4 Reasons To Pursue A Career in Finance

Finance is a broad term, and working in the field can mean being a banking hotshot in Hong Kong or laboring as a self-employed accountant in Scranton, Pennsylvania. Even the job opportunities for masters of accounting graduates are diverse and include personal financial advisor, budget analyst, and loan officer. So, if you are a college student and considering careers in several sectors, the reasons below may help you decide that finance is where your path lies.

1. The Ability to Shape Your Career and Redefine Priorities

Are you ambitious? Are you a bit of a slacker? Whatever your personality type and preferences, a career in finance gives you a lot of flexibility. For instance, you may prefer to work as a bookkeeper part time and get on-the-job training. If you ever decide you want more, then you can pursue, say, an accounting degree and work as an accountant.

No matter where you are in your career, you have many opportunities for self-employment as well as for work with large and small companies. The truth is that no matter the sector a company is in, be it health care, education, or the law, it needs financial professionals. You have a staggering array of flexibility and can shape your career.

This flexibility comes in especially useful as your life situations change. Suppose when you start out, you are single and love working long hours. Then you want to get married, have kids, and work less. At some point, perhaps you even want to work from home. Later, when the kids are older, maybe you want to open your own business or switch jobs. You can do all that and much more.

2. You Actually Like Finance

Empowerment. Money. The ability to direct your career. They are three great reasons to dive into a financial career but only if you truly like the work (or think you will). Because you have so many options when it comes to specific careers, work locations, and work styles, the things you really need to focus on are your willingness to deal with numbers, ability to think critically, and your math aptitude.

Other stuff does not matter as much. Don’t like interacting with people in general? Plenty of finance jobs don’t require you to. You could even set up shop as a financial blogger and never have to meet people face to face.

Love talking people’s heads off? Plenty of job opportunities there as well. The bottom line is that if you enjoy working with numbers in some way, you will probably gain a lot from a career in finance. The math does not necessarily have to be advanced either; you could focus on helping people set up budgets, for example, or perform simple bookkeeping.

3. You Think Well on Your Feet

To be sure, some careers in finance do not require quick thinking. There is plenty of bureaucracy involved in some organizations. On the other hand, employers increasingly value the ability for workers to think well on their feet. Investment banking, for instance, entails making quick calculations and pitches. So, if your conception of finance involves a bunch of plodding folks in business suits, think again. You can be energetic, crave a fast-paced life, and fit right in the world of finance. Just ask a day trader!

4. You Enjoy Helping People

Many careers in finance involve helping people. Obvious ones may be financial coach and accountant, but how about a fundraiser? You could help a nonprofit organization raise money for meaningful causes and use skills such as marketing and collaboration. Similarly, working as a loan officer also lets you help people. You pair them with affordable loans, and if they do not qualify, you can give them pointers on how to improve their eligibility.

A career in finance can be one of the wisest decisions you make. It means flexibility and choices that suit your personality.

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