How To Find A Writing Job

How To Find A Writing JobI started staff writing in 2012. It hasn’t been a very long time since I started writing online, but the amount of writing jobs that I have has grown significantly over this two-year timeframe.

Currently, I write over 20 articles each week. Some weeks I write much more than that, some weeks a little less.

Writing online is one of the many services that I offer through my freelancing business, and it is what helped me leave my day job to pursue freelancing full-time. Because of this, I receive many e-mails each week from readers asking what they can do to get into online writing.

You may have to start out small.

Many writers start out by taking free or low-paying jobs. Some say that you should always start out strong, but I think that in the beginning these low-paying jobs can help you build your portfolio. I don’t know of many people who will pay a new writer the same as they pay a highly experienced writer.

It can also help you determine if writing is for you. If you’ve never written for someone else before, then it might not be the best idea to start out with a full-time writing job. You might want to try just spending a few hours each week writing, to determine if you really like it.

Figure out what topic you want to write about.

Some writers decide to write about all sorts of topics, but many choose to narrow it down to one or two. I mainly write for finance and travel blogs. Finance is something that I enjoy talking about, but travel helps me branch out a bit and write something new every now and then, which I love.

There are many different niches out there: lifestyle, finance, fashion, travel, family, education, business, home, DIY, and more.

Have a website.

If you want to write for others, then you will need to advertise your services in some form. I don’t have a website dedicated to my freelancing services, but I do have Making Sense of Cents where I have a page dedicated to the different services that I offer. It has helped many clients find me.

Search for writing jobs.

If you are not having much luck with your writing website, then you may want to try searching for writing jobs yourself. I have done this many times, and I have found many successful writing positions this way.

There are two main ways to do this: search job boards and/or find websites that you are interested in working for.

Job boards such as ProBlogger will list available jobs. Website owners list their jobs on their job board and it can make it very easy to find available jobs. However, the search doesn’t end there – you still have to apply for the writing position and be accepted.

The second way is to find websites that you are interested in writing for, and personally seeing if they have any writing positions open. They might have a “Career” section or something similar that directly says if they have a writing job, or you might have to reach out to someone at the website/company to see if they are looking for a writer.

Whatever you do, always make sure that the website/company that you are going to write for is a real one! I always do research before I say yes to a job, because you don’t want to waste your time and not get paid.

Do you have any writing jobs? Why or why not?



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  1. Thanks for the great tips, Michelle! I got my first writing gig a few months ago and just got another one. Hoping it continues this way 😉 I really like it. I don’t mind starting out low and working my way up — I have realized I like it, I can do it, and I am getting better at it.

  2. Hey Michelle,

    Wow over 20 per week, how long does that take you?
    I suppose that you’re now doing this full time right?

    Out of interest what would be the best way to contact you? I have a question I’d like to ask, happy to post here or email, up to you 🙂

  3. These are great tips. I started out writing for some very low paying jobs but it helped me get some experience. I’ve been able to raise my rate a little bit. Where I struggle is reaching out to sites that I’d like to write for – so far I haven’t had much luck.

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  5. These are brilliant tips, thank you! Long term, being paid to write by other people is definitely not for me – I prefer to write my own articles with my own voice. The most I can muster is to write on Bubblews, where you get paid for writing short (over 400 characters) posts.

  6. I have to start looking for a few more writing jobs. I just lost two of my longest ones when they both moved away from contributor content. It was a good run, but now I need to fill the gap. It is time to start looking again!

  7. I’ve had a handful of writing jobs and I’ve really enjoyed them. I haven’t established any steady gigs though. Hopefully some time soon though : )

  8. I have four right now- an education blog, a wedding site, an art promotion site, and a ghostwritten personal finance blog. All are on the low end of pay, but I will increase the rates after 6 months (I think after reading a post you wrote on that… or maybe it was someone else…).

    On top of that, I do a ton of little posts throughout the web. I actually like doing less staff work and more article writing even though the pay is less consistent and the rates are lower. I just like being able to write about a diversity of things instead of focusing on one or two niches!

    • Sounds like a wide range of sites – I love that! It makes writing so much easier when you are not writing about the same topic all day long.

  9. I actually had my first writing job completed on Fiverr last week. That’s a good sign. I will advertise more and also look for jobs or the board you mentioned in your post.

  10. I’m only writing for two sites right now but would like to pick up at least one more. I haven’t checked around in a while. The two sites I am writing for are people who approached me.

  11. I’ve only had one (the person actually found me through comments on your site!). I’d like to have another but I need to start searching! I really liked having a little bit of extra income and I’d like to get back to it! 🙂

  12. Thanks for your knowledge, I have also got some writing job which pays me about $10 per week.
    But I am thinking to increase my earning do you have any tips for me

  13. I started writing 9 months ago. I get lots of jobs from a marketing company writing articles for their clients’ sites. I have also written content for three websites. I am working on my own website, so I can get more jobs but so far I am staying pretty busy just by word of mouth and by telling people I know that I am available for writing. I absolutely love writing. Thanks for giving me some new ideas to find more jobs.

  14. I don’t have any writing job because im not so sure about that career path. I’m more of an entertainer than a writer. Reading your personal finance blog however has inspired me to consider making a website or blog. Your so good with your writing Sir that you make it look easy. Yes its good that you make background checks before accepting any writing jobs because there are a lot of trolls out there who would just make you do things then not pay you.

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  17. These are great tips! I started doing some freelance writing not too long ago and have had quite a bit of luck with Elance. There are a lot of really (really!) low paying jobs there but there is also some good stuff. I have found it to be a great way to get started. In my experience it really helps if you have a couple different areas that you can focus on. 🙂

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