5 Steps to Higher Paying Freelancing Gigs

Are you one of the many freelancers out there who is undercharging for your services? If so, you are in good company. And, there is a probably a good reason why. When you start out in the freelancing world, it can be difficult to justify charging your clients decent rates. There is also a temptation to take on lower paying gigs because it’s more important to work than it is to earn a good living.

The trouble is, going down this route is setting yourself up for failure. Sure, your week might be full of work, but it’s low pay, and it won’t leave you time to do anything else. Targeting higher paying clients, then, is essential, and the sooner you start, the better. Here are a few things you can do to start charging more and finding better-paying clientele.

Study The Market

First of all take a look at how much a client would be paying you if you were a full-time employee. You can do this on job boards, or look at your industry’s salary guide. You need to be charging at least what you would be earning as an employee – and a little bit more, if I’m honest. When you are a freelancer, you don’t  get any vacation pay, sickness, and all the risk i yours. And that is worth money, which you should be charging your clients.

Quit the Imposter Syndrome

Imposter Syndrome is a condition where you feel insecure about your skills. Many freelancers suffer from it, and this crisis of confidence leads to charging less for your services. You feel like you can’t justify charging more – and it means you will steadfastly refuse to raise your prices. If this sounds familiar, get some help. Confidence classes – or even some acting classes – can help give you a little more swagger, and start to think more highly of yourself.

Prove Your Skills

Nothing can give you more confidence than earning a certified qualification. It’s something you can put on your website to prove your worth to prospects, of course. Most importantly, though, it will give your self-image an enormous boost. According to Training Connection, even a simple course in business skills could help. It will teach you how to communicate better, deliver better presentations, and manage your projects with more focus.  

Be The Solution

Work out what you are great at, and write it all down. Now, think about what kind of problems you can solve with that particular skill set. The answers you come up with will be the same answers your prospects will be looking for. It’s a simple case of joining the dots. When people have a problem, and you have a solution, they will often be happy to pay better rates for it.

Show Off Your Results

Numbers talk in business. But when you take a look at many freelance sites, you barely see them. If you can prove your ROI, you will attract better prospects. So, if you are an SEO freelancer, focus on the relationship between your work and the increase in the volume of high-quality traffic. If you are a copywriter, show people how many units your ad copy has sold. Prove your worth, and the higher pay will come – good luck!

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