s hard for people to understand that there are smaller threats. Such as the fact mortgage rates have risen by 3.83% recently, and development companies are struggling to build do to the lack of people being able to buy. Yes homelessness is becoming a crisis in the US. People simply aren’t able to afford the cost of living.

One state that is falling victim to the is San Francisco Bay. The crisis is so bad there, people are trying desperately to sell and move. But with people having little money due to mortgage rates and living costs being so high, it’s proving difficult for them to do. Those are fortunate enough to have a lot of money, are choosing to leave state, or even countries through companies like Enness International. Although you can get some incredible real estate in the US, the constant threat and financial issues just aren’t worth it to some, some countries are just much more stable.

With US housing creeping up to a 12 month low, it’s no surprise the US housing and urban development secretary is being put under enormous pressure by the rest of the government to try and get it under control. With the recent tragic hurricane Harvey, this might prove easier said than done. Thousands have been left homeless, with many family homes being completely destroyed. The financial rebuild of this will be exponential. Despite this, the people of Houston have been warned to expect housing prices to become more expensive due to the devastation this caused. This will be crippling for most families, as beforehand the state was reasonably afford to. It’s estimated a large amount of families will be relocating out of state in the hope for better living costs.

Cash is being flooded into some developments to try and salvage developments that are financially drained. In a lot of cases, a housing development will begin, the prices of mortgages keep rising, nobody puts offers on the property, so the development falls through. This in turn costs companies hundreds of thousands. However, this has all changed for a development company in Detroit. Mayor Mike Duggan has finally chosen a team of developers, and flooded $6M into a development of an old school into a block of apartments. He has stated cost of buying will be around 60% of the general income per person of the area. This is a huge drop from other states in the US, with states such as Miami’s living costs being a considerable amount higher.

So, the housing development issues in the US are really at an all time low at the minute. With many factors listed above contributing to this. Many people are looking to the secretary of housing and development to at least improve the situation rather than watch it crumble. Hopefully the coming years will see a drop in mortgage rates and living costs, and a rise in development plans to help the homeless crisis, and the natural disaster crises that keeping shocking the country.

Setting Up Your Family For Later In Life

Death isn’t something that anyone likes to think about, but unfortunately it’s a part of life and will happen to all of us at some point. One thing that people worry about, is leaving their family struggling when and if they pass away. This article is going to give you some advice on how you can set your family up for later in life as the inevitable creeps closer.

Aside from the fact that owning your own property will give you financial stability throughout life, having a property to offer your family to live in once you’re gone is a great way of knowing they will be okay. It’s difficult to get onto the property ladder in this day and age, and with the prices of houses rising, more and more people are opting to rent rather than buy. If you don’t already own your own property, then it might be a good idea to try and get yourself on the property ladder so that you, and your family can live free of any stress of being homeless. Another bonus of owning a property is that if the going gets tough, the option of selling the property is also there to generate the income that you need to get yourself back on track. There are also options available like remortgaging, or extending your mortgage to borrow some cash.

Setting all of this up couldn’t be easier either, since the introduction of being able to get yourself a probate attorney. They will simply sit with you and help you write out a will, choose an executor, and also plan out with you any processes that you want doing. Even if you’re still fairly young, doing this at an early age is a good idea to make sure that if anything happens to you, your family won’t struggle without you. They do this by making sure that anything that needs paying is paid off first out of your assets, then the remainder is spread out between your chosen executors. You may opt to choose just one executor to then divide the rest of your things accordingly, but that’s up to you.

Saving for your children’s further education is another good idea to consider. Opening a savings account that they can’t access unless it’s for further education once they’re eighteen is a great way of ensuring that they can pursue their dreams in life, and get a career that they will be able to support themselves on. There are even options available for you to pre-pay for a college course now, so that when they come to choosing what they want to study, they will have little to nothing to pay for.

Making sure you put money away for your children to have driving lessons is a brilliant way to contribute towards their life skills. Even though driving isn’t an essential part of life, it’s certainly a useful one. Having the money there to give to them when they’re old enough to drive will help greatly, especially with the cost of driving lessons on the rise too.

Investing is a fantastic way of making sure that you always have assets available if times get rough because there is always the option of dipping into the money you’ve made from investment. Not only that, depending on what you’re investing in, you may even receive regular pay on top of your usual salary. If you’re not sure what to invest in, take a read of these best areas to invest in and pick one that suits you. You won’t regret it!

Sometimes, it’s not just money that you need to invest into your family. It takes time, love and patience to bring a family up. Teach your children how to cook so that if something happens to you, then they will be able to feed themselves. Cooking is also a great skill to learn, and could possibly turn into a career if desired. There are other things that you could teach your children like:

  • DIY around the house
  • Money management and that not everything revolves around money
  • Cleaning
  • Attitude towards life
  • Self care

Doing this will teach them necessary skills in life so that they can continue to look after themselves when you’re no longer around.
Even though looking after your family is your main goal, don’t forget to enjoy the time that you have on this earth. There’s no point constantly worrying about things like money, because it can come as quickly as you can lose it. Learn to enjoy the important things in life, like your family and your friends.