Making Quick Money with a $1000 Investment

If you suddenly had the luck to come into $1000, would you spend it on something you wanted, or try investing it to make you even more money? If you have this decision to make, you may be wondering is $1000 is enough to make you more, and if so how long will you have to wait to see the rewards. There are ways to make it work for you, perhaps by starting an online business or getting involved in some affiliate marketing. If you would like to consider investments though, where to do start and what is the best way to make money quickly?

Day Trading On The Stock Market

If you are not prepared to take a risk, then this is not the option for you. It is not something you should attempt without understanding how it works, but it does not take too long to learn that. If you learn it well, and use tools that are there to help you such as the best MACD settings, you could make a significant amount of money if quite a short time. Yes, there are still risks, but they will be more manageable.

As with any trading, you have to be prepared to make losses sometimes too as this will happen. Before you start, there are online resources that will let you practice with pretend money to see how well you would have done.

Commodity Trading

Commodity trading is totally different to day trading. You could be investing in energy, agriculture, gold, silver, oil and a whole host of other things. If you can invest while they are at the bottom of their price range you are likely to make some money, but it will not be overnight. Basically, the economics of a country can drive the price of the commodities. As the supply of them dips, the demand increases and so does the price.

Investing in commodities often means you are investing in future contracts and these can be very lucrative if they are successful. However, they also have the potential for losses too, so take care with this type of investment.


The values of cryptocurrencies are very volatile, but they can make you a lot of money if you buy and sell at the right time. There are over 3,000 of them now many of which will fall by the wayside, so stick with the better-known and well-established ones for any investment.

The frenzy around Bitcoin has calmed down and the price has leveled at a more realistic value. But there are also ones such as Litecoin and Etherium that are also worth considering. You should look at the trading patterns over the last few months to see how much they have gone up and down in value before you invest in these.

Peer-To-Peer Lending

While this might not make you the biggest increase in your $1000, the risk of losses is much less. It has become a very popular way to invest, with sites like Lending Club, Peer Form, and Prosper being among the most popular platforms.

These platforms give you the chance to lend money to individuals or businesses and your profit is the interest they pay. You will get more money than you would by leaving your money in a saving account and will know that you have helped someone else by giving them a loan.

You can identify an offer and the algorithms will evaluate your risk by looking at credit history and employment, among other things. You then can make the decision whether to invest or not but are not committed to doing so.

Let Robots Do It For You

Robots are in every walk of our lives, even if we do not realize it. The financial world is no exception. Robotic advisors use artificial intelligence to come up with some of the best investing strategies. You can have the advantages of using a financial planner at a much lower cost. You can set up your investments and leave the robots to do the rest.

They are very user-friendly too, and the well-established ones such as Betterment or M1 Finance have both grown dramatically because of their successes.

Flipping Real Estate Contracts

You might think that where real estate is concerned, $1000 is not enough to invest and that it is a long-term prospect if you really want to boost your finances. You can invest in flipping real estate contracts with as little as $500.

First, you have to understand how the market works, and then you will know how to identify motivated sellers and bring them together with cash buyers. It can take some getting used to, but once you have done it a few times, you will realize just how much money can be made in this way.  In fact, some of the world’s most successful real estate investors do this all the time.

Invest In Yourself

You could spend the money on furthering your education so that you can earn more money. Or you could consider a course on moneymaking, as there are certainly a lot of them on offer. They do differ greatly though, so you should check them out thoroughly before deciding which is the best for you.

Whether you opt for one of these courses or some other qualification that improves your employment opportunities, investing in yourself can be one of the best things to do.

Education could be your way forward if you want to climb up the ladder of your current career, or perhaps change your career path totally. Online courses have made this possibility available to everyone, as you can do the studies to fit in with your current lifestyle.

It’s Your Choice

There are some many different ways to invest your $1000, but at the end of the day it’s your choice, and that is important. Whether you opt for investments that return less but you cannot lose on them, or go for the less safe ones that give bigger return is up to you. Whatever you decide, hopefully, you will make some money so that in the future you may have more than $1000 to invest.

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