The Best ROI: Making Sure Your Home Sells For Top Dollar

It’s all good and well finding a property at a bargain price, making all the necessary improvements, and then putting the house on the market. However, all that effort will be for nothing if you don’t follow some steps that’ll help ensure you get as much money as possible for your property. Below, we take a look at some essential tips you’ll need to keep in mind when you’re preparing your house for sale. Do so and you should see the best return on your investment, which will then ensure you’re able to buy an even better home in the future.

Through Fresh Eyes

It’s easy to get used to a property. You spend so much time there; you just walk past many of the critical details just because you’ve already seen them so many times before. When it comes to selling your house, it’s important that you look at the property through fresh eyes. It’ll help you figure out what’s good about it, but more importantly, also any faults that may have been overlooked before. Once you’ve identified all that’s good and bad about your home, you’ll know which areas to highlight – and which areas to change before it goes on sale.

The Curb Appeal

The inside of a house should be the most important aspect of any sale, but this isn’t always the case. In fact, because humans are prone to making snap judgements, it’s often the outside of the house that is the most important factor. If it looks appealing, then potential buyers will be on the hook; if it doesn’t, you’ll be off on the wrong foot. They might still be interested in buying, but they’re unlikely to give you your full asking price, purely because they have a nagging doubt in the back of their mind that prevents them from doing so.

Get Rid of Clutter

When it comes to showing off your house, remember this: people hate clutter. In fact, it’s not that they hate, it’s that it prevents them from seeing the house as it really is. It blocks them from engaging in that imaginative leap that they need to take if they’re going to be able to see themselves living there. You’re trying to show off the property’s best features, so make sure anything that doesn’t need to be out has been cleared away.

Keeping Things Personal

With that being said, it’s not like you need to strip away absolutely everything from the property. People want to see that this is a real home, one that has been lived in, not a showroom – or, even worse, like every room has been transplanted from a soulless hotel. It’s OK to keep those features that show off your personality; it’ll tell the potential buyer that there’s room to put their own stamp on it, just as you have.

Small Details

It’s bad enough walking into a home and seeing some major flaws; it’s worse still to see that many small details need correcting. The thing with the big problems is that they can usually be fixed in one fell swoop, that is if they’re not massive jobs (you’ll have fixed these already). The small details can dampen a person’s enthusiasm for a property. It’s about expectations. They could see a home that looks perfect, but when they dig a little bit under the surface, see that it has many an issue. Coming back from high expectations that have been lowered is hard.

Hire Trustworthy Realtors

You won’t be able to sell your property on your own, and especially not if you’re trying to attract the highest bids possible. When it comes to putting the property on the market, make sure you’re working with real estate experts such as They’ll have access to a wide range of home selling tips that you don’t, which will help you to position your property in the best possible place for a high-value sale. Not all realtors are created equal, so make sure you opt for ones that you trust can deliver on their promises.

Have a Realistic Price

Of course, you’d like your home to sell for $10,000,000, but in 99% of cases, this won’t be realistic. Having a realistic price is the key to getting the best price for your property. Go too low, and you’ll be missing out on potential earnings. Go too high, and your house will be stuck in limbo as people bypass it for bigger and better properties in the same price range. Set a realistic price, and stick to it.

Fit for the Season

There’s another aspect of selling homes that is very often overlooked: making it look appropriate for the season in which it’s being sold. You can “dress” your home for the time of the year, by doing things like switching out the pillow covers for seasonal colors, adding candles, and so on. If it’s winter, make sure the home looks cosy, light a fire, and so on. If the weather outside is fine, then open those windows, add flowers, and let the magic of the season do its work.

Feeding the Senses

Did you know that people are put off a property if they walk in, and they don’t like the smell? You can never underestimate the power of the senses. And what’s more: this is one of the simple things in life to control! Of course, you’ll have grown so used to the smell of your home that you no longer notice it, so have a friend walk in and give their opinion.

Sell at the Right Time

Finally, it’s important to sell your home when most people are looking to buy. The more people that are looking, the more chance you’ll get your full asking price! The best times to sell are in spring and fall, as this is when people are eager to buy; or, to put it more accurately, it’s best to avoid summer and winter as this is when people have other plans!

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