Does It Matter How You Dress at Work?

Most people reading this will agree that it matters what you wear to a job interview when you are looking to impress a panel and be offered a job, but what about the way we dress at work? How we should dress at work is a hotly debated topic in many industries, with some arguing that it doesn’t matter what we wear as long as we are good at the job and others believing that it’s important to dress in a certain way for certain roles, but which view is right?

We Should All Dress Appropriately for Work

Personally, I believe that we should all dress appropriately for work, but what this might look like will vary significantly between industries and roles. For example, if you are working on a construction site, dressing smartly isn’t going to be an issue, but wearing a hard hat and protective work boots certainly is. Similarly, if you work as an investment banker and you want clients to trust you with their money, turning up to work looking slovenly and disheveled isn’t going to cut it. For many other industries, there is a gray area as to what is acceptable, which means most of us will have more leeway when choosing what to wear.

Tips for Dressing Appropriately

Because workplace dress codes can be a gray area, here are some tips to help you determine how to dress:

Do You Have to Face the Public?

If you work in a role where you will have to meet with clients or interact with the public, your clothes should be on the smarter side. Depending on the exact nature of the job, this could mean smart casual attire or a business suit.

Will You Be Working in a Manual Role?

If you are working in a manual labor job, then wearing casual clothes is going to be a good idea. Not only will they be more comfortable, but it won’t matter so much if they get messy, and there’s a good chance they will in many manual jobs. When you’re working in a manual role, wearing comfortable footwear is also important. You can find reviews of the most comfortable work boots here, and boots are a good choice for such jobs, being safe, supportive and hard wearing, as they are.

Are You a Senior Employee?

If you’re a senior employee, even though the average employee at your place of work may err towards casual dressing, it’s probably a good idea for you to dress up a bit more. Senior employees tend to liaise with clients more often, which means they need to create a good impression and that means looking smart for the most part.

Do You Work in a Creative Industry?

If you work in a creative industry, you are less likely to need to adhere to a smart dress code. Many companies like Google and Facebook are fine with all of their staff wearing comfortable casual clothing that they feel comfortable in and which reflects the creative, modern nature of their businesses.

The bottom line: What you wear at work matters to some extent, but it isn’t as important as many might think. The most important thing is to dress appropriately for the job you do.

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