5 Quick Fixes Around The House Using Tape


Whether you are a homeowner or you are thinking of purchasing a home, there are some skills that you may want to keep in mind in case of any repairs you need to do around the house.

It is natural to assume that a renovation is needed when the house starts showing signs of wear, however, redoing your home can be time-consuming and costly. A quick yet hard-wearing solution is to use construction tape instead.

You should never underestimate the power of adhesive tape because with the appropriate knowledge and the right choice of tape, you will be able to swiftly solve challenging construction issues in your home. www.vikingtapes.co.uk offers some great industrial knowledge on where you can use tape and which kinds of tapes you can use within your home.

To tape or not to tape?

Before you decide to use tape for the job, you may want to determine whether it is appropriate. Below are a few examples of when you can utilise tape in your home:

Seaming your drafty windows

It is our top priority to have a warm abode during the winter season, however, the seams to our windows may wear down over time and allow cold air to enter the space. There is a less costly alternative to replacing all the windows, instead, they can be seamed using tape.

Seaming refers to using tape to make a building airtight. When the right type of tape is used, it can act as a durable, efficient barrier in helping to lock out air, while keeping the heat locked in. It is an extremely cost-effective and efficient way of improving the insulation of a building.

Sealing your water leaks

Leakages from windows, wall cracks or other places can cause extensive water damage to your home if not careful. In order to prevent this from happening, you can use tape to flash any potential water from entering the property or the walls.

Flashing is common in construction practice. It prevents water from passing through a structure and it is usually carried out around windows and external doors. If you’re looking for tape for this purpose, it’s crucial that you go for one with weather resistant properties.

Bonding unstable furniture

In a modern home, we often decorate our homes with shelves, picture frames or other kinds of wall decor. While hooks generally do the job, some heavier items may not be as secure. To ensure that your decor can stay on the wall properly, you can apply construction tape to it.

Bonding is the process of attaching one type of material to another, such as bricks with a structure like a wall or a column. To ensure you’re using the correct tape, it’s important to establish if you are carrying out temporary or permanent bonding.

Reattaching curling vinyl flooring

With the humid conditions in toilets and kitchens, it is common for vinyl flooring to curl up over time. Rather than replacing the whole flooring, you can use double sided construction tape to ensure the material is taped down to the ground.

If you’re looking for a tape that’s suitable for creating a vapour barrier on flooring such as laminate or wood, or to join and fix underlayment in place on a cement floor, you’ll need to ensure the tape you use is compatible with the materials involved.

Temporarily sealing your roof

If you have a damaged roof, it may be better to schedule in a professional replacement, however, while you are waiting for the new materials to arrive, you can temporarily seal the damaged areas with tape.

For roofing, it’s vital that the tape you go for is suitable for the type of material it’s being used in conjunction with. It’s important to keep this in mind, regardless of whether you’re dealing with synthetic roofing, plywood, oriented strand board or something else

These are just some of the quick repairs that can be done using tape. They can be extremely versatile, durable and easy to use. With the various kinds of tapes to choose from, make sure you identify the best tape for your purpose and whether it is suitable for the material you are using it on.

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