Buying a Car Online is it Trustworthy?

It is possible to buy almost anything online, and your next car is no exception to this. The main reason to buy online is savings in both time and money. But, is it a trustworthy way of making such a large and important purchase. The answer is yes, if you follow the same principles as you would for making any purchase on or offline.

Know what you are looking for

Start your car purchase by writing a list of the specs that you are looking for. Start with those that are essential, such as manual or automatic, number of seats, fuel type and engine size. Follow this with a list of desirable specs such as air conditioning, electric windows, central locking, blue-tooth connectivity. If there are any things that you really don’t want, then make sure you note these down as well. This might be something as simple as really not wanting a pink car, or not wanting to have to do any work on the vehicle.

Set your budget

How much do you have to speed on your vehicle? Ensure that you have an idea of your top limit, as well as how much you would prefer to spend. Remember that when you purchase your car, there may be extras offered, and that these will need to be figured into your budget if you want them.

Check out the seller

Whether you are looking at a private car seller, car dealership or a car lease company spend some time checking them out. Also check whether the car is with the seller, or if they are acting as a middle man for the actual owner. If it is a dealer they will have an online presence, including reviews and customer feedback. It is vital to look beyond the information on their own website, and to check reviews on independent sites.

See the vehicle for yourself

It is important to see the vehicle you are considering in the flesh so to speak. Take a good look at it both inside and out and under the bonnet. If you are unsure of what to look for take someone who does know with you. Make sure that the paperwork checks out as well. The details on the logbook need to match those on the car. If you are looking at a second-hand vehicle, then it is a good idea to also check the vehicles history. This will ensure that the car has not been subject to an insurance write off, has been scrapped, or reported stolen. If you are unsure of any aspect at this stage then walk away.

Money matters

Never part with any cash until you have seen it and gone for a test drive. Regardless of the reasons the seller gives, there is no reason to part with cash before you have seen the car, especially if you are asked to undertake a money transfer using a money wiring service. Make sure that you have signed paperwork even once you have seen the car before you leave a deposit to secure the vehicle. Get everything in writing, so that if there any questions later you have evidence of what you originally agreed.

By following these tips, you can ensure that the car you are looking to buy online is perfect for you, and is worth the money that you are going to spend.

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