Which locations are the best investment ideas for your business

Are you a business looking to grow in your respective market and invest in new office space? While London is a notoriously expensive area to operate in, there do exist plenty of areas offering affordable prices – especially for serviced office space that you can cultivate to make a solid home for your brand. Take a look below to find out more about some of the hottest working locations within the capital.


There are tonnes of Serviced Offices in Marylebone perfect for established businesses as well as growing start-ups. Marylebone is a chic residential area with a village feel, filled with indie boutiques and a range of tasty restaurants if you’re looking for an after-work treat. The area benefits from its central location and large train station, making it the perfect area for locals and commuters to travel into work whenever they need to. Situated in the affluent West End of London you’ll find yourself among areas like Fulham, Hammersmith and Chelsea, which each provide amazing areas for investment and business meetings.


Clerkenwell is a vibrant area in the centre of London within the sub-district of Finsbury. Clerkenwell is fast becoming a favoured location for new brands looking to invest in their localities with serviced office spaces perfect for start-ups. While working from Clerkenwell you’ll find yourself among a whole host of cultural activity as this location features nearby access to the British Museum and British Library, as well as the architectural mega-structure that is the Barbican Centre. What all these locations have in common is great accessibility and commuter links, which is vital for a workforce who are most likely working out of the capital.


Shoreditch is one of those London districts that perhaps gets a bad rap for being a centre of hipster activity. While that was certainly true for the east end location a couple of years ago, the area is quickly becoming a prime spot for business investment and brands looking to set themselves up in an area that possesses great transport links and events nearby. Shoreditch is also filled with quirky bars and restaurants, perfect for after work drinks or meetings in a vibrant and youthful district. Look into some serviced office-space today with a trip to Shoreditch.


While the glory days of Soho are now firmly in the past, the area still boasts some of the best office-space that London has to offer. Soho once had a reputation as being something of a seedy area but that couldn’t be more from the truth. These days, Soho is a hub of progressive activity, and business start-ups looking to establish their brands on the local patchwork. Soho is located within the City of Westminster and is a fashionable location for shopping, dining, and jazz nights. Why not invest in some shared office-space in Soho today – it could change the way your brand operates forever.

Hopefully this article has provided you with a little food for thought when it comes to planning some new office investment for your brand. While London provides endless opportunities for success, there are always new areas popping up that are quickly named the new, hottest area. It’s important to consider what you want for your business and what type of location will suit the goals of your brand.

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