Clever Techniques For Monetizing Your Blog

Are you a blogger who is beginning to realize your talents are worth some money? If so, you have come to the right place. Today,. We’re going to explore some techniques that can turn your blogging hobby into a money-making machine. There’s a lot to get through, so let’s get started straight away.

Get a Google AdSense account

The first step in earning some money from your blog is to set up a Google AdSense account. It’s simple, and with the right strategy, it can make you a significant chunk of money every month. In essence, Google will advertise relevant products on your website. When people click on those ads, you get paid. While you need a lot of traffic to make a decent amount of money from Google AdSense, it is a perfect place to start.

Start writing product reviews

Large and small companies alike understand the value of getting their products in front of a successful blogger’s audience. And they will be willing to pay real money if you have a large readership and offer to write product reviews. Depending on your blog size, you can charge anything up to $500 for a single review. Do that 3-4 times a month, and you have a nice little bonus to add to your income.  

Display banner ads

Another way to monetize your blog is to rent out advertising space for banner ads. It might be for local companies, or you could set your blog up to attract relevant products to your industry. Again, the bigger your audience, the more you can charge. Start off by contacting large companies who operate in your niche. If they start to get results, you can start putting up your prices.

Affiliate marketing

Affiliate marketing was the number one way to make serious cash online in the good old days. Recently, however, things have changed a little, and the competition is fierce. That said, if you have an email list full people that you know would love a certain product, there is an enormous potential to make serious money.

Build an email list

If your audience loves what you do, make sure you have their contact details and put them on your email list. A simple email list is a powerful tool and is incredibly valuable. If you aren’t building a list, you are losing out on money earning potential – it’s as simple as that. Offer a freebie to persuade people to sign up, and get set up with an email service like MailChimp. Then it’s a simple case of sending people valuable info and entertaining content. Every once in a while, you can send some offers to encourage them to buy something or click through to a product.

Invest in SEO

Video by SEO link builder Julian Goldie

Once you are starting to make a little money, why not invest in some SEO to get more visitors? According to the HOTH, there are a variety of tactics you can employ. White hat guest posts, press releases, and local NAP citation building can all help you make more noise, and get better rankings. You should also be looking to get high-end editorial links pointing to your site, to achieve more success.

As you can see, if you aren’t making money from your popular blog, you are throwing it away. Get started as soon as possible, and even if you only earn a modest income, it will give you a tidy little boost to your finances come month end. Good luck!

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