How To Get Over Blogging Burnout

How To Get Over Blogging Burnout

I own and/or manage almost 10 blogs, write for a few other websites, provide blog/website coaching services, and more. My whole business revolves around blogging in some form, so it makes sense that readers and other bloggers often ask me how I manage it all without experiencing blogging burnout and quitting the blogging world.

Surprisingly, I have never really felt blogging burnout too seriously. Yes, occasionally I will push all blogging-related tasks and activities to the side in order to take a break because of writer’s block and other reasons, but I always get back in the mood to blog soon after.

I also haven’t been blogging for an extremely long time (I’ve been blogging for a little of three years), but with the amount of writing that I do it is very possibly for blogging burnout to occur.

Also, recently, a very popular blogger in the home design niche quit blogging. This isn’t anything new. Bloggers everyday quit blogging because of blogging burnout. Some might laugh at this, but blogging burnout is a real thing.

Here are my tips to get over blogging burnout:

Give yourself a blogging break.

If you need a break from blogging, then take one. No one wants to read forced posts from a blogger. They are most likely going to be low-quality blog posts anyways.

Take however long of a break that you need. This may be one day, one week, a month, or even longer. Whatever is right for you.

Taking a break can help rejuvenate you and make you want to blog again.

Blog less.

Some bloggers think that they have to publish a new blog post every single day. Unless the quality is high for each blog post, this is definitely not needed. I would much rather read one great blog post than five that all sucked.

Always have a running list of ideas.

Whenever I think of a new article idea, I type it into my phone or onto my computer right away. I have two lists, whichever one I can get to the fastest is where I enter it so that I don’t lose my train of thought.

Doing this is helpful because I can write down the idea, and jot down a little outline as well. This way I never can say “oh I have no ideas for blog posts.” In fact, I have a few hundred waiting to be written. This way, whenever I am about to write a post or if I feel like I can’t think of anything, I can easily refer to one of my lists.

Try to write and schedule as many posts as you can.

The next step would be to actually write and schedule the posts. While it is great to think of ideas, you need to eventually start writing them. Scheduling your posts ahead of time can help you out if you ever do have blog burnout. This way you can rely on one of the posts you’ve already written.

Of course, you always want to make sure that the quality of the posts you write are up to par if you do this. Writing a bunch of low quality posts won’t do anyone any good.

Try writing about what you love to write about it.

If you are only blogging about topics that you have no interest in, it can make blogging feel much more tedious and stressful. This can then lead to blogging burnout because you have no genuine interest in the topic that you are so involved in.

Instead, write about what you love in life. Topics will continue to flow in if you write this way!

Connect with bloggers in real life.

As you all know, I love FinCon. FinCon is a blogging conference for financial bloggers. I’ve attended two FinCons and I always leave very motivated for blogging. You learn new ideas, meet new bloggers, and you overall just get back into the blogging game.

What do you do to get over blogging burnout?


How To Get Over Blogging Burnout — 12 Comments

  1. I have recently reduced my blogging schedule from 3-5 posts a week down to 2-3 posts. This reduction not helps me avoid burnout, but it actually gives me more time to advertise and try to reach an appropriate audience with each post I make.

    • Good job! I recently cut down as well. I used to write 5 times a week and now I’m down to 3 to 4. Not a huge difference, but it does help.

  2. A terrible mistake would be to start a blog on a subject you’re only mildly interested in. I’ve seen people do it and the energy of the blog goes away quickly, then they write about random topics that actually interest them, then the blog goes silent.

    I read a book about blogging a few years ago. The author suggested that before you start a blog, sit down and write 50 topic ideas without anyone’s help. If you can’t do that, you don’t have the passion to start a blog on that subject.

    Thanks for the killer advice as always, Michelle. I really should get better about scheduling posts.

  3. Great advice! I definitely always write down ideas as they come to me – and I’ve found that impromptu brainstorming sessions can be the best! Like one time, I was stuck on hold with IT for an hour, so I brainstormed and it was awesome! Great tips!

  4. I haven’t had blogging burnout. I only post twice a week. I also try to schedule a few post as well. During my Christmas break from my job I will try to complete at least 20 post. Wish me luck.

  5. 10 blogs .. oh my .. I have 3 and it drives me nuts sometimes 😀

    Love your tips though. I have noticed some burnout too (especially since becoming a mom), but with better planning and taking some time off, when needed, I slowly get back into the blogging mood.

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