How Can I Become A Full-Time Blogger?

How do I become a full-time blogger? This is a question that I hear a lot.

I’m not sure if you could say that I’m a full-time blogger, but most of my services do revolve around blogging and managing other companies’ websites.

Blogging is a lot of fun, but there are many things that go along with making an amount from blogging that you can actually live off of.

I personally would not feel comfortable just living off of my blog income alone, and that is why I try to keep myself very diversified with my online services and the clients who I work for.

Many of the steps about how to blog full-time also apply to freelancing full-time:

Do you already have a blog?

Before you decide that you want to become a full-time blogger, you should of course try blogging. I think many people view blogging in the wrong way. Many think that you can just sit down, type an article in 10 minutes and be completely done.

I have seen many people tell me that they want to blog full-time and they really believe that it would work for them. However, soon after trying it out, they find out that blogging is not for them at all.

That’s what’s great about blogging though – it’s super cheap to determine if it’s for you!

There are many things that go on behind the scenes of blogging. It’s hard to explain how time-consuming it is unless you actually start a blog!

Do you have something that people want to read?

If you want to become a full-time blogger, then I do think that you should have something that people want to read. If you don’t, well, I’m not sure how you could make enough of an income to live off of.

Determine what you will write about and what your niche will be. Will you be a mommy blogger? Lifestyle blogger? Personal finance blogger? There are many niches out there.

How will you make money from your blog?

If you want to become a full-time blogger, then I am going to assume that you will need to find a way to make money from it.

There are many different ways to make money from blogging full-time. You can place affiliate links on your website, sell advertising, place Adsense or Blogher ads and more. You could even write an eBook.

And, if you want to branch out a little from your personal blog, you could provide services to other bloggers such as staff writing, commenting services, and website management.

Are you able to keep yourself motivated?

If you become a full-time blogger, you most likely will not have anyone there to tell you what to do. Will you be able to keep yourself motivated or will you become lazy?

Are you fine with working by yourself?

Working by yourself can be pretty lonely. Luckily, in my previous day job I hardly ever had human interaction, so it was something that I was used to. I knew that working by myself would not bother me.

However, for others, this is a big negative to blogging full-time. You need to figure out what will work for you.

How are your finances?

Before I switched to freelancing, I made sure to have enough in my emergency fund. The blogging world is not stable, and I wanted to be prepared just in case anything happened.

I also wanted my student loans to be gone. I had around $40,000 and paid them off this past Summer. If I wouldn’t have paid those off then I do think it would have been really hard to leave my stable day job.

You need to determine what kind of financial situation you are comfortable with.

Do you want to become a full-time blogger or writer? Why or why not?

What tips do you have for someone who wants to become a blogger? 



How Can I Become A Full-Time Blogger? — 25 Comments

  1. I don’t think I’d want to be a full-time freelance blogger at home because I do really enjoy the daily interaction with my coworkers. I’d like to be able to work 4 days a week at my current job instead of five but I’d still like to stay working in an office. If anything, I’d just like to earn money freelancing for fun money!

  2. I eventually want to become a full time blogger. For the last few months I have been working part time to gauge if I can handle blogging from home or Starbucks. So far so good. I plan on eventually doing in full time in a couple years. Right now I have to eliminate my loans!

  3. Before I started blogging I read a lot about the subject and people said it would be time consuming and they were right. In my case, I spend a lot of time right now researching, learning, and implementing. I agree that the best way to know if blogging is for you is to start a blog yourself.

  4. I totally want to be a full time blogger and keep my new part time job for daily interaction with people. I can’t work full time alone without some sort of coworker/client interaction, but I love blogging and writing and really want to grow this into my main career. I’m loving all your advice and inspiration for making this happen!

  5. Full time blogging IS NOT easy and it doesn’t happen overnight. I’m working as a full time web designer and would love to get some more revenue from my blogging. It will take a lot of work and effort though to get to some decent numbers, don’t think I’ll ever be able to live off my blog too soon.

