How to make low-cost international calls from your smartphone

As someone with family and friends located across several continents I regularly find myself needing to make international calls. Convenience dictates that I want to do this from my smartphone, however the roaming charges associated with calling a lot of the countries where my friends and relatives live make it prohibitively expensive.

Thankfully, I recently discovered a service that makes it really simple and affordable to make calls abroad, and best of all, I can do so from my smartphone. Vonage – the VoIP calls provider – has launched an app called Vonage Extensions that lets you call any one of 68 countries from your smartphone for no more than the price of your standard package. Voice over Internet Protocol service providers like Vonage allow you to unplug from the regular phone networks and plug in via your broadband connection.

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Visit their website to see the full range of packages and services and find what’s right for you. There are unlimited call packages to countries all over the world allowing you to talk for as long as you like to friends and family overseas without having to watch the clock all. They also specialize in small business phone systems that are perfect for small offices requiring more than one line.

Best of all, all I needed to take advantage of this service was my existing home broadband service and a Vonage Box. Just plug the box into your router and your phone into the box and you’re ready to go. It can even be something friends and family in other countries can benefit from. All you need to do is take your Vonage box with you and connect it to a broadband router, then you’re ready to pick up your smartphone and start making calls just like at home. How great is that?

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