Join The Property Ladder Before You’re 30

A lot of us dream of buying our first property. After all, we want to cement some roots and have something of substance that we own. But with growing property prices and mortgages harder to get than ever, it’s becoming impossible to buy your own home until later in life. However, it isn’t impossible. In fact, here are some ways you can join the property ladder before you’re 30.

Time to save, save, save!

If you are serious about buying your own house, you need to start putting money away for the purchase. After all, as described on, it’s not just the mortgage you are going to have to pay out for. You will have to pay out for solicitors and surveyors too. Therefore, you need to realistically have a good few grand saved which you can put towards buying your new property. So you need to start putting money away every month which you can go towards your new humble abode. And if you go to get a mortgage with a good amount of savings, they are likely to take you more seriously. After all, you will be able to put down a higher deposit!

Shop around for mortgage deals

Just because you might have been declined by one mortgage provider, it doesn’t mean it’s the end of the road. After all, there might be a mortgage company out there who will accept you. Therefore, it’s important to shop around for the best mortgage lending deals available. And it’s not just the big banks you need to go to. You can go online to hunt down different mortgage lending deals such as And remember to always ask why you have been declined. After all, if you just require a couple more grand deposit, you can start saving! Or if you need to build up more credit, you can always start using your credit card to pay for items. Therefore, always find out what the issue is if you get rejected to ensure you get on the property ladder soon.

Work on finding a great job

When you go to get a mortgage, they will look at things like your current ingoings and outgoings to see if they believe you could afford a mortgage. They will also look at your current job to see how long you have been with the company. They will also ask questions such as if you are on a permanent contract and how many hours you do. Therefore, as it says on, if you have any hope of getting a mortgage, you need to make sure you are in a great job first. After all, if they see there is a lack of job security, there is no way you will be able to buy a property. Therefore, to ensure you are on the property ladder sooner rather than later, work on finding a job which you can stick at. And make sure you pass the probation period before heading to enquire about a mortgage.

And remember to check all the different schemes and incentives which are around for first-time buyers. After all, it might give you the boost you need to get on the property ladder sooner rather than later.

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