Four Ways To Stay On Track With Your Budgets

Many of us like the idea of staying more in tune with our monthly finances. However, we can all find it incredibly difficult to stay within our means, especially when there is a temptation to be had and when you find yourself not really knowing what you can and can’t spend. Meaning you end up having more days in the month waiting for payday to arrive once more. But it doesn’t have to be this way. A few simple changes and habits can have you back in control of your finances once and for all. I wanted to share with you four ways that you can stay on track with your monthly budgets.


Use mobile apps to keep on top of spending

Many of us have some sort of smartphone now, but why shouldn’t we use this valuable tool to keep us in check with our finances. Smartphones have endless apps that can be used to ensure that you stay within a budget or know what you are spending. From using your phone for mobile payments in a mobile wallet to keeping track of the amount you spend every time you do a transaction through an app, you should be more aware of the amount you spend each day. Team that with an app that has your monthly figures and allowance in place and you have one tool that is guaranteed to keep you within your monthly budget.


Set yourself a monthly budget

However, it’s no good using your phone to track your budget if you don’t even have one. So take some time to sit and closely look at the amount you have going out versus the amount you have coming each month. The difference is your disposable income and what you have to physically spend. However, at this stage, you could then choose to use a portion of that disposable income for spending and some of it could then be put aside for savings. Enabling you to get even more from your income each month.


Have a good look through your bank statement for rogue payments

It’s important that we regularly check our bank statements to ensure that what is leaving the bank each month is what it should be. There are too many occasions where people assume things like magazine subscriptions or gym memberships have been cancelled but subsequently, the payment is leaving the account each month. These small payments may go unnoticed for some time, but they soon mount up. Make sure they all get cancelled once and for all.


Find other ways to increase your income

Finally, if you aren’t happy with your current financial situation then now is the time to change it. Look at other ways you can make some extra money. Online you could use social media or fill out online surveys to earn some extra income. You could also perform mystery shops and even look at decluttering your home and sell unwanted things. Whether you put the extra in savings or towards something you want like a holiday, at least you are still spending within your budget.

I hope that these small changes help you stay on track with your finances.

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