New Trends in Office Design

Office design is one of the key areas of interior design that is always evolving. Companies are constantly trying to compete with others in their sector to have the coolest office space and be most desirable to new talent. Thanks to the Guardian’s article on the top ten coolest offices, businesses are trying to up their game. So what are the new trends in office design in 2016?


A really big trend for office spaces in 2016, is bringing nature indoors. From fire pits to wooden shelving and turf, bring the outdoors inside is the new cool. Depending on the type of business you own, you can take this trend as far as you like. From developing a turfed chilling area with plenty of plants and an open fire to incorporating nature themed fabrics on the curtains and blinds, it’s up to you. Stick to an earthy colour scheme with neutrals, greens and browns dominating and ensure there are plenty of plants throughout the office.

Games rooms

Social areas within the office are really big in 2016. Fun companies like Ticket Master even have a slide and ping pong tables inside its London office. These recreational spaces are a key feature of office spaces in 2016 and a must for any company wanting to promote a young and fun image. You can create a games area or social space on a budget by building a games machine or pool table and a few lounge chairs as a start. These areas are designed to help improve colleague’s creativity and encourage team bonding so definitely a worthwhile investment for a lot of industries.

Open plan

Creating the illusion of space and there being lots of different working spaces within an office is big for 2016. From phone pods, to lounge chair areas and open plan desk space, offices are moving well away from the confined pods which dominated the noughties. An open plan environment encourages colleagues to interact more and gives the illusion of a less restrictive job, inspiring progression.

Renovating your office space can be really beneficial to your company and the working culture of your employees. An office environment which they enjoy working in each day should inspire better work and produce better results as a company. Remember to always consult your employees on any ideas they may have regarding renovations before making any big changes as they may have ideas you haven’t considered.

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