Mistakes That Could Mean The Demise Of Your Business

Mistakes should be expected, and even welcomed in business. After all, you should learn from your mistakes, and they can even help to redirect you and get you onto the right path. However, you don’t want to make mistakes that could mean the demise of your business before it has really taken off. Take a look at the mistakes below so you can avoid them before it’s too late:

Not Focusing On Customer Service

Customer service is the absolute most important thing that you should be focusing on. These days, with social media and other super fast ways of communicating (not only with the people we know, but with the world) it’s all too easy for your business to get a bad reputation if you’re not treating customers right. People talk, and studies have shown that they are far more likely to tell people about a bad experience than a good one. That’s just the way it is!

You need to make sure all of your staff are consistently trained in customer service, and that they know how important each interaction with a customer is. They should be prepared to go above and beyond to meet a customer’s needs. Having a brand voice and clear guidelines for dealing with customers will help.

Not Having A Clear Hiring Process

Having a clear hiring process will ensure you hire people who are right for your business and not just people who ‘look good’  – shockingly, some businesses admitted that they brought people in because they had a good CV, and then simply hired them because they looked good. You need a set way of hiring, and everybody should be asked the same questions and judged on the same criteria. This is the only way you can know that it has been fair. The onboarding process is also extremely important, so ensure you put effort into this too and give it structure.

Not Having A Mission And Vision In Place

Having a mission and vision in place is something you should make clear right from the off. This ensures everybody os working towards a common goal and that everybody knows how their roles contributes to the whole. For example, if you want to become a greener business and reduce your impact on the environment, you need to make that clear and start putting plans into place. You can go paperless, make small changes in the workplace, and invest in things like oil water separators to ensure your business processes are not harming the environment/waterways. There are various missions and visions of course, so you need to decide what will resonate best with you and your team.

Not Staying Flexible

Flexibility is crucial. Something that worked for you for years may suddenly stop working. Your staff may need to work remotely one day. Things change quickly in business and you must be prepared!

Not Encouraging Open Communication

Open communication is going to be much easier with things like the right office set up and software. You need to make sure everybody is on the same page, and that it doesn’t take up too much time or too many resources to get there.


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