The Benefits of Outsourcing Facilities Management For Small Businesses

There is often a misconception that outsourcing facilities management is only for large companies and is not a beneficial tool for small businesses. However, this idea is far from the truth.

One argument that is often cited as a reason not to use a facilities management company is that it is an unnecessary cost and one that small businesses cannot feasibly absorb into their budget. However, it can, in fact, help your business save money. Facilities management companies will ensure that your office is constantly being assessed for any potential maintenance issues that may arise, thus eliminating huge costs that could be incurred further down the line.  If an unforeseen problem does occur in your office then reactive maintenance companies can offer a one-stop point of contact.

Similarly, hiring a facilities management company, gives you the benefit of time – time that can be spent on dealing with your actual business.  Whether it is your time or that of your employees, spending hours trying to co-ordinate cleaners or fix a broken light fitting is not the best use of it. Therefore, handing the safe running of your facilities over to experts in the industry allows you and your team to concentrate on the core functions and profitability of your business. This means you save money in the long-term.

Somewhere else you may find you’re saving money is in the finance department. The company may provide their own machines and tools, saving charges. As well as dealing with payroll processing for the workers and budget management themselves.

Another source of savings lies in invoicing costs. These savings are down to two reasons

  1. There are fewer contracts to manage which means fewer contracts to pay
  2. They will often take over a significant number of invoices, which in turn will save customer transaction costs.

The IT department will potentially save money from hardware, software, and licenses as well as IT support. The reason for this is that the service provider will often supply its own computers, laptops, PDAs and pay for the software installed on the various devices.

The service provider could also bring its own facility management software and operate an IT support desk. This will save the IT department the resources previously used to support this.

Today, businesses face a whole host of potential threats and risks; activism, burglary, fraud, vandalism, sabotage, hooliganism and much more. Not to mention being taken to court (rightfully or not) for a huge range of civil and criminal offences. External facility companies are specialists in assessing and addressing all these risks, they can carry out objective assessments of your facility and advise places where problems could occur.

Ultimately, we all want the most efficient, cost-effective, productive and profitable business possible – a facilities management company allows you to focus on what you do best by doing what they do best, whether you are a large or small organisation.

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