Financial Perks You’re Entitled To With A Disability

There are lots of ways in which a disability can put you at a disadvantage in society, but it doesn’t have to always be this way. New laws and options are constantly being introduced to financially aid disabled people. You may have recently found yourself with a disability or may have suffered from one your whole life but never thought to look into the monetary perks. Either way, here are some discounts and payments that you may be eligible for.

Disability benefits

Depending on the extent of your disability, you may be eligible for DLA (Disability Living Allowance). This applies largely to walking difficulties or trouble looking after oneself without assistance. You can check out some of the requirements here.

If you believe you’re entitled to it then you should make a claim. On some occasions you may need legal help (you can read more about this at Brown and Crouppen).

Council tax reduction

In some occasions, a disability may leave you eligible to a reduction in council tax – known as the Disabled Band Reduction Scheme. This applies mainly to disabled persons who have to extend or change their property in order to cater for a disability. An example of this might be moving into a flat with a bigger bathroom for wheelchair access, or having to extend a bathroom in order to make it wheelchair friendly.

No VAT on disability equipment

The cost of adapting a home to a disability, as well as equipment such as wheelchairs and stairlifts, can be pricey. However, most of these items are actually free of VAT. This also applied to motor vehicle changes and in some cases the importation of disability of equipment. You can read more about the specifics here.

Blue badge & car tax

A blue badge gives you a number of parking benefits. Not only can you park in disabled bays, you may also not have to pay in certain pay-and-display car parks, as well as double and single yellow lines.

Being a disabled driver can also allow you exemption from car tax. You must either be on a Motability Scheme or be receiving benefits in order to be entitled to this.

Discounts on leisure activity

A number of leisure activities will provide discount prices to disabled people. If you like your movies, the Cinema Exhibitors Association gives you one free ticket for anyone accompanying you to the cinema. Many theatres will also provide free tickets to carers as well as reserved seats for wheelchair use. Companions may also go free in National Trust and English Heritage properties, as well as football matches. When pursuing a leisure activity, you should always look into these advantages. Almost anywhere that allows you to book seats is required to have disabled seating and quite often this will come with other perks. Local councils may also provide certain benefits such as reduced costs at libraries when taking out books or using computers.

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