Four Months Of Being Self-Employed

Four Months Of Being Self-EmployedI left my day job in the beginning of October (I gave them my notice way before that though), and self-employment has been treating me right so far.

Here is my update after being self-employed for four months. I have learned a lot, but I know that I am still a youngin’ in the self-employment world.

I don’t mind working independently.

One thing that nearly every single person I talk to about my self-employment is how lonely I must be working from home. I almost have to laugh every single time because I definitely talked to even fewer people when I worked at my day job.

At my day job, I worked in an office, but I still worked independently. I worked in an industry filled with older men (everyone was at least twice my age, but most were three times my age), so it’s not like I was being swarmed with office friends every day.

Working from home is great, and I don’t mind being by myself. I see my friends often, Wes more than ever, and I get to see other people more as well.


Yup, I still wear my pajamas all the time.

Occasionally, I will change into “real” clothes, but usually that is only to change into workout clothes. Or when I need to go somewhere.

However, if I’m going to just be at home all day I see no reason to wear anything else besides yoga pants and a sweatshirt. I still put on makeup and do my hair though.

EDIT: I just showed Wes that image and he thought it was funny, but he thinks I should change out of my pajamas by noon each day. LOL like that’s going to happen…

It is actually great to wake up in the morning.

I look forward to waking up in the morning and working. I also look forward to the workweek. Before, I would absolutely dread Saturdays (just because it meant the next day was Sunday), and Sunday was always the worst day ever.

My schedule is getting better.ย 

Before, I was doing horrible with keeping a schedule. I didn’t have one and I was pretty much on my laptop at all hours of the day.

Now, I dedicate each day and certain time slots towards different things that I need to do. Because of this, I also feel more motivated to complete work on time instead of procrastinating.

I’m cooking and eating at home a lot more.

When I first made the switch, I still wasn’t doing the greatest with eating at home. However, now it’s pretty much all we do. Eating out just doesn’t even taste good anymore, and sometimes it seems like a waste of my time.

St. Louis isn’t exactly known for great food though (except for BBQ and toasted ravioli ๐Ÿ™‚ ), so maybe if we lived somewhere else, it would be different?

I have a regular workout schedule as well.ย 

I have been doing awesome with working out. I am doing the T25 workout schedule, running on the treadmill, going for walks outside, lifting, and more. I am working out 4 to 5 days a week and it has left me feeling awesome each and every day.

People are starting to take me seriously, I think…

When I first told people I left my day job to work from home, most people thought I was making a bad/crazy decision. They thought I was just quitting my job to do nothing all day.

I have been asked numerous times what it is I do all day, and how boring it must be to do nothing all day.

Now, I have given myself an actual title (I use various titles/names – website manager, online freelancer, my marketing business), and for some reason just giving myself a title has led to people taking me more seriously. And, that is fine by me!

Lastly, I can’t wait for warmer weather.

Starting my self-employment when it was cold outside wasn’t the greatest. And it’s still cold… ย Being stuck inside all day is no fun. Last week, we had some fairly nice weather and it was nice to break up my workday by going outside.

I can’t wait for the warmer weather when I can go outside in the middle of the day and go for an awesome bike ride. It’s the little things in life that make life good!

What else do you want to know about my four months being self-employed?

How is self-employment treating you?



Four Months Of Being Self-Employed — 26 Comments

  1. It would be great to learn what some of the challenges you have faced in your self employment?

    Do you find there is variable income? Is this a concern.. I am looking at probably doing something similar in 3 – 5 years :), although launching my new blog next week..

    Can I help you with your blog?

  2. It’s great that you were able to find a regular workout schedule! I still have to fine-tune mine as I play sports on a couple of evenings but I would also like to do yoga on the alternate mornings. But first I need to wake up early enough to get work done so I don’t feel guilty about a mid-morning break! I also found that getting into a regular eating schedule is difficult for me. If I get into some work, I’ll work for several hours straight and then realize that I forgot to eat all day. Not good!!

    • I used to do the same. I would get so into work and actually forget to eat – or I wouldn’t want to stop working to eat because I didn’t want to lose my train of thought.

  3. I’m so glad things worked out great for you! I totally wouldn’t change out of PJ’s if I worked from home. I like to be as comfortable as possible when I get home from work now. Does Wes distract you at all, being home? It’s so hard for me to focus on blogging when my boyfriend is around! We always find things to talk about. It’s why I’d love to have a separate office in our future place.

    • Haha sometimes it is distracting. He usually isn’t home because he’s been doing some side jobs, but this past week he has been home and it can be distracting.

      • Ooh yeah good point. T has been home this week as he’s on the job hunt and it’s definitely been distracting at times (especially since we only have a bedroom and our living room!

  4. I am going self employed on May 2nd. I am SO EXCITED it’s not even funny. I do plan on getting a part time job, but I have been easing my family in to this idea that I will be in charge of making my own money. I just tell them that I am starting my own business. That seems to get them eased up on it.

  5. “…Sunday was always the worst day ever.” I think that feeling on Sunday (that the new work week is right around the corner) is one of those small signs that something has to change with your job.

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  7. I never had SUnday night dread thankfully but T used to get it all the time and I hated seeing him like that.

    I do love working from home and think it’d be great to get a totally remote job (which isn’t out of the realm of possibility one day). Have been working from home all week as I’ve been recovering from dental surgery and it’s been great. My boss works from home quite a bit so I do sometimes, especially when I’m on deadline and need to focus.

  8. How are you liking T25? I found it extremely difficult on my ankles (all the jumping) so I couldn’t do the program per the schedule, but I still do some of the workouts a few days a week. I’m kindof interested in knowing whether I’m the only one having joint issues related to the program

    • Occasionally, it does hurt my knees because of all the jumping. I have to take a good amount of breaks or my knees start to kill!

      I always thought that I was the only one where it actually hurt, interesting to know I’m not alone.

  9. I liked reading this post! I’m in a similar situation, so it’s nice to know how others are handling their self-employment. Good on you for keeping a workout schedule. Personally, I am finding it kind of lonely. If I didn’t have a roommate, I’d go crazy.

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