10 Ways to Save Money on Ink

10 Ways to Save Money on Ink

Printers are present in every office and in many homes, where they help us to work, learn and play. They’re an indispensible part of modern life.

Replacing ink cartridges can be costly, however, and many domestic printers run out of ink and sit dormant on a shelf because the owners never get round to buying a new set. By making ink cartridges last longer, however, people can spend less each year on ink, especially if they head to cartridgepeople.com, keeping themselves and their machines happy.

Here’s 10 ideas to help you save ink and money:

Adjust printer settings

Your printer’s default settings aim for the highest possible quality so you’ll use up a lot more ink with every page. Try out different ones to conserve ink.

Try greyscale

Many printers print in colour, so by switching to greyscale you’ll only use the black cartridge, rather than the pricier colour inks. You’ll also use less black ink, as when black ink is used in colour printing, three layers are used; with greyscale it’s just one layer.

Change your resolution

Again, default settings can zoom through your ink, so try lower quality modes like draft mode. With some printer models you won’t really see much of a difference and you can always use higher resolutions for official documents (just remember to switch back!).

Try turning it off and on again

Slightly facetious here, but each time you turn your printer off and on, it cleans the cartridges and this wastes ink. If you’ll be using the machine again the next day, leave it on standby. If you’re leaving it for a while, power it down with the power button so that the cartridges are positioned correctly to avoid clogging problems.

Take warning messages with a pinch of salt

When you see the first few messages, ignore them – you could have anywhere between 10% and 30% of your ink left! Keep printing until you see the quality falling.

Use smaller fonts

Switching from 14 point to 12 point uses less ink. It doesn’t make a huge amount of difference to the appearance, either. You can also try slimmer fonts as these use less ink, and only go bold when necessary.

Preview your documents

This is often missed out and leads to unwanted images, or chunks of text being left off the page, as well as glaring spelling mistakes that mean printing more copies. If you do spot a mistake, just reprint the page it’s on, not the entire document.

Keep your cartridges clean

If the bottoms of your cartridges are dirty it’ll look as if your ink is running out or fading. Clean the cartridges with warm water and a soft cloth or cotton wool. Print out at least a page a week even if you don’t need to.

Shake the cartridge

Ink can get stuck to the internal walls of the cartridge so it doesn’t flow into the print mechanism. A quick jiggle can get things moving again and produce a few more pages.

Don’t open your cartridges too soon

Keep cartridges sealed in their bags until you need them so the ink stays moist.

Get an efficient printer

Finally if none of those work for you, sometimes is better to change the printer. One of the options we like is Hewlett Packard and in particular, the HP Officejet Pro 6830 Printer Ink performs really well in our experience.

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