The Making Money From Vacation Rentals Manifesto

If you are looking to set up a second stream of income by renting out a vacation home, then you have come to the right place. As by following our guide below you can get to grips with the key issues and ensure that your property rental is both easy and profitable. Keep reading to see how.


Pick a great vacation location

The first and rather obvious thing about making money from a vacation rental is that you have to pick a location that people will actually want to visit. This can be somewhere geared up for summer vacations by the coast, or somewhere with winter breaks more in mind. Like a property located in the mountain or by a lake.

Also, city properties as a good bet, as there will always be a steady stream people visiting urban areas that will need accommodation. In fact, the latter can work best if you are looking for all year round income, especially by using sites like Airbnb to find clients. Whereas the former is usually a more seasonal affair.


Pick a fantastic local area  

Once you have your general vacation location, you need to narrow down the search for your property. Just like when you’re buying a place for yourself when buying a rental property, location matters, and local location matters a lot.


Think of it this way: you are going on vacation for a week, and you have the choice between two similarly priced places. One is just a regular apartment, and the other is a charming wooden cottage in a row of quaint homes. Which will one you pick? Afterall, for many folks, their vacation is an opportunity to have a week of luxury, and so they will want to stay in the nicest neighborhood possible.


Pick somewhere that has easy access to facilities

Facilities are also important when picking a vacation rental property. That is why it’s good news if the place you buy is close to things that your tenants will want like swimming pools, a public beach, a mariner, or some good restaurants.

Even better, if you can find a property like these Solimar Apartments on a development where some facilities are included, you are set. As then your tenants have the convenience of being able to use these things without having to travel, or pay extra.


Always get a deposit  

Lastly, when aiming to make money from vacation property remember that it’s essential to take a deposit before you allow the customers to inhabit the premises. Why? Well, it’s because you don’t actually know every single person that will rent your property, and unfortunately, not all people that do will be as careful with it as you are.

Also don’t forget that accidents do happen, even for the nicest and best behaved of families. So cover your investment by asking for a deposit first. As then you don’t have to waste loads of time and effort trying to reclaim money for damages if something does happen to occur.

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