Strapped For Cash? Here’s How You Can Make Money From Your Home

There are some times in life when we can all do with a bit of extra cash to get us through till our next paycheck. But what happens when you have exhausted all of the usual options, such as bank loans and overdrafts? Well, you only have to turn to your very own home to find some more money. There are a number of ways your home can get you money when you need it. Not sure how? Here are some handy ways to make money from your home.


Refinance Your Property

Do you think you are now at a point where you are able to reduce your mortgage’s interest rate by 0.250% or more? If so, then it sounds like you are in a good place to refinance your property. And this can help you release a lot of cash that was tied up in your home. Once you do refinance your property, you will be saving a lot on your mortgage repayments. And this can ultimately have a lot more spare cash left over at the end of the month. If you are interested in refinancing, you can find out more on websites like


Rent Out Your Spare Room

If you have a spare bedroom in your home, you could make a nice little sum of money from renting it out. You could list it on sites like Craigslist if you are interested in finding a permanent lodger. Getting a lodger is a great way of securing a steady monthly income from the rent. But if you get someone who you don’t get on with, you may end up stuck with them! If you’d prefer not to rent your room on a permanent basis, think about using AirBnB to advertise it to holidaymakers. This way, you only have to rent it out for a few nights at times that suit you.


Turn Your Home Into A Movie Set

There are lots of location agencies who travel up and down the country looking for new sites and locations to shoot films and TV shows. If you are interested in offering your home, you can sign up on one of the agencies’ websites. You will get more money if your home is used for a movie rather than a TV show. But there is still plenty of money from TV programs, so don’t dismiss them just yet! Take a look at location agents’ websites for more information:


Sell Your Home’s Clutter

When was the last time you cleared out your wardrobe or cupboards? If it’s been a while, it might be worth going through one soon. You never know what you might find in there! There could be plenty of things that you can sell on eBay. If you find a lot of old belongings that are still in good quality, you may even want to hold a garage sale. You could be surprised at how much cash you make through selling your old things!


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