  6. Hi Michele,

    In 2009, I read an article on Yahoo Finance about the unconventional ways people were earning money. Somewhere in the middle of the list was “Blogging for Profit” or something like that, and it referenced Darren Rowse’s book ProBlogger. I bought and devoured it.

    It kept popping up in my mind and finally in 2012 I decided to get started. Helping people transform their relationship with money is a big passion of mine so, of course, that’s the niche I selected.

    While this is NOT necessary, I spent nine months getting artwork created to support my brand, starting the trademark process, learning WordPress, and building out my core site pages (home page, about me, privacy policy, etc.). I was working full time up until November of 2012. It was scary the day I removed the “Coming Soon” page to let people see the site. Scary because I revealed some skeletons that I am not proud of but it was necessary to put it out there to build credibility.

    It has been nearly nine months since launching and I have generated less than $20 in income from all my effort. I get about 1,000 new visits a month to the site and have a email list of 132. My Alexa ranking isn’t bad either. I struggle with the monetization part of blogging especially in the niche I’ve selected.

    I put all of this here so that people can see that when you say it takes a long time, you aren’t kidding! I might be very slow to monetize compared to others, but I don’t think I’m in the unusual camp. It’s a good thing I chose a topic I love otherwise I would have thrown in the towel already.

    Thanks for the great content, as always!

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  8. I’d certainly love being a full time blogger! I love it from crafting pithy article headlines to fleshing them out and optimizing for this and that. One thing though, its very time consuming and it takes time for one to earn any money from it. Still, with a plan, research and hardwork, its certainly possible.
    One thing though, there is definitely a need to diversify ones income online, one/few can live on blogging income alone.

  9. My biggest mistakes when I tried going full time blogging back in 2009 was that #1 I didn’t save enough ahead of time to not worry about money and #2 I didn’t have enough coming in to rationalize the move to full time blogger.

    I have found that’s the biggest downfall for potential full time bloggers and entrepreneurs in general. Build as big a cushion as possible with already established income sources so that you can focus on the right way to do the business instead of just trying to cut corners because you need to pay the bills.

    The Warrior

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  12. While it sounds amazing to be a full-time blogger, I don’t think I could handle the fluctuating income and constantly trying to find work. I only blog part time and I’m already finding it to be quite a bit of work. I have great admiration and respect for those who have made the leap though. 🙂

  13. I find that lifestyle bloggers are usually only successful if they are humorous or provide some “scandalous” opinions. That or they combine their blogs as lifestyle+travel, or lifestyle+fashion.

    What are you thoughts on how a lifestyle blogger can keep drawing readers back?

  14. If you persevere, then you will be able to succeed in the blogging business. It is a lot of work, but be optimistic, and don’t look down upon yourself.

    Thanks for the insight on this subject.
    I’m glad you brought this up.

  15. Becoming a full-time blogger and publishing a few e-books is what I am aiming for.
    I have been a blogger since 2010. I put my heart into blogging, even at work would be so excited to come home and sit at the computer just to write up a post, however in Spring 2013 I took it down and deleted it.
    Why? I barely had any views. No one interacted with me like I would with them and I just got very disheartened by the fact that I put in all this effort with literally nothing back.
    I knew that the blogging market- especially beauty is a very saturated market but its what I love and I don’t understand where I go wrong. I socialize with others, made my blog SEO friendly, gone on many make-up sites and social networking, collaborating with a make-up company but nothing. I decided to reopen a new blog a month ago and I am trying to get the ball rolling this year.

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  17. While I love blogging, I’ve always struggled to turn my blogs into “full time” income producers. Some nice “fun money” perhaps but my greatest successes online have always involved selling a product more directly – either as an affiliate or the product creator. For example by building a mailing list and driving email traffic to a landing page rather than relying on regular content creation and SEO traffic.

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