Making Extra Income Selling Collectors’ Items Online


From Beanie Babies to antiques, there is a market for every type of collectible item, and for the investor that is looking to diversify their portfolio or the expert that wants to speculate in a long term collection, the Internet offers an ideal opportunity to display those collectibles in front of the people that are most likely to buy. As well as auction sites like eBay, and online marketplaces like Amazon, there are specialist sites that enable you to sell everything from comics to coins.

Find The Right Market

In order to get the highest price, and make the biggest profit, you need to ensure that your collectibles are being seen by those with an interest in them. While it is certainly possible to set up your own website, market your items yourself, and deal with all of the components of selling items yourself, this can be a massive undertaking, especially for an individual collector.

There are a many ways that you can sell your items, but auction and collector sites offer access to the same global audience as a personal website but with greater convenience and other benefits. Find the markets that cater to those that are likely to be looking for the items that you are selling.

Take Photos

Ebay, Amazon, and other online ecommerce markets offer the opportunity to include photos, and collectibles’ buyers want to have a firm grasp of the condition of the item they are considering buying. Take photos, including photos of any damage that you are listing, and try to ensure that these are in high resolution and well shot. Post as many pictures as you can, and that you are allowed.

Write Descriptions

While a picture is worth a thousand words, there are certain benefits to providing written descriptions as well. There are some facets of information that you simply cannot portray in pictures, such as the history of an item, while details like the cost of postage (which you can calculate using online postage costing tools) cannot be incorporated into a photo of the item. Some mobile users may struggle to download images and videos, too, so the written description will take the place of photos.

Arrange Delivery

Once you have sold an item and received payment, you should prepare the item for delivery and ensure that you use a courier that can safely arrange for the delivery of your item or items. Part of the responsibility for the safe delivery of the item is yours, so ensure that you use good quality and effective packaging, but part of the responsibility should also be that of the courier, so ensure that they have suitable and adequate insurance to cover damage or loss.

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