How Freelancers Invest In Their Future From Day One

Not everyone can become a successful freelancer. There is a fair among of risks that every freelancer has to take. Indeed, when you leave the comforting safety of the employee life, you can’t benefit from paid sick days, or regular workload anymore. You have to stand for yourself and to invest in your future to make it work. When a freelancer takes a day off, they ultimately choose to do without one day of pay. When a freelancer walks away from working within a team and for a boss, they need to find and attract their own clients. And finally, the most important aspect of all: You have to budget for every aspect of your work, from the tools you need to perform to the training you want to get. You can’t turn to the HR team and claim that your work contract promises a certain standard of equipment and training. You need to find the time and the budget to tackle these elements. Consequently, if you don’t make sure that you have your every step covered from Day One, growing your freelancing business becomes an impossible dream. You will find that you need to keep a cool head to manage your multiple responsibilities as a freelancer. But it doesn’t mean it can’t be done!

They don’t rush any decision

If you haven’t yet quit your job, it’s still time to consider the risks of freelancing. Indeed, it is a mistake that some freelancers do, which is to leave their company on a bitter end. As your previous company might potentially become a future client, or might refer clients to you, you want to make sure that you don’t burn any bridge when you decide to quit. You need to think about their interests as well as yours. So, it’s important to make sure that you keep all the chances on your side when you decide to embrace your freelancing passion. Make sure to tell your manager as soon as possible to discuss with them the best way to go forward without damaging any of your separate projects. You might sometimes need to be extra patient, especially if you’re holding an important position within the company. The 2 weeks notice might turn into one month if your employer is looking for a quality replacement. In the long term, the easier you make it on your company, the better it will be for your independent career.

They don’t waste money unnecessarily

Freelancers have a limited budget. You will have to make do with what you have at the beginning of your freelancing activities. Unless you have savings you can safely spend, now is not the time to buy a business vehicle if you don’t need any. Instead, you might want to extend the warranty on your car with this, for example. Additionally, you may need to work before you can buy work gear, such as investing in a laptop and a separate landline. So for the time being while you try to

establish yourself, it’s easier to use your old laptop and your phone number, especially if you work from home.

They make sure their marketing works for their business

Some freelancers can benefit from a word-to-mouth phenomenon as they launch their independent career, but it is a very uncommon case. More often than not, you will need to find cost-friendly ways of promoting your services. You will need to create a website that can attract customers. Brent Galloway, a professional graphic designer, has nailed the best freelance website experience to a handful of tips. Firstly, he explains, freelancers need to strategize the copy and flow of the website, keeping in mind the most important information they want visitors to learn from the second they land on the site. His homepage, consequently, presents the visitor with a profile picture and a brief introduction of his activities. Then Brent uses calls-to-actions to guide users through the next page. This simple approach maximizes positive responses from the visitors.

They show they know their stuff

How do you let your potential clients know that you’re an expert? Here’s a hint, telling them you’re experienced doesn’t help. Instead, you could find ways of sharing your expertise, Writing blogs is one of the simplest and yet most effective approach for experts to shine and get noticed. It doesn’t even have to be a blog on your own website, as you can join Medium or even publish on LinkedIn. You can also organize professional meetups top connect with same-minded people and maybe offering free advising on their issues.  

They look for inspiration in their new work environment

When you work from home, you need to create an inspiring home office that helps you to perform. Working on the kitchen table doesn’t help, even if it might seem practical at first. Indeed, you need to create a strict separation between home life and work life, so that you can keep your mind focused on what needs doing, whether it is finishing a project for a client or cooking dinner for a group of friends. Consequently; it is essential to design a space for your professional activities. You will need a desk, a chair, the necessary tech and storage facilities. Finally, you need to add the final touch of creativity, through pictures, motivational quotes, wall painting, etc.  

They learn new skills rapidly

As a freelancer, you can’t afford to be behind in terms of knowledge. You need to be an expert in your niche. It doesn’t mean that you should know everything about anything, but you need to have the necessary skills to make your business attractive against the competition. Speaking a foreign language, for instance, can be valuable if you want to approach an international audience. And best of all, it’s a skill you can learn for free using a resource like Duolingo. If you need to write blogs to grow your web content, you could improve your copywriting and SEO skills with free online resources. In short, there’s always room for improvement!

If you thought that freelancing needed only a lot of motivation, then it’s time to change your views. Every freelancer needs to plan for the future, through the development of positive relationships, effective financial cover, expert training, and creative work arrangement.

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